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  1. TheHammer

    nice timmah I got 3 tcl 55 tv's and there awesome I like them because they can take the cat 5e cat 6 network cable instead of wifi witch when I built my house I wired every room with cat5e now my kids love it because the wired internet is way faster and more reliable than wifi
  2. yup I Agree https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95yk-JbabhA
  3. TheHammer

    wont be long now 4/4/2020 Jupiter / Pluto convergence big trouble ahead !!!!!! Good luck God Bless All XI
  4. TheHammer

  5. TheHammer

    God Bless All
  6. TheHammer

  7. TheHammer

    Whats Really going on with the corona Virus
  8. did exactly like he showed us ????? im friends with wardog411 and Kickenthatass
  9. same here jester wont work This group no longer exists.
  10. TheHammer

  11. TheHammer

    You Lame Brains !!! The Earth is flat and there is a firmament over us!!!! no space !!!!in here like Rats in a cage !!!!! Nasa is the most corrupt agency on this flat earth look at its history ____Aka look at werner von browns headstone need I say anything else God Bless you all !!!!!!!
  12. jester hacked it !!!!!!!!
  13. This invite is no longer valid. It may have expired or been deleted.
  14. no go here either dessy ????
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