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  1. I dont play cod4 servers. Some of course well known and publicized reasons. But also because while I am very good at making cod mods I suck at playing. I just cant compete here with so many long time players. Even against players that dont use all those well known 10-15 year old 'tweaks' around. But strictly in a player PoV I dont get mad about it. When it comes to enjoyment I just play things that I find more interesting. And yes, that includes a mod version that is a great many years old and all I see are the many flaws from a time when I was far less experienced. So, there are a lot of games. Many free. So it would be best to find one that you like.
  2. Privately produced play and far from the first time they have messed around with traditional Shakespearean roles. If they want to change it to where Joan is a lesbian alien from Mars thats their business. edit: as for Germany. Out of curiosity I looked that one up and all I could really find were a few sites that took sides. Pro or against. Nothing really substantive that talked specifics, nor provided any official links to the raw data, without drawing conclusions or framing the debate to suit their views. One side, its a wonderful thing. The other, its the end of society. This is why nobody should ever trust what they see and read on the internet.
  3. The interesting thing I always found the term 'Political Correctness' to be is that it can be applied to all politics not just liberals. Conservatives have their own politics that have people that have been handed the power to decide what is 'correct' for its own people and they in turn force their view of what is correct upon everyone else. The difference is that for a while now its been liberals that have been calling the shots in many ways. Now it looks to be the conservatives turn. The name might be different than 'political correctness', if there is one... yet... but the actions are looking to be exactly the same. And as always, it will depend on what side you are on. Pick a conservative friend or relative. He or she has decided what is 'correct' and what is not. And, like liberals, their view of what is 'correct' might be different from yours, regardless if you are both conservatives. And they will vote accordingly. Just human nature and it is what it is. Cliques. And if they get power they decide what is correct for the rest of us. Based on their politics. So long as people dont try and fool themselves into thinking that its only 'them' that do it. edit: Maybe 'Political Righteousness'. Maybe 'Politically Proper'. And then, though it has some serious connotations to the phrasing and insinuations, 'Politically Pure' or 'Political Purity'. However those two would truly be fighting words.
  4. Sammy

    Depends on if it takes one of those little blue pills.
  5. Gotta watch out for he said she said... or she said she said depending on what side you're on... on internet stories. As for Dick, well, there have always been bullshit complainers. But add the internet to that mix and their desire to get their 15 minutes. Just to see what they can get away with. At worst, the kid might snicker like Beavis and Butthead. "His name is Dick. Heh heh heh."
  6. Some people think the same about adults.
  7. It sounds like the usual thing of updating the base game with something new. Such as map packs. Or expansion packs. Depends on what this additional content will cost I suppose. If the base game works fine, which in this case is debatable, and can be expanded upon its not necessarily a bad thing. So long as they dont get overly greedy.
  8. Sammy

    Reminds me of the South Park episode where the kids were all playing WoW, non-stop and with no breaks, in Cartmans basement.
  9. Sammy

    Final Fantasy XIV Online looks interesting. I sorta like WoW but it just doesnt hold my interest. Seems the only significant problem in FF is farming bots. Also, since its subscription, after a certain point (because the trial runs out) there isnt as much of a bot problem as you advance. Those that run the bots dont want to pay. However I would need to get win10. My system is not compatible with win11's security requirements for the processor/mb. edit: Guess I will bite the bullet and see if the ms installer tool will still accept a win7 license for an upgrade to 10. Things I read seem to suggest it still does. So downloading it to a usb drive.
  10. Sammy

    Just a question of opinions for people here. Countless articles have been written about the problem of hackers. Based on how the MP gaming ecosystem has been going the last 10+ years, with no sign of getting better, is the writing on the wall for multiplayer in the future? Especially now that money is involved and hackers have a big financial incentive to develop and 'upgrade' hacks and sell them? In some cases the hacks are not to give unfair advantages (PvP) but to steal from players in-game (WoW money/items etc) and resell them. Of course those that buy them are just as much part of the problem. It now seems the gaming community has taken the 'if you cant beat em, join em' solution. And will pay for it. With some of the more modern hardware based things out there, that have no need for installing software, even consoles are no longer immune. Myself, I will likely never buy or play, free or not, a multiplayer game again since its getting ever harder to find one without a hacker problem. When you get to a point where friends have to call out friends for hacking, its kind of a death knell. I think I made this topic after reading someone that uses such hacks describing himself as a 'modder'. I mean, fuck you and die for your attempt at trying to justify yourself. Probably some fool that has never written a single line of code, created a 3D model of a soup can or made a sound that went 'beep'. I read this article and one of my first thoughts was what happened to MP gamers? Including here? But maybe its a symptom of the 'its all about me and what I want' society in general... and the rest can go fuck themselves... that only seems to be going nowhere but down. Ugh. https://www.pcmag.com/news/surprise-console-gamers-cheat-more-than-those-on-pc I dont know what a solution would be. Whack-a-mole isnt working. Especially when you have to keep developing new hammers when the old ones no longer work. Past ideas of 'cracking down' on developers/distributors when it comes to the internet in the end dont work. All it takes is suing one wrong person to become the bad guy on the news. And what do you do when said distributors are in China/Russia (which they often are)? I suppose you could simply make a game so expensive to buy and subscribe that your typical cheater, while someone willing to spend a one-time $10 to get a single hack, isnt willing or able to spend $250 up front and $100 a month for a single game. Surely doing so, for a developer, would cut your unit sales and subscribers drastically. The usual economic balance of volume vs price. But if it dealt with the hacker problem a lot of people might find it worth it. It would also get rid of the obnoxious kiddies. Mommy and daddy isnt going to pay for it. *IF* it was a fucking good game continually expanded and updated over a long term. But I have never seen one that would come close to qualifying for that kind of money.
  11. Nope. %90 of the population. The thing is, that %90 thinks its actually part of the other 10 as they go over the cliff.
  12. Nah not too much. Just sometimes fun to kick over ant hills and watch all the lemmings scurry around.
  13. Just a little tid-bit at the end of a longer article that arguably shows other areas that might be thought of as anti-PC, for lack of a better word, going too far. "Speaking at the same conference, Damian Williams, the top federal prosecutor in Manhattan, encouraged service providers that learn of criminal activity through data they host to report it to law enforcement rather than wait for search warrants." So he is suggesting that Xfinity, AT&T, or whoever your ISP is to act as quasi-police and report you to get around having to show reasonable cause to get a search warrant. To me the fact that someone in his position, as someone entrusted to uphold the law, even suggested it is a much bigger deal than whether or not a dictionary added a line to a list of definitions that probably half the country agrees with whereas the other half does not. 'Suggestions' can have a habit of turning into reality. For a variety of reasons I doubt it would actually ever happen. But then again, based on what I see in America these days with %90 of its population acting like lemmings, I imagine a good number of people in it would welcome such an idea with thunderous applause. Kinda concerning when ideas such as this go unnoticed and buried by all the noise about things like some dude in drag that wants to be called "Barbie" instead of "Bobby". Or if some trans murderer complains that he-she cant safely wear makeup in prison.
  14. Dictionaries follow society when it comes to definitions. At least in a free society. In the end people decide what words mean, not a book. They didnt expand the definition. We did. Of course 'we' is a subjective term. One side did while another side did not. You are the editor of the dictionary. Who is correct and who is wrong? Or is it your place to decide at all? That said, I wouldnt want to find myself an unwitting participant in the Crying Game either.
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