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  1. noobiedo

    piglo..........................................he needs a hug buddy..............................help him out and give him a pig doll............................
  2. noobiedo

    and i thought it was a video of chili humping on ruggers leg again... oops
  3. noobiedo

    tonight we are having a dish that was created by me and a friend of mine, he was my best man many many years ago lol! we use to cook a dish that was called a New Orleans Style Shrimp Scampi, it was scampi that was slap your momma better than good! Minus a few ingredients seen here. This dish is called a New Orleans Style, Grecian Grouper, the mise-en-place is shown below, i will be feeding 4 tonight. you will use 2 pounds of fresh grouper and this still smells like salt water it's so fresh, 2 medium tomato's that are medium diced, 1/3 of a med sized sweet or yellow onion fine diced, 6 oz feta cheese cut chunky, 3 oz thin sliced pepperoncini, 1 3/4 bulbs fresh pressed garlic, 4 or 5 oz sliced black olive, 1 stick lightly salted butter cut into small chunks along with any chardonnay or chablis wine. kosher salt is the only kind to cook fine foods with! cavender's greek seasoning (contains MSG) and any blackened redfish/seafood seasoning. heat your pan with olive oil to just smoking, throw in the grouper and a couple of (2) oz's of blacken seasoning and salt to taste (1/2 teaspoon maybe, don't forget the greek seasoning is salty (the msg) then saute for about 30 seconds to 1 minute then pour in around 1 1/2 to 2 cups of wine and cook until the grouper is almost done, reserve the grouper, add the garlic and onion, the pepperoncini, the olives. add 2 tablespoons of greek seasoning... remember things like salt, blacken seasoning, greek seasoning are always added to taste, while you cook it dip your finger in there to taste it, you can always add more of something but you can never take it back out! now add the feta cheese, let cook for lets say 30 seconds, you want the feta to melt but not all the way and throw the grouper back in to heat it up, another 30 to 45 seconds, add the tomato and then the butter. you may need to remove the pan from the heat while the butter melts stirring frequently, the butter if done right will make the dish have a creamy texture and OMG, slap your momma after it's done LOL! I always serve mine over angel hair pasta cooked Al dente! I hope you enjoy this if you are willing to try it out, and you can use any fish or shrimp or lobster! So, yes it's a seafood dish only! Bon Appetit oh yeah, if you don't like spicy food then omit the blacken seasoning and just go for the Grecian Grouper or what ever you are using, it's still an AWESOME DISH!
  4. noobiedo

    well REAL PIZZA, isn't made with tomato sauce anyway! after the dough is prepared it's wipe with olive oil, sprinkled with fresh chopped herbs like basil, thyme and oregano then a mixture of cheese's then slices of tomato's and awesomely decorated with meats and veg's, anything else is well, "crap"!
  5. noobiedo

    sorry the pig in me just came out 🤪
  6. noobiedo

    hmmm white sauce huh......🤣
  7. noobiedo

    i love piney nipples on my pizza 😉
  8. really....................................... it sucks ass! there's not even a meat grinder to catch the zombies that are glitched! several maps have glitches that you get stuck in and can't get out! and with no meat grinder to kill the ones that are stuck when that happens.......................................well it BLOWS FAT BUTT HOLE! that's kind of like having a pig for a pet, instead of dinner!
  9. noobiedo

    oh yeah, i freaking love that! 🤣
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