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  1. Sammy

    When the SHTF? This is my kit.
  2. Sammy

    Server looks full to me. What issues are you seeing and when do they start to happen?
  3. Sammy

    Stay away from unwelcome black holes. Yes they can easily grab hold of you if you're not careful. Go in too far and it will pull you down, squeezing you into nothingness, never to escape.
  4. Sammy

  5. Sammy

    Combat Medic extra spawn protection was added with an eye towards a team that is spawn trapped to help them break out, if they want to choose that perk over something else. Many dont anyways. Pick something in the game. Anything. You will find people that figure out a different way to use it. Like the aforementioned stun grenades. The idea of people using spawn protection offensively has been around for a long time and not just here. Before any kind of alteration were to be considered the basic question would have to be answered. Should a player be able to use it in that fashion. If yes, then nothing needs to be done. If no, then whatever you do change cannot in any way lessen the normal protection the player gets. One old spawn protection feature, long since removed, was that if you did shoot a spawn protected player... however you knew one was there... there would be no damage but you would see a 'spawn protection' hit marker. Courteous players would move on. However too many players simply spammed them anyways.
  6. Sammy

    They are using the stun grenade and 40 points is the standard impact damage done for it compared to all other grenades at 15. It was made that way in other games as well not just cod4.
  7. Sammy

    I suppose I could call it a 'feature' with disclosure to all players on what it is and how to use it. Personally, while testing it out after it was shown to me I did play marty with it in CQ a few times with the fuse almost close to exploding. It was funny but I also could see how it would annoy people.
  8. Sammy

    Well lets just say that if you still want to use it like that, but running up to your enemy first, you can. But you also die in the process every time. Still sure to annoy some people but it makes it a little more fair. Although, if you are the last one alive on your team and @LOCO uses it that way to get you... taking one for the team in the process... would you laugh? Or scream?
  9. Ok I must post about a change coming to the server tonight or tomorrow regarding the Duke streak. Because of the sprint-jump-sprint exploit it is being used for unlimited sprint around the whole map mowing everybody down. Its a high value streak to be sure but that is something that must be considered. So to compensate for that I am including a couple of the script changes also put into 1.47 that includes no jump. In essence closer to a tank. The reason for doing this in 1.47 is also as a counter balance to an added streak that is the opposite of Duke. Fast, lower gravity (for you bunnies), and with a rebalanced P90 for close range 'aim down sights' combat (no sniping and poor hip fire). No armor and only 100 health, standard SC, but it will regenerate very fast. Just to note for anyone that asks, gameplay changes like this to the main server are not done without consideration on what to do and also done with consultations. Oh, and it seems I didnt upload the fix for the semtex trick. I thought I did. I cant stop players from attempting it, game limitation, but I can do something if they try. So, for certain unnamed players (and there are several), enjoy it while you can. 😁
  10. Sammy

    An actual G13 former clan member is here? I thought maybe they were extinct. Codjumper is another one that provides configs that a lot of servers consider cheats. However they add this little disclaimer of sorts saying that their configs are intended to only be used on certain types of servers. Thats like giving you a lock pick with the understanding that it will only be used on your own doors.
  11. Sammy

    Space is big. Really really big.
  12. To make it work is the loadout going to be forced? There are always assholes that want to mess up the fun for others.
  13. "one of" your college sweethearts? Usually there is only one. I would suggest perhaps you had a college harem going. But that only happens in the movies. In any case, congrats and may your decisions be wise ones. Oh and be sure to only kick the right people. However you define that.