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  1. that's why im still running windows 7 hahahahha fuck windows 10 !!!!!!!!!
  2. nice pictures guys I too am a big fisherman
  3. nice storm storm now grab a tube!!!!!!!
  4. video is locked how about a workable link yacster !!!!!
  5. read Houston we have a problem for the cod4 version fix good job yacster
  6. long time djmot nice to hear ya
  7. Rob I hope all is well its a pleasure playing the game with you on my team good luck the Hammer
  8. type this in the controle panel of the game ~ opens controle panel /cl_maxpackets 100 hope that helps
  9. best series on the tube by far have watched since day 1 cant wait !! the 100 season 5 is on now again cw wed nights
  10. happy b-day misty ill tube you later !!!!!!!
  11. yup garbage , same thing with solar panels they all read y have a 12 inch by 12 inch panel making more electricity than those large 3 foot by 4 foot panel they are like a computer 1 year later and its junk
  12. I checked his ebay rating -10 watch out all !!!!!!!!!
  13. I cut cable 2 years ago and use this lava 8008 hd anteena I get 70 channels in 8 rooms in my house
  14. do something Drimp !!!! happy b-day buddy