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  1. TheHammer

    Heeee Hawwww !!!!-- I put it on my work laptop and I hate all those pop ups mail and crap i like good old win7 ultimate --i hate pop ups when you want to do something on computers -- also its loaded with spyware and bloat ware -- shopper recomendations -- can somebody please turn off all the Power
  2. TheHammer

    i use the samsung data migration software and also buy the way make sure your motherboard will see a 2 tb drive i also choose the speed and have the 1tb evo plus make sure you have the secure boot on in the bios if you want to upgrade to windows 11 because it wont let you ungrade if your set to ahci or raid mode
  3. TheHammer

    Like I always say every year -----Don't forget the TP !!!!!!!!!
  4. TheHammer

    I will say a prayer for him StormCrow - and May God Bless his Soul - Jesus Christ is the only Way to Salvation -- May God Give you Peace my Friend
  5. TheHammer

    i wounder if you can eat them in a stew - i know squirels are good on the grill ' Mike hackabee eats them all the time and being an avid hunter i would like to try one - i believe a Ground hog and a wood chuck is the same beast i got them all over my property my kids have shot over 50 squirels for target pactice i got wild turkets--deer--foxes--possums--fisher cats wich are real mean --i shoot and i also got Bows Last time stang came shooting with me-- at my gun club -he was okay with the shotguns on skeet and trap shooting but his ar-15 skills need polishing
  6. TheHammer

    Oh Babyback if you would stop hacking in game things like this would not Happen ..... Sounds Like a Great time for an Upgrade my Friend
  7. TheHammer

    Ive been to the Coral Castle- its in home stead FL - Remember In search of- with leonard Nimoy Coral Castle is an oolite limestone structure created by the Latvian-American eccentric Edward Leedskalnin (1887–1951). It is located in unincorporated territory of Miami-Dade County, Florida, between the cities of Homestead and Leisure City. The structure comprises numerous megalithic stones, mostly limestone formed from coral, each weighing several tons.
  8. TheHammer

    welcome My Friend its been a long time ill have to reinstall it on my new pc and tube you
  9. TheHammer

    Yes I don't believe any off this big farma anymore .. i dont drink-5 years dont smoke 26-years - ill be 60 this summer people think im 40 - one other thing i found out is when your body sweats during a work out your body is getting rid of metals in your body -- so why would you use underarm deoderant to lock in the metals under your arm pits- very bad for your body -just my thoughts oh and yes type -o blood and non-vaxed here
  10. TheHammer

    Yes the good old days with the Breakfast -Club i miss them and i miss SOB !!!!!!-- Even if he Camped
  11. TheHammer

    yes --there are protest everywhere -- it's all about the financial collapse and the new word order we are all in trouble . besides my arsenal -- i got silver and gold in my safes and alot of the useless printed paper -stock up on food and water the end is near
  12. TheHammer

    4 whole years -----wow -----dont let the door hit you on the way out !!!!!!!!
  13. TheHammer

    Happy B-day DJ Mott miss you Buddy
  14. TheHammer

    i miss him saying ---but i shot him with a whole clip and nothing during our battlefield 3 days we will meet him again in Heaven
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