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  1. huskeryu

    Shit, I got hacked by someone in Russia a couple months ago, too; I got notification right away and changed everything back (adding two-step authentication), but it was a pain in the ass. Also, it sucks to know that my password was definitely out there in the ether for sale.
  2. huskeryu

    I am in! It is hard!
  3. huskeryu

    I think it's okay so far, but I definitely don't love it. I found out a reason why I might not be doing so hot so far: http://kotaku.com/a-few-quick-tips-for-folks-playing-the-star-wars-battle-1735453645 TIP NUMBER ONE In most shooters, when you see an enemy, you take a second to aim down the scope/zoom in—that way, you can make sure the shot actually lands. Most games grant you a small bonus in accuracy, lack of recoil, and so on, whenever you stop to aim down the sights. Battlefront is a little different, as YouTuber jackfrags explains below: In Battlefront, you don’t gain much of an advantage when you aim down the sights. Instead, you lose a second that you could have used to shoot, and your character slows down to boot. It’s actually more beneficial to shoot enemies right away, even if you’re running around/jetpacking, since your aim will more or less be the same as when you stand still and aim down the sights. Jackfrags says he spoke to a weapon designer in the game, who confirmed this information. I am worried that this will break down some good habits I have for BF4.
  4. The server definitely seems to have been going well the past couple nights; I've hopped on for a couple rounds before bed, and saw plenty of players (though not many XI'ers).
  5. huskeryu

    Does GM still mess up your loadouts? For some reason I thought they fixed that (though I haven't sought out a GM game since it was first introduced). I have to say, though, I love CTF. I'd probably like Rush a lot more, too, if I played on more organized teams.
  6. huskeryu

    Man, I'd like to do this, I can't commit to it yet but we'll see.
  7. Hey, this thread is geared to me! I play lefty, with the Death Adder Lefty Addition and the WASD keys used by my right hand on the keyboard. I actually think this feels more natural than it would using those keys with your left hand while gaming. Space bar is easy enough to reach with my thumb to keep as the jump, index finger to shift for running, and I remapped Z to prone and C to crouch (one of them is naturally X, I can't remember which), so I could still move forward and back with my middle finger. The only other rebinding I did was to move the minimap to the TAB key, for quick use, and changing the scoreboard to Caps Lock.
  8. huskeryu

    For carbines and assault rifles, I totally agree. For LMGs, it's much better if you've unlocked the campaign one, I hated the U-100 so much, but the M249 was really pretty good.
  9. Is it Wavebreaker where the Domination map is on an aircraft carrier? I'd totally be up for shotgun fight night.
  10. Yo, I think this looks pretty wild.
  11. huskeryu

    Huzzah, thanks guys!
  12. Oh, fantastic, I'm glad this is finally going to be fixed.
  13. I never played Gun Mastery in BF3, I hope I'm not terrible at it.
  14. So, are the stats from the old US servers going to stay on GameMe?
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