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  1. babyback

    I'd like to take a moment and thank hammer for this informal video.
  2. babyback

    dp, glory hole, 3way, must fill all and Ultra cream
  3. babyback

    goodluck fkr, ring me if u visit vegas!...
  4. babyback

    where's my invitation?
  5. babyback

    fu alpha doggy
  6. panda biyatch where the fuk you've been?. haven't seen your ass in cod4 ftag servers for ever. 

    1. CuddlyPanda


      i know i do a lot of pubg lately, mostly bcos of i dont know how to download the pb for cod4 and too lazy to figure it out, but i miss you all tho, miss whopping your ass fucker xD

  7. babyback

    Welcome to XI @pingfuzzboi
  8. babyback

    chile, I couldn't find your fav game "dildo runner" however, I landed on this clip which I thought you'll like. InShot_20180622_160333142.mp4
  9. hahahaha pretty big and blue.
  10. oh yeah and F everyone who has replied so far!...
  11. TS channel without any limitation on language. Of course same rules as we have in XI game server. No racial and personal attacks. Would love to see something like that...
  12. babyback

    happy bday buddy.
  13. babyback

    That's almost a year go, sad to hear about him passing. I remember playing with him. My condolences for his family.