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  1. More Than HALF of Americans Believe US Democracy Faces EXTINCTION, New Poll Says Biden is Over (bitchute.com)
  2. i got the finger from sour tap on welcoming migets page that dude got serious issues
  3. TheHammer

    welcome My Friend its been a long time ill have to reinstall it on my new pc and tube you
  4. Speaking of apples ---my office ladies gave me an apple 3 weeks ago and it's on my desk has not aged a day 3 weeks later -- that is so scarey to me I remember and apple would go bad in 2 days once picked and not eaten what kind of chemicles are we putting in our bodies
  5. Here's What's Going on Watch this ------- GEORGE CHRISTENSEN - Pandemic Unmasked, Ep. 6, Dr Robert Malone, part 3 | The Good Sauce (bitchute.com) The Truth Hurts
  6. Fake News !!!!!!!!!! Do some research pete !!!!!!!!!!! The Ingredients of the mRNA Vaccines Are Much Worse Than Any of us Imagined. (bitchute.com)
  7. Tampa Bay Rays's Jean Ramirez Gone SUDDENLY NPC Shorts 1-13-22 (bitchute.com) NZ: Claims 5 kids Collapse After Jab at North Shore Eventfinder Stadium, MSM Fails To Investigate (bitchute.com) for those who cant read
  8. Gareth Icke Talks To Dr Ariyana Love About How The Fake Vaccines Are Causing The Variants (bitchute.com)
  9. You Cant make this stuff up OMG !!!!! Soylent Green is real (bitchute.com)
  10. Massive 1000 Truck Protest Caravan Embarking Across Canada on a Mission To Shut Down Ottawa (bitchute.com) So tired of this covid BS !!!!!!!
  11. How the hell can they test for a virus with ought a single isolated molecule of the virus ---OMG im not a doctor but can figure this crap out !!!!! the sickness going around is 5g radiation and what ivermectin and hydroxiquaraquine do is put oxygen back into the cells omg wow here wee gogogog Fake Stream Media's Got Some Splainin' Ta Do! (bitchute.com)
  12. Keep up the work CaptKrunch
  13. wow no comments on that last video i got the sheep scared
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