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  1. It would be one way for teams to skip maps faster if you don't have it reflective ? Can the punishments be, first offense you get kicked from the server, second offense you get kicked from whatever clan you are in (the second would take a bit of computer work)
  2. WHAT?!?!?! Since when has there been a MAP!?!?!? I bet next you're going to tell me that there are also giant, no reason you should not see them, snowflakes above your team mates that need to be thawed!!!
  3. Non-reflective damage because if you don't contribute to the team, then you can be a Popsicle??
  4. DO IT!!! Because if you can't play the game, don't play the game. Simple as that.
  5. I see only one stat that is correct. The time spent on server ?
  6. Keep it the way the way it is! I'll be playing more now, thanks!
  7. If you listen to the way the game announces the dogs, you can very easily tell whose they are, you could even listen to your teammates that say things like "they are my dogs, don't kill them", but that's harder because the voice chatter is mostly filled with someone complaining.
  8. Had to bail due to schedule conflict. Can't wait to see the results. Let's not wait 5 years for the next one!
  9. _-Draco-_

    LOL. Seen both. Good find.
  10. _-Draco-_

    near a window will work, as long as the window is facing in some direction toward the towers.
  11. _-Draco-_

    Parents use one similar to what you linked. They like it and can get stations 40ish miles away. I use a Channel Master DVR and a large antenna in the attic, along with a Sling TV account for sports. I pay average $30/month. The no subscription DRV I have looks to be discontinued. They now have this. Sling TV is nice. You subscribe to a base package and can add other things to it for $5-$15 more/month. The add-ons are prorated. Extras like HBO is $15/month but I don't want it month after month. So I add and cancel it via the website a few times a year and only for a week or less at a time. That means I only have to pay about $4 each time. Been doing this for over a year now.
  12. Mission, so this was vs. AI....but still...820 hits.
  13. Let's try to do 3 days a week. Doesn't have to be for hours and hours. I am in, Bmoney is in....we have now have 3. Who will join!??!?!?
  14. I like every single player that has ever played in our servers equally. There is not one individual that is more or less equal from all the rest. Now if you want my real answer, all the players that make the game/servers fun are mashed up and mixed up in the following letters..... DAVEIOXOZYEDRFESCSASLSBJAEEPRIEIAITIUCHRLNNENOKDBOILGIMAVHUUOHTTZWICRLZSLEPAOTINEPPNEYASPA Do you find your name?
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    For those of you interested. Didn't know there were Bald Eagles this far south. But this is in my backyard (if my back yard was 60 miles long). https://youtu.be/LNdo6wu_Xug
  16. I too don't take shots but here is my over all stats.
  17. _-Draco-_

    Steam: -Draco->XI< Got my butt kicked last night by them zombies...