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  1. I hated this game when it was first released but have been playing the shit out of it recently. Was wondering if anyone still plays?
  2. Millerlite2019

    Welcome to XI
  3. Millerlite2019

    I had an issue with my mic until I stumbled across an old video tonight. If for some reason you have an older mic that doesn’t use usb and you can’t hear yourself or you are using the listening option in sound settings which is so delayed and annoying you can change these settings by downloading the new audio drivers from your motherboard’s manufacturers website and man it changes things. A lot of you might already know this but if not just posting this so everyone knows how to do it.
  4. Millerlite2019

    It’s funny that you and I were talking about something similar to this a few weeks back. I tried the app last night and it works. I haven’t tried any of the smart devices yet but I want to tonight.
  5. Millerlite2019

    Thats why its your ringtone
  6. Millerlite2019

    Six I hope Dr Stephen Valken shoots you. LMAO
  7. Millerlite2019

    The roof sealant smells fine Mental.
  8. Millerlite2019

    Well nevermind. It didn't work the first seven times I tried it. LOL
  9. Millerlite2019

    I'm trying to figure out why my signature isn't working. Angelz created one for me and I copied, pasted then saved it buy I don't see it when I create a post or reply to anyone's comment. Does this have to go through an approval process?
  10. Millerlite2019

    Thank you everyone.
  11. Millerlite2019

    I watched the new David Spade movie on Netflix last night that was pretty funny.
  12. Millerlite2019

    With everyone going back and forth on this ridiculousness I chose not to watch the news or the President anymore. Its almost like watching two kids argue. The media and Trump just go back and forth all the time.
  13. Millerlite2019

    There are a few new movies shows and movies that I watched on there but mostly NCIS and Criminal Minds
  14. Millerlite2019

    I started watching NCIS from the beginning again.
  15. Millerlite2019

    Did you list a price limit? I didnt see one. What stores are you close to?



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