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  1. noobiedo

    well sorry, i may have over reacted a bit! there is a soft spot in my heart for certain things. i have learned a lot in a short time and have read a ton of information. i know that cu had a ton of information and lots of input from some great mappers and it was just pissed away and i got upset! i didn't mean to offend anyone if i did! sorry you guys 😢
  2. noobiedo

    ok. you can ban me now! i guess i'm done!
  3. noobiedo

    😡🤬 mother fucker 😭 fucking WANKER
  4. noobiedo

    melvin, you're a piece of shit!
  5. noobiedo

    cod utility is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😢😢😢😢😢😢
  6. noobiedo

    yep the whole album
  7. noobiedo

    that's okay i guess, but i'd rather hear this one
  8. noobiedo

    remove all admin hacks.... and remember pork, is the other white meat! 🤣 oh yeah, just ask sally and she will share her hacks with you LMAO! j/k hope it works out for you. i know that as time goes by, adobe and those other idiots update crap without thinking or taking into consideration that people still play certain games and they FOOK you because of their updates BUT, they don't give a shit!
  9. noobiedo

    all the cowboys died with the Marlboro man, of lung cancer...?
  10. noobiedo

    happy birthday sexy lady
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