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  1. Behind a wall? Some would call that.... suspicious. I'm sure he did.
  2. They are not lies. They are the truth. Its a headshot. But not always an instakill. After all, what would be the point in wearing a helmet.
  3. A minor tweak. Time required to use a health pack for damage and venom has been shortened a bit to make it more effective. Will see how it goes.
  4. XI server demo. Pop in with a few players for a map or two. Vid starts off slow but as the waves go higher the harder it gets. Its loud so I would turn it down. I think maybe I have it turned up too high in the settings. All the old taunts are there so hopefully not offensive to anyone. IMO better than zombies since they arent dumb bots that just run after you. If you watch, you will see that health packs will get you to 450 or close to it. However if you stick close to teammates instead of going off on your own too much your health can go higher than that. If someone experienced in the UT sdk made a UT4 version of this gametype it would be cool.
  5. Dont get discouraged when you play. Its a hard mod. Very fast paced.
  6. That was the armor compromise about headshot instakills. Make the overall value of armor less but it protects against headshots. If it was to go the other way around, with headshot instakills regardless, then armor amount would go up. This way is a good balance that also took into account run and gunners that more often land shots on the torso as opposed to snipers that more often land headshots. So its a choice for people. Do they want headshot instakills with the price being more armor for the torso and arms/legs. As always, everybody wants both. On both sides. They want the protection and more armor (things like CP awards not withstanding). Or they want instakills and low armor on the torso. The result, the perk becomes overpowered or underpowered. Of course you could get AP and its a moot point.
  7. Ok guys and gals. Checked things over again. Sometimes you may see the headshot icon but its not a kill. That would happen if the victim had a combination of armor... that was less than the damage from the shot so it took it all... but still less than is required to deplete health. So not a kill. The headshot icon is still there so there is no question about the location of the hit and that you in fact caused damage to health. In the future in the next update... which mostly just applies existing fixes and some replacement images... I will include a new one that has both the headshot and an armor icon on the lower right. A different issue, on big maps like farthouse normal sniper rifles wouldnt hit across the map. Game limitation. So extra long distance shots are approximated at that range and accuracy suffers. What you see is not always what you get. This does not apply to rifles with a silencer where extended range does not apply. Normal range only.
  8. Just so long as you dont get so drunk that you go take a piss.... while someone is still BBQ'ing the steaks.
  9. Fraghouse Invasion V5 up and running. Needs work however and I will be going through settings when I can. Get the mod and install on your computer. http://www.moddb.com/mods/fraghouse-invasion1/downloads/fraghouse-invasion-version-5 When you start up UT go to 'community' and start the mod. Or you can click the bat file (not the server one) in the FHI mod folder. The XI server should then be in the internet section of the server browser. The only one actually. Like most other invasion type games if youre out that wave then thats that. If the remaining members finish the wave you are respawned.
  10. Pencils leave carbon dust. And of course you need to bring along a pencil sharpener. All those wood shavings. Happy moon landing day.
  11. Thx. Also been going through maps in my archives. So many maps I remember. Ah good times.
  12. Oh man. DM gametype while I mess with things. TCC is working but also added the smarter bots mutator. Then increased bot skill level to 'skilled'. Which is two levels above 'average' but still a few below 'godlike'. So they do more than just move slow or stand there and accuracy is better. They dodge, jump, and all the rest. They are fucking tough and its mayhem with 16 players/bots. However at 16 many of the maps are just too small so have to work on that. Anyways, yea its not like OW2 but great fun. Dont know yet if the smarter bot mutator will apply to Fraghouse Invasion when that is online but it should. Will have to test.
  13. Yea I got that also.
  14. Increased the cache time to more than 30. Which I think will work. As for HLSW... what is GalaxyClient? Should be C:\Program Files (x86)\Games\Unreal Tournament 2004\System\ At least it is on my machine.