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  1. The error messages confirm what variable is adding one to the score. Will investigate. After I’m home.
  2. Ok. I’m out of town and ATM in Galaxy’s Edge trying to see about getting into Oga’s and will work on it when I’m back home.
  3. Might be simpler to learn Chinese.
  4. Pass. Not that I think it would be a bad game. Just that its more of the same. Unfortunately that is what the masses wants and your typical gamer has simple tastes that seldom if ever varies.
  5. Several thousand of these guys now all over the sky. The stated purpose is internet access. Meaning pretty much everything we do every day. And... Musk now owns Twitter as well. He would love for everyone to drive a Tesla, where he can potentially track everywhere you go and when. Who knows what else in the future considering he has a penchant for spending Godless sums of money on stuff. Not even closely interested in looking up the expected conspiracy theories about that one but I am sure there are plenty. Of course no different than Comcast or any other big internet provider and VPN's are big business. Though in most cases its debatable whether or not they are even needed anymore or worth the money. Have one anyways since its cheap. And yet, its still Google that is the poster child of privacy concerns. The J.R. of 2023 and the one you love to hate.
  6. Makes you wonder what else google bought that we might not know about.
  7. That is punkbuster. No need to try and install.
  8. Glad to see there are still cod4 or 5 mappers still around.
  9. The server time thing is normal and is the game re-syncing itself to one or more particular players. An effect of internet MP games. Especially older ones. In any case, it seems the old no-team 'end of round' thing has been taken care of? I hope?
  10. Coincidence maybe, but a valid suspect. In one of the vids all the debug info, right in the middle of intermission, one person joined immediately followed by the info. This event triggers game updates as normal. But perhaps the update itself, at that very moment, is doing something it shouldnt when any other time it wouldnt. I will be changing the displayed info to concentrate on this to see which trigger is calling the update event and go from there. This really is a pesky one and one of the more annoying bugs because everything looks correct. Its often one teeny little part that returns a 1 when it should be a 0.
  11. Well thats weird. If I am seeing things correctly, at the end of round 6 (3-3) and the standard things, after doing the halftime part it also seemed to trigger at least one of the end of round functions again. Which in this case looks like it probably does add one more to the team that won(?) the last round. 3-3 shows 4-3. Visually. However if I am interpreting what you posted correctly, while the screen shows 5 to 3 at the end, the actual results and score was correct as 4 to 3 and 7 total rounds played. The victor is declared and game over. edit: For info, round 7 is halftime.
  12. Ok thats an unusual one. Do you know the name of the 3-3 map? Do you recall what it said at the beginning of the map how many rounds are needed to win? edit: novoutpost? edit: Checking things there was a match where the listed number of rounds played is one more than the sum of the scores. But maybe there was a tie game along the way, which would count as a round played. One of the debug messages will show this at the end of the round to see if that variable matches the actual score.
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