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  1. TheHammer

    nothing leaves the fermament ---- God Bless you all !!!!!!!
  2. TheHammer

  3. TheHammer

    maybe stop downloading that miget porn !!! that might work !!!!
  4. TheHammer

    power when you get it fix get some real bullits :)
  5. TheHammer

    ya look at this !!!!!! all a joke https://forfun.com/Nhz6
  6. TheHammer

    too many martini Fridays johnny !!!!! now I hope all is well.... god bless you.. your in our prayers
  7. just turn on punkbuster like gator girl said along time ago and see who is left playing ..
  8. omg the drama (the earth is flat ))) !!!!!! we have never gone into space!!!!!!! no sattleights what so ever are up there !!!!! god bless you all :) ----
  9. TheHammer

    nice video dude good job
  10. patch the dam game!!!!! and then tube the yacster
  11. TheHammer

    I know one thing. !!! from now on when I book a flight im checking the plane specs ---no 737 max 8 ----- ill stick with jet blues fleet !!!!!!
  12. thanks bud now lets tubem
  13. TheHammer

    you guys have a very short memory remember value jet and the everglades !!!!!!!! Lets get codpiece to test that 737 max to see if its safe for flight
  14. TheHammer

    check out cern !!!!!!!
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