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  1. johnny who runs and guns I tacticly hide in spawn then whamo tube them with smaws and I defrost my run and gun teammates . plus I liked playing games with you and sob please reconsider have a good day your friend the hammer
  2. johnny we want you back at cod 4 so I can hammer you that's ok ill just kill frenchie!!!
  3. you got to go to the xi websight download and patch to version 1.7 and also you have to get the iw3 .exe file rename your old file and download the new one and put it in your game . I hope this helps
  4. lol nice power
  5. cant wait to tubem !!!!!
  6. scarry johnny dos remember they still need ammo
  7. happy b-day power
  8. happy b-day pred
  9. hi Ed here's one a little bit more money but its got great reviews good luck
  10. thanks getting old here
  11. nice good job
  12. that's why im still running windows 7 hahahahha fuck windows 10 !!!!!!!!!
  13. nice pictures guys I too am a big fisherman
  14. nice storm storm now grab a tube!!!!!!!