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  1. One thing to keep in mind, for this place, is that there is a difference between different levels of cheating.... which happens a lot here and to a degree tolerated... vs outright glitching. Which is what happened in this case. As for admin processes, decisions and such, well I really cant offer much of an opinion. But I do agree Rugger is putting an inordinate amount of time trying to perform the role of the adult playground monitor among a large number of unruly kids in the hopes of making sure they play nice with one another. Or at least as nice as possible since these days you cant gi
  2. Twas just a general observation of the kind of thing I have seen in terms of cheaters and what they say. But I suppose I dont know a thing at all about cheaters. Also that South Park is a great show that shows how full of shit the people in society can be and those that will try and justify anything to get what they want or for self-righteous revenge. The history of what happened to Issac Hayes (aka Chef) for example shows what self-described good people (in this case the leaders in scientology) in our so-called 'enlightened' age will do to people if someone says something they dont like.
  3. Whats even worse is when the justification is 'since everybody can cheat equally its ok if I do it and too bad. And those that choose not to, and lose to those that do, well boo-hoo thats their own fault for not cheating." Its an attitude among young and old alike. There is a great South Park episode with a parody of Stand and Deliver where Cartman is the teacher (how do I teech deez keeeds?). However his solution is not to teach math. His solution is how to be effective cheaters and not get caught. His justification? White people cheat all the time and get away with it so why shouldn't t
  4. Sammy

    If its a flat Earth, wouldnt that suggest there is a bottom? How far deep is it? Did we actually already dig to the bottom, made a hole though it, and then kept it hidden? Or is that also a conspiracy theory?
  5. Sammy

    They seriously didnt get the pun on the very first glance? The lack of a second 't' and a split between the 'a' and the tack wasnt a clue? I guess it begs the question though. Did they ever, finally, get the pun?
  6. What makes you think anyone that got away would want to come back here?
  7. We all know if you had that kind of money you would want to take a space trip also.
  8. Sammy

    Been looking at Etsy. There are US based patch makers that use copyrighted stuff in their display ads, If they arent simply selling copyrighted stuff they already made. Mickey baseball caps etc. So you never know. As for why they wont print something with XI, the first reason that comes to mind is 'Xi Jinping'. Chairman of the Chinese communist party. And maybe they think its related.
  9. Sammy

    Thought about ordering a baseball cap with an embroidered logo from a tv show / movie (an SMS logo for those that know Macross) that few in America has even heard of or would recognize. Unless they did an internet search of it using the png/tiff/etc if any search engine actually did that kind of thing with an uploaded image.
  10. Just curious if anyone has ordered a custom coffee mug, hat, shirt, or anything else that had an image from another source that wasnt theirs? Or tried to but were told no? They all have those little disclaimers about 'intellectual property' and such for legal reasons. My guess is that for easy to spot stuff, like Mickey Mouse or the Batman logo, it would be denied. But for more obscure stuff no idea. These days I am sure there is a service that will take an uploaded image and look for matches on the internet. Who knows if they would actually do it however.
  11. They put trust in people that are neither trustworthy nor truthful about anything.
  12. You DO know that Samsung monitors everything you say and watch, right?
  13. Sammy

    Cant use it anyway right now. My computer specs arent quite good enough. And I dont yet quite have the need for a new system just yet.
  14. Sammy

    As the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for. You may get it.



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