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  1. JAYsus_NL

    I like the Barcelona idea!
  2. JAYsus_NL

    Oh, i`m still here hun!!!!
  3. JAYsus_NL

    Can`t wait!!!!!
  4. JAYsus_NL

    Would be a good idea actually....
  5. JAYsus_NL

    Okay guys..... I think it`s time! XI fest 2018... We need a location! Let`s use this topic to come up with some good suggestions. Keep in mind that; - It has to be affordable - There defo has to be something to do (Berlin was great for that with all the historical stuff. It nicely kept the group together) - It needs to be a location that has an Airport/trainstation nearby Seccondly we need a time. Last year was July.
  6. Let`s hope for the possibillity for servers!!!!
  7. JAYsus_NL

    Yup..... Amazing story!
  8. JAYsus_NL

    Oh my.. That looks great!!!!
  9. JAYsus_NL

    Some are going Thursday. Just like last year!
  10. JAYsus_NL

    Nice Moss!!!!
  11. JAYsus_NL

    Oh my... You bringing the missus????????
  12. JAYsus_NL

    YAS! Thursday to Sunday...
  13. JAYsus_NL

    Noooooooooooooo!!!! You can`t be out.... What the hell does Andy do without Hans` wife?????
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  15. JAYsus_NL

    Added you on Steam!
  16. JAYsus_NL

    That's great! Thank you so much! I'll add you later on today. Thanks again!
  17. JAYsus_NL

    Server procon layer gives an error in Fragnet. Can`t even restart it. Need @B-Murda for this!
  18. JAYsus_NL

    Ok. done then and thank you!
  19. JAYsus_NL

    You read the dislosure? Every link you click can change your profile it says.... Was up for a key, but i like my privacy....
  20. JAYsus_NL

    I won`t let myself be used for that....!!! JAYsus will certainly be there if it`s in Brussels. Not sure if i have to cross the pond; Expences will be higher then and just like some other people last couple of months have been a disaster on that matter......
  21. JAYsus_NL

    And please.... only vote if you are really attending!!!
  22. JAYsus_NL

    @EDD THE DUCK Can most certainly add a poll to the opening post can you????
  23. JAYsus_NL

    Brussels sounds good and affordable. Good to get to for the UK guys, good for the Dutch guys and even for the French and German guys. Timewise i suggest late June early July. Read about getting to Budapest being expensive. No idea to book it as a citytrip with flight, hotel and breakfast included? That`s how i found a couple of cheap ones.....
  24. JAYsus_NL

    Thanks all!