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  1. I thought our server had a 125 fps limit ???
  2. try changing stuff to see how your game runs I do . if you notice your bullits go right thru other players no hits they seem to bounce right thru all bullits . they are changing there network setting so I try to compensate I would put my packets on 5 if I could
  3. TheHammer

    sorry to hear that mule ill pray for you. don't worry you will come of this down turn fine .
  4. those fancy rigs are not going to skip threw a smaw !!!!!! or a tube :)
  5. TheHammer

    welcome aboard !!!!!!! even know you are a buckey !!! fan like wildpenguin .. us Michigan wolverines !!!! welcome you to our forums and our gaming community im the hammer can can only kill with a tube or a smaw I don't use guns because to many players hop during a battle like stang and the trailer trash . they are like rabbits
  6. TheHammer

    thanks guys for all the great info and we will goto china town there we also have a great china town here in boston
  7. TheHammer

    ya you can take a cruise to antartica but try to fly over it !!!!!! now the moons flat to !!!!!
  8. TheHammer

    thanks queen, tube someone for me when im gone
  9. TheHammer

    yup no curvature of the earth and let us not forget cant go to antartica ! !!! what they hiding there?????
  10. TheHammer

    show me with a telescope any sattle lights going around earth . is it to hard to do!!!!!! all these guys showing telescoping the moon where the fuck is the 3000 satellights around the earth??????? and that moon picture is lame its a cgi !!!!
  11. TheHammer

  12. Hi all , my family and I are leaving to san francisco tomorrow for a week of vacation we are going to the island of Alcatraz to see the prison !!! then the streets of san Francisco trolley tour around town and then a tour of my oldest sons new company that he is working for so ill tube you guys in about a week take care all and ill miss you
  13. TheHammer

    Ive been doing a lot of research on flat earth and can someone with a telescope please post a picture of sattlelights going around the earth !!! also theres these videos !!!!!! also this scientist watch these videos and tell me is the earth flat ??? I cant find any telescopes that show any sattlelights around the earth and also there is the fake moon landings !!!
  14. TheHammer

    Please fix it fast I love to kill you in game !!!! :)
  15. TheHammer

    what game dude ????