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  1. Sammy

    I dont think moderators should be able to use smaws. Do I have a second?
  2. There is a much easier way. Dont run over dead bodies. In any case, if you run over a weapon the same as yours you automatically pick up the ammo from it. That is internally game controlled and the only way around it is to simply not drop them. And since nobody knows beforehand which weapon is there, if at all, it would be unfair to penalize those that did have the same weapon and didnt have the choice.
  3. Sammy

    All these birthdays. 🎂 I guess the website doesnt like animated gifs. So here is a different one.
  4. How do you know the difference between someone that is overly aggressive to someone that just isnt very good among servers with a great many veterans that spend hours every week playing?
  5. Sammy

    The end is near.....
  6. Listen to Bubbles. She is the smartest Powerpuff Girl and knows of what she speaks.
  7. Sure easily done... or more properly said... easily prevented so long as the script files are available. Dont know if they are in this case. However yes there must then be a replacement since in freezetag that would mean no weapon drops at all. And no, before anyone asks increasing max ammo for weapons isnt a good option.
  8. Sammy

    I suppose voting is like brushing your teeth. Problem is, not enough people brush. Or only once every couple years if they have the time.
  9. As the modder who is responsible for making such things happen, or not, on another server I disqualified myself from voting. Conflict of interest. 😏
  10. If placing a betty/claymore makes noise, then so should picking it up (including your own). As for rummaging, you make noise walking to the dead body. Making the rest of it silent makes no sense. For gameplay balance, that is the risk you take. You want to try and get some free shit off a dead body. So you risk getting dead in the process. Balance and counter-balance.
  11. Nope dont change it. And that is because people are terrible at figuring out friend from foe even with a minimap and icons over friendlies. Only way it would work is if team 1 dressed all in pink and team 2 all in orange. 😏
  12. Sammy