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  1. nosleep

    if he says its good, then its good. this guy wouldnt be caught off guard ... its not like he is a sitting duck or anything! ba-dum-tisshh im ere all week
  2. nosleep

    happy birthday to you all!! party time!!!
  3. nosleep

    ^This! Im truly sorry for your loss mate! My father died earlier in the year (but it wasnt a horrible shock cos he had been ill for a long time) and this quote couldnt be more true! there is no rule book for this mate. there is no right and wrong feelings, there is no right and wrong time frame, there is no right and wrong way to deal with it. whatever you feel and however you deal with it is your own and its perfectly fine! and more importantly, your way is the right way!! you dont go anywhere, you go through it. you dont have to be strong or weak, you dont have to rush it and you dont have to linger. everything you feel and do at this time is perfectly ok mate! you know the truth and thats all that matters! i am truly sending you and your loved ones all the best in this impossible time! big hugs mate!!
  4. nosleep

    i cant see how the prosecution wont be charged. i mean they wont, but after listening to a few lawyers describe the law around ''malicious prosecution'' ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malicious_prosecution ... its very clear that on multiple occasions the prosecution didnt just lie and misslead the jury and the courts, literally explained laws incorrectly to the jury in order to get them to judge guilty based on false laws, didnt just go againt court orders around presenting info in front of the jury... that would all be bad enough.. but they actually withheld evidence untill day 4 of the trial (btw thats serious enough) but when they finally gave the evidence to thye defense, they kept the high res video secret and gave the defense a terrible low resolution copy that was so low it wasnt even clear what was going on and that evidence was a key part of the prosecution... its tampering with evidence. they (the prosecution) also knew before the trial that in wisconsin a 17 year old IS ALLOWED to have an ''unmodified'' long barrel rifle ... but they charged him with it anyways... they wont be charged, but boy oh boy they broke several key laws, broke kyles right to stay silent untill the trial and tried to suggest he was somehow sinister for doing so (ethical violation) ... and the tampering of evidence and with holding evidence and bringing charges they knew before the trial to be bogus and not even an illegal act (as is the case with kyle being 17 and having a unmodified long barrel rifle) its ground for malicious prosecution... i know its a meme to ''jail binger'' - but the reason its a meme is because he didnt just break 1 law.. he broke many! serious laws.. i mean he should be disbarred in wisconsin at least, if not disbarred totally. but hey, we all know that wont happen.... because as we all know ... ''KYLE SHOULDNT OF EVEN BEEN THERE'' - the rioters and looters and arsonists trying to blow up petrol stations were fine to be there... but kyle being there to protect and defend against violent rampaging mobs... yeah THATS the bit thats hard to understand for people.. this whole thing has sickened me to the bone.. and i truely mean this next bit.. you have every availabilty to check video evidence and see for yourself, if you havnt then your opinion is on you!... shame on you if you have watched any of the trial or seen any of the multiple videos of the event itself and still think its the 17 year old who did wrong or ''shouldnt of even been there'' .. and if you havnt watched the trial or any video (aside from the obv idiocy of forming an opinion without even checking on basic facts) and you have decided to hold the view that somehow kyle was wrong, a racist white supremicist looking for trouble or a violent thug who shouldnt of even been there... if thats the case, then i hope the violent mob never comes to your neighbourhood or to any of your family members neighbourhoods (not that you should only care if its your neighbourhood, but that seems to be the grift atm) i really do hope they never come... not for your sake... but for all the innocent people you would let burn and get beaten to death while you hide in your basement claiming ''no one except the rioters has a right to be there!!'' truly, shame on you.
  5. I truly hope that your wife recovers and gets better mate!!! modern medicine is amazing, the true micricle of our times... keep your hope up, it would amaze you what the doctors can do these days all the best mate! big hugs
  6. nosleep

    so glad the corrupt media liers, corrupt prosecution liers and the entire activist mob liers threatening the jury and threatening riots if they dont get their pound of innocent kid flesh, didnt get their pound of flesh!! once again!! gratz kyle!
  7. nosleep

  8. This is a few examples of some of the custom work we do. Our bread n butter is industrial doors, roller shutters, fire/security doors and sectional doors. install, repair, maintenance and alterations. ... but thats boring! We also do custom gates & fencing, window grills, garden items/arches, modification to any gates, barn doors, ornimental trinkets, candel holders, hanging baskets blah blah, anything basically. and custom wood burners/BBQ's, bird baths all sorts. .. the goblet looking picture with gold handels is a 3 in 1 i made for my mother for her birthday last year. right way up its a bird bath or a garden fire pit, or a base for a bird bath basin to sit on... and upsidedown the scrolled handels create a spread base for more stability with a small bowl for a shallow bird bath or to take a larger bird bath basin. made from a gas bottle, 100mm steel tube and re-bar. the novilty wood burners are made to order (although i can not claim any involvement in either the design or the fabrication of the wood burners/BBQ's, that all my boss's side project really) find him here >METAL MEL< https://www.facebook.com/Metal-Mel-107306020987341/ the bobafet is a work in progress, buts its soooo sick i had to show it! he really is a god damn genius!
  9. oh deer.... tresspassing... throw the buck at them!
  10. nosleep

    omg!!! ... ''dun dun dunnnnnnn''' tune in next week to see the conclusion of this week '''murder mystery's'' personally i think the messenger who created the message is probabley messenging the messenger... but im a stoner who has 2.3 YEARS of play time on my hunter, never mind my dwarf priesat and human paladin.. but hey, im stroking my own ego now.. as if somehow having yerars of play time on vanille tbc wotlk wow makes me a... hero? lolololo0lo, so what do i know
  11. nosleep

    i concur.,,.. elvis is totally responsible for everything ever.... i mean.. like... omg elvis... why dont you just destroy the entire clan if youre gonna bother, you may as well go all in!!
  12. right i just wanted to address the accusations thast i have imagined are not actually true but im going pretend are maybe possible not completely true in some way... i might be drunk as fuck... but... thats no reason to assume im talking utter shit.. cos im not.. im like totally talking complete sense and the ''disgusting accusation of me being drunk as fucking fuck, but no one actually made the accusation, but im gonna pretend they did cos otherwise this stupid rant would have no meaning and i would be completely wasting my time if you ''ALL'' didnt already accuse me of being some drunk fucking idiot (extrem e idiot?? no, thats too chiche and obvious of a joke) who is litertally talking shit for his own ego BS reason .... but even still..... we didnt start the fire
  13. nosleep

    ''we didnt start the fire... it was alwayts burning and the wheels are turning'' im sure your gigantic massive INFINITY ego tells you its all your fault... but that just some thing that me being totally drunk as fuck thinks is somehow funny? right anyway... err.. yeah? ... wait/... no... wait... ok yeah.. right... ok no.. well.. maybe yes. lol i love you guys!!!
  14. nosleep

    the vacine does NOT stop you from catching or spreading the virus. if you are fully vacinated and you catch the virus, it is not a ''weaker form of the virus'' its the exact same virus and if youre vacin works it helps you fight it.. but its still the normal virus and you will spread it just like an unvacinated person. the majority of people in hospital with covid have been vacinated, thats not an insult to the vacine, its due to the fact that the majority of people full stop have been vacinated and so the majority of people sick come from that majority. if the only argument you have is that unvacinated people are a risk.. youre stupid and dangerous. vacinated people spread it, are in hospital, and die. so why does everyone need to be vacinated if being vacinated doesnt stop you sprerading it?? if the vacine worked, you wouldnt need constant boosters and multiple shots. its a very ineffective vacine. the majority of people who have a bad reaction to the virus would have a bad reaction with or without the vacine. the vast majority of all people have little to no reaction from catching the virus and the vacine doesnt change that. you have no argument to force it on people, unvacinated people are no more of a risk to you than vacinated people....vacinated people are the MAJORITY of hospital cases, thats globally, not just us or uk. in the uk they reported in a scary tone just a few weeks ago ... ''1/3 of all hospital cases and death are from UNVACINATED people'' .. oh really? so who are the other 2/3? if 1/3 is unvacced, then 2/3 are vacced. it is not a pandemic of the unvaxxed, its a pandemic of the stupid and gulible. or the scared and willing to do anything to anyone, including children, just for a fake feeling of safety. the world is not safe, it never has been, stop acting like unvaxxed people are a risk to you, they arnt. if you think they are, youre stupid. its not my opinion, its the shared opinion of every study in every country in the world.. but hey, what does every study everywhere know... your politicans and new reporters told you something, so you should just believe it... quick, other peoples chil;dren are over there... go force things on them!!! youre so brave!! i wish i could be so brave that i would literally force rushed through experimental drugs on others peoples children just because im too stupid to realise it wont keep me safe.... yey you. p.s you send emergency services, nurses, first responders, all health care pro's, all care workers into work when there was no vacine at all.. and even when we thought this would literally kill 10 mill people..... you sent them in, you cheered for them... now you will throw them in the bin cos they dont really feel the need to take a vacine when they literally stood in the fire for a year.... but fuk them right? your scared and ill informed so fuck them all huh? but sure, keep telling yourself that the unvaxxed are the spreaders, keep telling yourself that the unvaxxed are the only people taking up hospital beds... keep telling yourself that you have to force it onto children otherwise they will pass it to their parents cos only unvaxxed can pass it on... keep telling yourself all that....i know a few people in history that managed to convince huge portions of their population that a specific group where dangerous and a threat to everyone... so we must shun them from civil society and maybe even exterminate... germany prime minister just declared that she wants to, hasnt yet, but she wants to ban all unvaxxed people from all public spaces, indoors AND OUTDOORS... so im not talking crap.. this is where your unhinged fear leeds... youre dangerous cos youre stupid. and youre dangerous cos your willing to force things onto OTHER PEOPLES CHILDREN just cos your too stupid to realise that your politicans and new reporters donmt care about you or your safety, they care about votes and power. you are letting them convince you that unvaxxed people are the problem, that unvaxxed people are the cause of both spreading and creating new variants.... and that couldnt be more untrue... its not my opinion.. check the data... from EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD ... fully vaxxed people catch it, spreadt it, mutate it and die from it... you are literally letting them convince you to hate a specific group or blame them or shun them... and youre quite happy to let them convince you, cos as long as youre one of the protected group, you dont care what happens to none members... especially their children, it seems. wow thats literally how every genocidal maniac convinced their population to go along with it, they dont just wake up and one day convince populations to do that... they are slowly convinced through a targeted propaganda campaign designed to scare people into hate/fear the ''others'' and youre just blindly following. get the vacine or dont, it doesnt matter.. because it is NOT the reason for spreading the virus. and without that, there is no other reason to force people. if ONLY unvacinated people could catch or spreadd it,you might have a case, but because thats not true.. all you are is a dangerous bully.
  15. nosleep

    Hi all! I havnt been around in quite a while but i never stop remembering all the good times in this clan over the years!! so i wanted to just pop in to say helloooooooo to all of you nutters old and new!!!! :>D i truly hope youre all well. think my life will allow me time to play games a bit so i might even see yous in game!
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