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  1. I think I'll pass. I dont want to ruin my dinner.
  2. What else? Licking a lot a pus. And there is a lot out there to lick. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to find the pus you like liking more than any other. Good luck Randall.
  3. Not that I go to fests, mostly a matter of time and money, but why is it that nobody ever mentions an actual west coast state? Vegas doesnt count. Do we smell bad or something? But if I could ever go to one I want to visit Disneyworld again. Yea a total tourist trap. Full of kids. Expensive. But at the right times it was fun. Especially when picking the times and locations that were least likely to have kids running around. Meaning no magic kingdom during morning and afternoon. 6-2am was the best. One day it was humid and rained that morning. But still something like 80-90 degrees. I think an unexpected minor tropical storm was in the area. Not very crowded. Certainly no kids. Anyways, one reason why I went there as opposed to others... and stayed in one of the resorts even though expensive (riverside I think)... was that it was safe in case something happened to me or had some kind of epileptic episode. I once had a bad one, and some stranger was there, but when I woke up she was gone. So I was left. Because of that I have zero faith in strangers.
  4. Simply put, %50 is not enough because it may not be an even split with some kind of middle ground that has no preference. Map voting would essentially be the same problem. There are practical problems with that anyways. The only maps available for voting would be that weeks rotation and its more work to put on dadda. Easy to say 'do this' when you arent the one doing the work. The fairest thing to do, for all players, is the preset rotation. Like a preset sports season. The teams and players dont get to choose where they play and when. If they dont like it thats too bad. They are always free to forfeit or leave the league while everyone else plays. Feedback is always good but when it comes down to decision making it is not a democracy with majority rules. You do what is good for the sport not what is good for the vocal majority. So its a simple binary question. If all play styles are permitted, and they are, then map rotations must also be fair to all play styles with no skipping. Since many great maps are designed for a particular style that means mixing up the maps. But yes, when trying out new maps... which most here want (some dont want new maps)... some are simply 'bad' for everybody and all play styles then taken out of rotation accordingly.
  5. Yes. Some advice if you dont already follow it. Stay away from facebook. Twitter. And all of the myraid open forums. Including visiting or reading it. They are full of dumbasses and downright mean sons of bitches that dont give what you think a second thought. If at all. The worst black holes of society that will eventually swallow you whole. I never had a facebook account and dont want one. Used twitter maybe once. Had it up to here with open forums trying to have adult conversations inundated with bullshit trolls everywhere flooding them. Back in the day it was the flamer. Fan the flames and watch. However the modern troll is much meaner and personal (hence the phrase 'dont feed the troll'). Social media and anonymity without consequences is a bad combo. So mostly ditched those as well. I feel much better for it.
  6. Every generation has been like that. So no need to be concerned about that as though yours is somehow different. Mine says the same thing. There is no such thing as 'the good ol days'. The judgemental people? Fuck em. Tell them to mind their own business. To answer your question, what makes you happy? Doesnt have to be some grandiose thing. If you dont know the answer then that is the first step. As someone with an Avengers avatar, maybe you enjoy creative things. 'Randall.... smash!'
  7. No. Besides, after the two girls one cup video nothing will be more gross. And yes it was pretty gross.
  8. Havent used that one in years. But a pretty scary trend really when you cant trust distributors anymore. Gotta watch out where their servers are since some locations are more easily susceptible to this than others.
  9. Ok I might I see the problem and whats happening. Maybe related to 'readyup' which isnt being used on the main server and I didnt test it. If so shouldnt be a problem to fix just need to go through how the readyup part works. edit: If a couple people want to give it a try let me know how it goes.
  10. Can you be more specific about what was happening at the time to help track down what might be going on? I think other mods have experienced the same thing from time to time. For a mod to do it and apply to everybody at the same time requires a specific command about changing a vision setting for all players. It is not called at any time during gameplay other than the tac nuke. Once at the beginning of the map during the count down and also occasionally at the end of the round.
  11. And without an entry visa. Illegal hurricane!
  12. To make it fair, to account for the bye, might want to do something like allowing the team that had to win the earlier match to choose the map.
  13. And what would you call the final stage, number 5, that accounts for 'acceptance'.
  14. The typical round robin is a lot of games for 13 teams since they all have to play each other. It still has a bye anyways because its an odd number. If that is too much might be worth considering two leagues. A and B, with each having 7 teams (if one more can be found). Round robin is scheduled in each so seven games over seven weeks. The winner of each face off in the title match. There are online generators for scheduling. IMO, allowing teams to pick their own names would be fun. Oh I am out because I dont have the time... and because there is always the suggestion that I might have enabled cheats. Bhwhahaha.