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  1. noobiedo

    OH WOW! i looked at backlot, my map was HUGE compared to that! quickly rethinking/redoing map size now, it didn't seem that big to me but it was 3 to 4 times bigger than backlot. thanks
  2. noobiedo

    lousy fast food crap...
  3. noobiedo

    dribbles off the mouth LOL!
  4. noobiedo

  5. noobiedo

    oh yeah, i just finished my tunnel but it is more rectangular in shape. i'm not sure if the buildings are really where i want them but i can change things if needed, i am not in a rush. i have read a lot of info on map size, i don't want it to small but certainly not to big either. that's hard to judge. i thought maybe doing like a medium size town i guess, surrounded by a wall with some of those big huge buildings (xmodels) going around the perimeter, not accessible of course.
  6. noobiedo

    very nice, maybe one day when i get all grown up i can do that too hahaha
  7. noobiedo

    mine are under ground beneath buildings, it was easy to cut a hole in the floor's lol
  8. noobiedo

    just the buildings, nothing like 2x4's or anything crazy like that. i can't imagine doing something like that lol, that must have taken a very long time or he/she was really fast. i am still working on those buildings like the ones i sent you. so if xmodels are used to much it drags the game down? how many of those can i use? i do have some like ledges (trim) that go around some of the buildings, i thought it would be cool to be able to walk around the outside of a building like that. i started working on a tunnel system yesterday but haven't gotten very far. it's kind of a pain in the butt, i don't know if i will continue that or not. i need to think about some buildings that are like blown up or w/e. i have so much going on right now, its hard to think lol
  9. noobiedo

    how many brushes can a map have in it? i'm at about 4800 and not even close to completion? thanks
  10. noobiedo

    happy birthday mc_burger dude!
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  14. noobiedo

    it said it couldn't find the website