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  1. Hey guys, I am getting kicked after 15secs of joining XI's mw2 freezetag server. Anyone got a fix? I NEED A FIXXX MANNNNN. k.r. Riley
  2. 24RILEYXI

    Hey guys! Thanks again for the warm welcome! For those that don't know me yet; Im Riley, 24 years young, I am an open minded idiot that loves to talk about the universe and beyond with people while playing games (also when not playing games, while on the crapper etc etc...) I currently live in The Netherlands but i am looking into moving to CA anywhere near 2020 due to family and work (and dreams). I mostly play battlefield 4 but you can add and inv me for any other online game aswell! My ingame name is JustRiley_XI but you can call me Riley. So that's ... just... Riley! (Badumm tss) See you on the Battlefield SOLDIERRR!!!
  3. 24RILEYXI

    Heyy guys!! Thanks for the warm welcome! Soo happy to be amongst the REAL killers! Have a nice day ^^
  4. 24RILEYXI

    Niceee! That sound! <3
  5. 24RILEYXI

    I wish i could own a gun where i live!
  6. 24RILEYXI

    OOrahh soldier!
  7. 24RILEYXI

    Yayy welcome!
  8. 24RILEYXI

    Welcome to the madness.
  9. 24RILEYXI

    AAAAAAaand away he goeees. RIP KEKKY
  10. 24RILEYXI

    I don't think XI Admins have acces to Battlefield's engine lol...
  11. 24RILEYXI

    I've noticed this aswell.. Maybe you can try tu update the firmware on your router?
  12. 24RILEYXI

    Calm down, get some coffee and come back!
  13. Very cool. The set looks neat!