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  1. That last part said it really. When playing different fps games that dont behave the same for the same actions the results will be different as well.
  2. I dont play it either but that is one question nobody should have to ask because the answer is always yes you can be that bad. Doesnt mean you are. But it does mean you arent automatically good or even average. Which one is most likely? That you missed? That he was hacking? Or that there is something wrong with the game?
  3. Yea EVGA isnt lifetime anymore. Unfortunately. XFX used to be as well. However if you pay by credit card check with them since many come with extended warranties for purchases.
  4. Seems a lot of their products say unisex. On one of their pages a couple of the demo pictures were in Japanese. So something lost in translation I figure.
  5. In front of the computer at home, depends on the temperature and whether or not anyone else is around. Few like enforced dress codes but a lot also depends on whether or not you interact with people. Your appearance reflects on the company and they pay you so they call the shots. So long as its reasonable and they arent demanding you shell out a huge sum of money for one days attire. But even without a dress code occasionally the brass comes by, or even the owner, and making a good impression on them can help advance your career. If they are looking to place someone in a more supervisory position you are more likely to get it than someone in the aforementioned Stones t-shirt.
  6. Then dont press the button. Or move it somewhere that isnt near other keys. 7-0 maybe (3 streaks + nuke). It was also done that way for practical reasons. In any case, mod development and the next version was pretty much shelved for lack of interest. So I have other things I am spending my limited computer time on.
  7. Ouch.
  8. Thing is, it is better soft or extra crispy?
  9. Yea heard about the first one because it got sued by the makers of sesame street. As for the other, I cant stand the Transformers movies.
  10. Ok well I guess that answers that question. Often happens that people design something with some other purpose in mind that ends up being used for something else entirely with a much much bigger impact on the world. Reviews seem so-so but if the movie is on streaming amazon or netflix I will watch it. I suspect the people that designed the WWW had no clue it would be used for porn this much.
  11. These two look much more interesting than Solo
  12. Of course. Sometimes less is more. And sometimes pricey is cheap.
  13. Who says it was invented by a guy? Dont know about the history of the vibrator.
  14. If you have to pre-order its not an open beta.