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  1. By request, at the end of the game the stats will show who killed you the most as your 'nemesis'. It will also show who is the 'best' nemesis so to speak and the victim. Just one more reason for everyone to bitch at people when the match is over. In the stats, I was killed by bot 11. So it is my personal nemesis. I was actually killed twice by two different bots (1 each) so one was chosen at random. For the right hand side it shows bot 16 as the victim of the best nemesis, three kills by me. All my other victims were two or less. Next is to test it all out on a live server. Also to see who is the biggest bitcher. I tried things like "name (5 kills )" but it seemed too cluttered and doesnt really add anything.
  2. Get cod4. When the next ow2 is finished soon you will get redirected there instead. Which might in itself attract some players and hopefully wont be empty. We shall see. Lotta good stuff and I love the contact nades.
  3. How much did he pay to get it? Hopefully he made it worth your while. congrats.
  4. cod4 of course. edit: to get an idea check out the big server list on the left side on the main page for which ones to give you an idea of gametypes.
  5. If you havent, try restarting in safe mode.
  6. Its almost like marty except that its disabled here. Also, that would just drop the nade at the ground not toss it. Which is what it sounds like it was.
  7. So it sounds like you were cooking a semtex, were shot, and it dropped. How is this unusual? This was one of the favorite things that a certain XI player loved to do in the G13 mod. Pull the pin. Run towards you. You shoot him. Hasta.
  8. Whats the problem? You were protected from the 1st nade outside but not the 2nd one inside to your left.
  9. Safety dance? Oh geez. Makes me feel so old.
  10. I have one of those nespresso capsule machines to use if I am in a hurry. Otherwise a typical espresso machine I use with ground coffee beans. As for coffee beans, peets coffee generally. Im not a coffee nerd. I cant really afford the really good stuff but I do enjoy it when I can.
  11. Yup Clinton was full of it on that. Playing a political game to a stupid question. But everyone knew it and most didnt care including myself. It was weed not cocaine or crack. This is a country that made Cheech and Chong famous after all. In any case, I dont partake myself but kudos to Dries van Agt.
  12. I guess someone doesnt have a sense of humor.
  13. Maybe there is a Satan maybe there isnt. But if there is, he has a great singing voice.
  14. Win7 has been around more than long enough that whatever spyware it had can be easily dealt with. The most well known were from updates that are easily blocked.
  15. Since cod5 is having its issues all over the place among several clans maybe cod4 is suffering similar issues.