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    Used to be Gaming. Reading, Writing, Sleeping, Eating ice cream, Sur's fiance :)

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      Where are you punk? 

  2. Huskie

    Congratulations Acorn that is so fun!
  3. Huskie

    My little bossy, stubborn, silly mini me is somehow a year old already, had her 1st birthday February 2nd and it's going by too fast figured I'd say hi for her lol...also finally lived up to my name and got a real husky Luna and my (other dog is shade) now that my mother can't tell me no
  4. Huskie

    Happy Birthday Death!
  5. Huskie

    Happy Birthday Seph! Miss knifing you!
  6. Huskie

    I'm always tired lol...alot of working
  7. Huskie

    I know some people are still grr at me for what happened a while back, but just wanted to come say hi and see how everyone was doing? I think I played cod again yesterday for the longest since I stopped and geez I miss it lol..hope everyone has been well this troublemaker is what I have been up too
  8. Finally my little hacker is here to train as soon as she is old enough to put a mouse in her hand. Born February 2nd at 6lbs 5 oz and growing fast. Can't wait to be able to play on the servers with her! @@sur1795
  9. Huskie

  10. Huskie

    Happy Birthday Sandra!!
  11. Huskie

    Yay ruso good job! mwhaha
  12. Huskie

    Happy Birthday Sal ps, ruby says happy birthday too!
  13. Huskie

    Happy Birthday Azz! I hope it was a great one!
  14. Huskie

    Happy Birthday buddddy (you punk face) have a good day Death lol
  15. Huskie

    I'm down gunny xP
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