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  1. TheHammer

    goto xi web sight in cod 4 forum there is a iw3mp .exe file you need to download that and rename your old one iw3mp.old hope it helps
  2. TheHammer

    I watched battlefield 5 on twitch http://www.switch.com same old 50 rounds to kill a guy omg the graphics are good but why cant they fix hit detection...
  3. TheHammer

    windows 7 ultimate here too I never liked the look of windows 10
  4. TheHammer

  5. TheHammer

    happy b-day yac your getting old !!!!! so ok your the teacher of using the tube thanks for the lessons now you will pay my friend have a great day buddy
  6. TheHammer

    ok bing another year has passed have a great day and ill tube you later my friend
  7. TheHammer

    get rid of that big ship map !!!!!!!
  8. TheHammer

    been a long time gingersnaps!!!! I hope all is well . you have a good birthday and I hope to shoot you later
  9. same old rubbish I shot a whole magazine at a guy and same thing 1 shot im dead wtf!!!!!!
  10. oh ok I didn't hear that
  11. TheHammer

    nice yac
  12. crpmofo that shortage a few years back was not a 22 caliber pistols and riffles it was a .223 ar15 ammo shortage. they were talking about banning ar15 assault riffles and so there was a run on ar15 guns and .223 ammo wich on some ar15 you can also use .556 ammo in it I hope this helps
  13. TheHammer

    johnny who runs and guns I tacticly hide in spawn then whamo tube them with smaws and I defrost my run and gun teammates . plus I liked playing games with you and sob please reconsider have a good day your friend the hammer
  14. TheHammer

    johnny we want you back at cod 4 so I can hammer you that's ok ill just kill frenchie!!!
  15. TheHammer

    you got to go to the xi websight download and patch to version 1.7 and also you have to get the iw3 .exe file rename your old file and download the new one and put it in your game . I hope this helps