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  1. Sammy

    I have yet to hear why sprint/jumping... which lets you jump almost twice as far as you would otherwise... should not count towards regen whereas for players who do the same exact thing, except pushing the jump button or space bar, it always counts.
  2. Was just curious what the official tweet page was saying. God knows why. Full of kiddies and you only have to read the first 10, if that, to know what all the rest say. One of the reasons why twitter is stupid. People just say the same thing over and over and over. Imagine if all these people were in a big room saying them out loud. You would go insane in minutes.
  3. Sammy

    So you are saying campers have an unfair advantage because they can peek over a wall and see you. Not that different than leaning around the side of a building. Something that is also imperfect visually with player world models and walls. I am sure they think the opposite of what you do. Each side is inherently biased towards what they want. And also what they dont want others to have. In any case, the aforementioned slowdown that happens on every single jump isnt being restored to the standard setting. Your sprint/jumps will count towards sprint time like it does for everybody else. Otherwise hop around all you want wherever you want. I have yet to hear a compelling reason why it shouldnt. Just as a reminder, excepting snipers those that camp too much will award extra kill points to whoever gets them. And before you ask, sniper rifles are being adjusted for long ranges. Currently, there is no difference in damage whether the victim is 10 units in front of you, or 6000. Snipers will have some damage falloff beyond a certain range like how it is every other bullet weapon.
  4. Sammy

    😁 Some are having an issue that when you jump while sprinting then it will count towards your normal sprint regeneration. After a time your sprint runs out and you have to walk for a bit. Like everybody else. This is the so-called unlimited sprint exploit. Cars going up ladders is not a standard setting. After you fire your M32 once, it will mess up your aim a little bit. Requiring you to recenter for your next shot. Cars are split in two. Explosive OR defrost. Both 3-kill requirements. Yesterday I was toying with the idea of restoring Marty as a death streak. Then again, I know how so many hate it. Even though its perfectly valid.
  5. Sammy

    One thing is being added. If you sprint, whether on the ground or in the air, it counts towards your sprint regeneration. Otherwise, have fun. As it is, bunny hoppers are already benefiting greatly from the default jump slowdown being turned off. If you want to start getting into a pissing contest I would like you to again tell campers why this was shut off for you, giving you an artificial advantage, but nothing was done for them.
  6. Sammy

    Heh. You have no idea how many people in Ca WANT the state to leave the US of A. But of course that kind of thing was tried before and it didnt turn out so well.
  7. Sammy

    One should not drink, and shower. Otherwise MADS will come after you.
  8. Sammy

    I blame Canada
  9. Specs, nothing official. But saw somewhere that likely recommended in general is a reasonably good i7. One of those mid to higher end nVidia cards that support real time raytracing, or comparable AMD. Graphically it obviously looks pretty demanding. And yes for mega-million dollar AAA titles modtools are long gone except for, maybe, specific and limited things. Zombies in BO3 for example. Checked out the BO3 tools and they are a lot more complicated in every way. In this case they are trying, again, multi-platform so any mod would exclude anyone on a console. And they dont want to do that. Most cod4/5 modders have moved on to other game development like UE4 anyways. Those that do still do it, its because they enjoy making things and the challenge. Despite the headaches it causes all around.
  10. Yup for recommended specs, I would have to shell out a lot of money for cpu/gpu and of course win10. Sorry but I dont have that kind of money right now.
  11. Problem is, will be time for a nice new expensive GPU. Hopefully the processor should be fine. 50 vs 50 does sound interesting, however its going to depend on how much of an objective game it is. Also if there are things like squads. Graphically looks beautiful but gameplay and mechanics will make or break it.
  12. Sammy

    Tired of all the drama lately?
  13. Sammy

  14. Sammy

    Haha. Ok just to clarify something because its something being looked into on the 147 test server. There is bunny hopping and then there is the sprint/jump/sprint trick to get you unlimited sprint across the map. So we are checking out a workaround of sorts that if you do that three times in a row very quickly... sprinting the whole time... your ability to jump is disabled for a few seconds. Otherwise everything remains the same. No disabled weapons etc or any of that shit. Another option is to instead disable sprinting for a short time. As though you maxed out your sprint time like usual and it needs to regenerate. In effect, jumping counts towards your sprint and regeneration time the same as if you were sprinting only. Otherwise, bunny hoppers, have at it.
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