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  1. Not any worse than CoD. Not a ringing endorsement. Was considering some kind of new game to get but tbh I am having more fun playing old arcade games on mame than anything else.
  2. Buying used is always a crap shoot. At least one other person already knows the product key.
  3. As we all know, dedicated servers are not free and the money to run them must come from somewhere.
  4. Here's the question. How many hackers are in this game? Some are to be expected and hopefully dealt with quickly enough. But waves after waves of them, well thats not good.
  5. Integers... how about 'imaginary numbers'? When was the last time you heard that one? Oh and to keep it simple, since there are so many birthdays and more every day, a preemptive happy birthday to everybody.
  6. Have an old pair of rabbit ears around? If you dont mind looking at it they will work just fine.
  7. Been looking for a good mmorpg. Never played one. Perhaps I will wait for a steam sale.
  8. The Earth is a pyramid. The most mysterious shape there is.
  9. Happy Easter from Disneyland.
  10. I like my coffee with all the xtra goodies I add that arent particularly healthy either. That said, so what if a company is required to put the truth on its products. Those that dont care have the freedom to not read it.
  11. This Sunday I am going to be at the Church of Mickey in Anaheim. Does that count?
  12. Yes water is bad for you if you drink too much. On the other hand, there were times when the water companies said 'trust us' and it turned out they were lying through their teeth. The result, safer water. The most recent case? Bottled water is full of their own contaminants that were unknown about before (by us anyways). Should they be given a pass? Say 'no worries' when their excuse is that its too expensive? Or should they fix their problem?
  13. Brilliant.
  14. No I have to give it to Space War for its historical significance. Followed by Asteroids.