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  1. Rolls extra fatty spliff.... lights up said spliff.... takes a good 3 long drags... rolls up my sleeves... ... Right! There are 2 possibilities either it does or it doesn’t. I’m not being funny and I also know you can say “what about both at once cos anything’s possible” and I agree in principle but anything being possible doesn’t automatically mean everything is realistically possible just cos it is what we call possible. Possible only means we can’t rule it out or verify in any way. But context and definitions really matter on topics like this. Words lik
  2. that’s it really. If you kill me, you’re a dick and I hate you. So yeah.
  3. better late than never!? im always here (except ofc for the last 2 years!!) for you jay!
  4. nosleep

    When I were a lad bunny hopping was summit you did on a bmx and everyone thought you were cool! .. oh how times have changed! ?
  5. nosleep

    Hey all! hows it going? Hope life is good n all that jazz! Havnt played games in a long time but the 1st thing I wanted to do was come say helooooooo to all you crazy cats! Big hugs hope to see in game or speak or both soon! oh here's a pic of me at glasto this year.. and my mate but he his covering his face so i think his secret identity is safe!
  6. nosleep

    Hey guys, sorry its been a few months, I literally havnt been home lol! insane... turns out that private couriers are busy over the xmas period! go figure lol! Anyways still feel like a cunt for it being so long, i will get on TS some time over holidays but lots of family to go visit blah blah 1st world probs lol... but in true holiday spirit... here's a tune for you all! big hugs and all that jazz to you all!
  7. i had a ...... 'odd job eddy' was just too good! dont see it on the amiga list but it was a very niech game i guess.. a jet pack willy rip-off but a worthy one thats for sure!! but my brother had a comodor and amiga and so i know these games.. many were cross platform like double dragon and r-type!! omfg yes!
  8. nosleep

    i vote to nominate this for best thread in fucking ages
  9. nosleep

    LOL ..... 1st you say you didnt mean to impersonate XI or ADMIN and if anyone thinks your threats of kick-ban were evidence then you say no, it was a bluff.... trying to even say that you were attempting to help the server cos no actual members or admins about and you wanted to help 'enforce' ?? and now you say you did pretend to be XI but you didnt know that was bad??? untill you read admin invite only?? you know manty clans that have ZERO recruit rules and just let you put tags on without asking and then cause trouble on their server?? ha ha ha I have a digger hier compa
  10. nosleep

    does that mean im not getting the playboy mansion??? oh shit... i should of prob waited before telling my wife she has been dumped for carmen electra and kelly brook huh? oops
  11. nosleep

    So let me know when you want me to do this guys. I have been looking and I have found a house for when I get PB banned and my origin account and IP address gets banned. http://www.theagencyre.com/for-sale/playboy-mansion/ Let me know if this is within our price rage @@Ruggerxi and @@EDD THE DUCK
  12. nosleep

    lol ill do that as long as XI buys me a new origin account and a brand new pc.. a new router and pays for me to move house and gives me the passowrod etc so i can still play when i get PB banned and my origin account gets banned
  13. Did you know that organ transplants (especially heart) , open heart surgery, and many other medical wonders of the modern age are all thanks to 1 crazy russian scientest who 1st managed to transplant the head of 1 dog onto the body of another and did it lots of times, in some cases the 1st experiements even managed to keep the transplanted head alive for hours and days. people said it was 'un-natural' and now every day thousands of lives are saved because of the breakthroughs that 'inhunam' scientist made. this is the case with pretty much everything we discover or invent as a spec
  14. nosleep

    If only EDD! oh i wish this, maybe ill have a dream where these are back again



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