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  1. zigge_51

    Thank you guys ! didn't see it before today ! But I had a great day
  2. zigge_51

    Have you guys found a place yet ?
  3. Mary Christmas Everybody !
  4. zigge_51

    Happy B-day mate !
  5. zigge_51

    Awesome, I've been wondering about starting to play it.. so this post was more an "have you played it" kinda one.
  6. zigge_51

    Yeah, I've fixed the link
  7. zigge_51

  8. zigge_51

    Hey guys, have you seen this ? What are your thoughts, and could we make a squad or some ? https://www.greybox.com/dreadnought/en/
  9. zigge_51

    Could be a lot badder
  10. Aww man ! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun.. wish that i could have been there ! I'm gonna join next year !
  11. Ahahah sure do! :-D and im proud of it! :-D
  12. Look what I got in the mail today
  13. zigge_51

    Hope all of my UK idiots are safe! Hope and prays for the best to UK!
  14. zigge_51

    Yeah it's real crap.. :/ It's not, I'll get over it, but it just take some time, and I don't wanna risk you guys fest, by having me all moody and sad..
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