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  1. No changes were made to how helis look for players. Just added exceptions for player to ignore. Stealth, range, and things like that. What matters is whether or not it can see %50 if your body (I think its 50). However, there is also the possibility that the mapper neglected to put up a solid ceiling when looking from the outside. If so, it wont block heli scans or anything else.
  2. What would happen if the Pilgrims had killed cats instead of turkeys? We'd eat pussy every Thanksgiving.
  3. Just to note, to hopefully put an end to some of this, I uploaded the fix to move that spawn point out of the building in arbor_day. It will require a server restart if not done already.
  4. No, this wont be a tube or rpg in a pistol. Since the projectile is very small its explosive punch will be as well. If you want to do damage you still have to land a hit on the target very close. For the demo its power is still relatively large for testing. Slow RoF. Low ammo count. There is travel time, like all rockets, so if you like to hop around and spam you would still be better off with a normal pistol. The model looks off because there is something wrong with the specular file. Oh and the primary is the lsat. Replaces the hbar. It will have the stats of the m60. So the class will have the saw, rpd and lsat. edited: grammar mistake.
  5. Now thats funny. I can even forgive them for using a console version.
  6. Ok yea that one. I know I did a spawnpoint mover addition for it in the mod so that side spawns outside of the house. Maybe its for a different version. There are a few around. edit: Yea I have the data for a different version. Will try it for the one in the current rotation and see if it works. If so, I will upload and enable it.
  7. We have a few here.
  8. Advert to get the world expo in 2023. Which they did. Also for the rugby world cup. Which they didnt. But a nicely done video.
  9. Which map in the current rotation is like this? Maybe a single spawn in a place that its easy to get blocked.
  10. I also noticed that every unique tab starts up a different firefox process. So 10 tabs with 10 different webpages, 10 firefox.exe processes. Add them all up and its still a lot of memory usage. Did it do this before? I have seen multiple processes before for it but not that many.
  11. Still a good password system to use tho.
  12. I dont know of any custom version of district. Crossfire is mp_cgc_crossfire. If you need it let me know.
  13. There is a custom version of crossfire that should work. Creek should.
  14. Wait. What?