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  1. Bor2013

    and on gametracker nobody playing there in the usa server days weeks months? its empty so hon hon set the europe server on
  2. Bor2013

    its us not eu still, i know when the server is in germany or some (europe) people will be play everyday.., like the old school days :)usa server still empty
  3. Bor2013

    okay cool and now? (month ago)
  4. Hi Papi.., How Are You doing..?

    Always nice to talk with you..

    Jay.... i was saying something to him the year before.. i dont know what ... he is just pissed on me.., verry strange because i said to him: iff there is tribble call me..! but he dont  he still shit't he is still playing bf4 but not in the clan. (members clan but no admin)


  5. Bor2013

    What about Texel? is a nice bike island
  6. Bor2013

    Happy New year 2018 to you all! Here some nice happy newyear valve: Dont forget to sub! Thx! Greetz Bor2013
  7. Bor2013

    Hi BF4 Quests and members, Thx for the nice match yesterday in the XI USA server after a longggg time Greetz Bor
  8. Bor2013

  9. Bor2013

  10. Bor2013

    Hi i am Bor2013, Born in The Netherlands. 2 March 1986 I like mixing Music, Films/Movies, Online Gaming. Here some explane youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGdOQUiUN7Lg6i7xuvB1Wcg/videos (i hope it works) I Like to play with the BF4 guys (girls?) still get kicked after 2 kills or 1 minute playing... Yes i know.. i do everything but nothing helps..! Greetz Bor2013
  11. Iff i am online i will help to start server
  12. Bor2013

    Lets start the EU BF4 server again Nice to heard more people coming back to play Battlefield 4!