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  1. Sammy

    Never got the chance to see the Blue Angels except from afar over the SF bay.
  2. Sammy

    Wouldnt surprise me if it were true. Again.
  3. Is there some new loony tunes show out? Looks pretty modern.
  4. Thats what happens when both sides of the fence are wrong. Like two dumb ass neighbors each with run down houses arguing how the other is bringing down prices in the area.
  5. Sammy

    I will second getting 7zip. Been using it for years and never looked back.
  6. In which case all this democrat vs republican bullshit we engage in is going to be our downfall. Hmmm.
  7. Ask democrats and republicans. They both say the other is run by Hitler. At least one of them must be wrong.
  8. Noted. All too often, many organizations and movements that would be vehicles for good get corrupted by people to be a means to an end. Could say that about America. A great vehicle for good. Maybe the greatest. If it wasnt for the people in charge and running it.
  9. Since those were all in the spirit of very dark humor... "Why the (@*# is our plane turning around?" - unknown, 9/11/2001. and for Ted... "Anybody that bet money on Donald Trump becoming president is a (@*$ing idiot!" - any democrat, Nov 3rd 2020.
  10. To answer your question. No Christianity is not a force for evil. But Christians are. Yes that is just for sarcasm and to toss gasoline on the fire nothing more. Something in vogue these days on many corners of cable and the internet. It doesnt have to be in any way true. Its only goal is to flame and troll people. From idiots in basements posting on forums or with a web site. To every multi-billion dollar media conglomerate that employs idiots as hosts and invites idiots as guests for them to talk to. Just because, I will add a political one to maybe help you. Liberalism and conservatism are not forces for evil. But liberals and conservatives are.
  11. That is true people can believe what they want. So long as they dont elect people that do nothing but follow their bidding and to hell with everyone else. Voters on both sides tend to vote for idiots with the goal is to take away rights from people. So long as its other peoples rights not theirs. Also to expand their rights... but not the rights of others. They dont count. People suck.
  12. So conspiracy theories are spread by the conspirators to subvert anyone checking into things? Doesnt that mean certain people here that spread them are clandestinely part of the conspirators? Hmm. Might explain some things.
  13. Sammy

    Sounds like Ted Strykers drinking problem.
  14. Perhaps we should let them. This planet would be far better off if 1/2 the population just went away. %50 of each country. Oh, and yes you can make it up. Which is part of the problem these days. You can make up any conspiracy theory you want and spread it pretty easily on places like bitchute.
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