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  1. _-Draco-_

    Can't make this but I will be cheering on the FT team. Show them who's best!
  2. It would be one way for teams to skip maps faster if you don't have it reflective ? Can the punishments be, first offense you get kicked from the server, second offense you get kicked from whatever clan you are in (the second would take a bit of computer work)
  3. WHAT?!?!?! Since when has there been a MAP!?!?!? I bet next you're going to tell me that there are also giant, no reason you should not see them, snowflakes above your team mates that need to be thawed!!!
  4. Non-reflective damage because if you don't contribute to the team, then you can be a Popsicle??
  5. DO IT!!! Because if you can't play the game, don't play the game. Simple as that.
  6. I see only one stat that is correct. The time spent on server ?
  7. Keep it the way the way it is! I'll be playing more now, thanks!
  8. If you listen to the way the game announces the dogs, you can very easily tell whose they are, you could even listen to your teammates that say things like "they are my dogs, don't kill them", but that's harder because the voice chatter is mostly filled with someone complaining.
  9. Had to bail due to schedule conflict. Can't wait to see the results. Let's not wait 5 years for the next one!
  10. _-Draco-_

    LOL. Seen both. Good find.
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