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  1. TheButtman

    After almost 8 years of not playing on a COD4 server, I decided to buy the game again and order a newish iMac. I even bought COD the original just for nostalgia. Hopefully I can get playing on the COD4 freeze tag servers. They were my favourite. It's sad to see some of the people I used to have such fun with have passed away. Great to see that Rugger is still involved. I was playing when he took on the other team by himself and won! A truly magnificent effort considering he called it. (and I still remember it 10 years later) I remember Brontride teaching me the benefits of a silenced g3. Zoe getting married to Brontride. Sonovabich, T ball, Eddtheduck, Sexyguy, T bone, T rat and countless others. In my time out I got married. bought a house a dog and countless classic cars. I also suffered depression, had a home invasion where I was lucky to live, I also got arrested for three fire arms offences and cultivation of cannabis. I lost two friends to drugs. Fell and broke my back enough to keep me off work for two years. watched my grandfather die. My new mack is coming. keep me out of trouble by playing cod4 freezetag
  2. https://shadow.tech/gben?gclid=CjwKCAiAuMTfBRAcEiwAV4SDkZ7PoNkayb4SOl2jMT1XNbRMjcKrWrLN78UudjyPpSrr8dnOatJIVxoCVHcQAvD_BwE Is this a good idea or what are your thoughts. Its cheaper than buying outright. Will I be able to play COD4 freezetag?
  3. TheButtman

    He didn't show up with any European leaders on the 11th. Conspicuous by his absence.
  4. TheButtman

    Where was Trump! Disrespectful in his absence.
  5. TheButtman

    We will remember them.
  6. TheButtman

    This made me think of all the friends that meet here or on the battlefield. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-45651739
  7. TheButtman

    I really like it. I like that anyone can revive. (very freezetag)
  8. TheButtman

    Happy Birthday PingLo
  9. Howdy B'man!


  10. TheButtman

    I had a robbery on me and my home in 2009. It was horrendous, I was out numbered, drunk and even a gun would not have helped me. I think if guns were more accessable in the UK I might not even be here. I think if someone broke in again I would throw something out of a window to gain attention.
  11. TheButtman

    RIP USMALE Stand at ease.
  12. TheButtman

    How do you turn a Lemon on? Lick its Citrus.



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