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  1. Thank you guys ! didn't see it before today ! But I had a great day
  2. Have you guys found a place yet ?
  3. Mary Christmas Everybody !
  4. Happy B-day mate !
  5. Awesome, I've been wondering about starting to play it.. so this post was more an "have you played it" kinda one.
  6. Yeah, I've fixed the link
  7. Fixed
  8. Hey guys, have you seen this ? What are your thoughts, and could we make a squad or some ? https://www.greybox.com/dreadnought/en/
  9. Could be a lot badder
  10. Aww man ! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun.. wish that i could have been there ! I'm gonna join next year !
  11. Ahahah sure do! :-D and im proud of it! :-D
  12. Look what I got in the mail today
  13. Hope all of my UK idiots are safe! Hope and prays for the best to UK!
  14. Yeah it's real crap.. :/ It's not, I'll get over it, but it just take some time, and I don't wanna risk you guys fest, by having me all moody and sad..