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  1. TheHammer

    2020 is Really starting out to be a very bad Year. 1st dadda and now Johnny dos .. I will miss him saying i put a whole clip in him and not a scratch !!!!! or telling me about his martinie fridays he was a great guy and fun to play with all these years . the bf4 Breakfast club was so great to play on every morning with the Gang. i know i will see him Again at Gods Side . God Bless Johnny Dos >XI<
  2. TheHammer

    wow i guess he told xi!!!!!!
  3. TheHammer

    I said this 2 years ago wake up people here's your proof ----if you can read !!!!! https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/ https://edgeofwonder.tv/episodes/15d0292e2c71fa https://www.youtube.com/user/27TUBGUY this year no honey bees , no ants at my house and very little birds all gone and look at this https://www.youtube.com/user/MrMBB333?app=desktop
  4. TheHammer

    tell him to quit going to those miget porn sights !!!!
  5. I did not know him that good but he was always friendly to me . every morning i wake up early and go onto the websight and dadda was always here . rip and god bless my friend
  6. TheHammer

    yes johnny i still plow snow and still building houses here. are you going to get any new games this year to play with sob if so ill buy one so we can play them together i hope all is well and take care my friend god is watching over you
  7. TheHammer

    so sorry to hear it johnny dos i miss playing bf4 with you and sob those were the good days take care my friend and godd bless you !!!!
  8. try staying off of http://www.redtube.com !!!!!!!!! that might help
  9. TheHammer

    Great mule, glad to hear it.. you can kill me later!!!!! God bless you buddy
  10. TheHammer

    take care mule we miss you here at xi !!!!!
  11. TheHammer

  12. TheHammer

    one of my first adventure games on pc was the prince of persia remeber that one !!!!!
  13. happy b-day dirk :) 

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    2. Dirk Diggler

      Dirk Diggler

      what games have you been playing

    3. TheHammer


      not any lately.   i was playing cod4 but the hit detection is bad :( how about yourself ????

    4. Dirk Diggler

      Dirk Diggler

      a little cod 2 and some bf4 , but not much Hammer , need to find some new games Hammer

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