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  1. Sammy

    Lets say the same price for comparable condos in reasonable areas, Walnut Creek or Maui. No wonder so many people think California is just plain stupid.
  2. Sammy

    Dont quit your night job. 🧛‍♂️
  3. Sammy

    Benicia is a nice little out-of-the-way area. Not cheap there either but better than others. I sometimes research other areas of the country just for info and its kinda sad how some nice places can be had in a good area for half as much. Some nice suburbs outside of Vegas with some very good prices compared to here. Then again, it IS in the middle of a desert and might as well go live in Death Valley cheap.
  4. Sammy

    Ugh, hate it when affordability is just horrible. Dont want to spend everything I have nor do I want to move far away. Found a reasonably affordable place in a pretty decent area reasonably close. But turns out some pricey things need to possibly be replaced. Bah!
  5. Sammy

    1.2 is still quite a bit of profit, but the company is also 20 billion in debt. And the last couple years it has been going up not down.
  6. Sammy

    120 billion? Might want to check that.
  7. Sammy

    Checked out some condos nearish that street. They were kinda 'blah' for their asking price. A couple were just plain run down and not maintained. Also they seem to be not very good investments for the mid term. Apartments/condos in big multistory buildings in highly populated sections tend to go down in price the fastest, and then go back up the slowest. And yea Ygnacio was horrible.
  8. Sammy

    Yea they are horrible. I thought Monterey was bad. For the budget I was hoping for, to get a place without a mortgage, its either accept something really small but close to Walnut Creek, or start looking for areas farther away. Also dont want to choose areas where... as my realtor says... you have to hide your big screen TV so you cant see it from the outside. So currently my three options, for this area, are to increase the amount I wanted to spend to get a decent place. Go farther out. Or get an inexpensive rental. A possible one out in Clayton, depending on how I arrange some finances and if they drop the asking price a little bit. Monday we are going to check out a couple condos in Benicia. Prices seem significantly better and you get more for it. So if one of those works for me its a significant cash savings. Not quite yet at the point of saying that the Bay Area simply isnt worth it, even though family is here and that is important. So been reading about a couple locations in SoCal that seem reasonable. Camarillo seems nice. In the other direction, if I want the serene life also has a pretty good cost of living Clear Lake seems interesting. Edit: Not that there is such a thing as an inexpensive rental here either. But as inexpensive as possible for this area.
  9. Sammy

    He has the right to his opinion, and to say it. Everyone else is free to not read it instead of trying to shut people down. Or to belittle them.
  10. Sammy

    You can also disconnect in the console and try entering the server again.
  11. Sammy

  12. Sammy

    Sounds like I would be way too nice of a person to know how to deal with 'wild women'. I would probably bore them to death. Some of the affordable ones are also in nice little enclaves but surrounded by places you wouldnt want to walk though at night. If there was a nice inexpensive modern house in a nice little neighborhood.... but right in the middle of Oakland... cant say I would ever want to live there. 😁 %50 chance I will rent a small place since that grants more flexibility. Though since I am not working yet I dont want to blow a lot of cash on rental prices either with nothing to show for it. Bah! edit: My niece likes having me around though to help her build things with her Legos. 🏘️
  13. Sammy

    I do have to say that the more 'affordable' condos aren't as nice because they all started off as %100 apartment complexes in the past. Then at some point the complex owner decided to get out of the rental business and sell them all as condos. Tough choice really. Oh and I havent been skiing since I was a kid.
  14. Sammy

    Everything packed up, in storage, papers all signed, out of the house forever, now with my family. Up all night thinking "oh shit now what". Crunch time as they say and its now finding a new place in the bay area I like, hopefully, and not going to break the bank. Its horrendously expensive for what you get. But I knew that. The hard part also, I have a lot of shit that wont fit in a small condo. Downscaled as much as I could but not nearly enough. Not so much too much furniture, maybe one or two items, but a whole lot of boxes of old family stuff. So, more condo hunting this week. Go for location but a very small place, or go for size farther away. Or a sketchy area. Anyways, I thought about out of state, and might again in the future, but my medical problems still tell me that I shouldnt be that far away from family and on my own in case something bad happens. So its a question of whether or not you plan for the worst case scenario. So... wish me luck.
  15. Sammy

    Likely those websites are in countries where they cant be easily sued. Often in Russia these days. Its tough even for things that can have much stronger cases for theft etc. Hacks? They are against ToS certainly *IF* you use them. But are they actually illegal to possess and sell?
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