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  1. if it's a guy..... it's always lips first
  2. Father into your hands we commit the, she was worthy of the time we spent together. please find a special place for her circuit's to rest. AMEN!
  3. happy birthday
  4. happy birthday
  5. happy birthday
  6. yeah i saw that comment you made earlier but when i saw steam, i thought HUH, lol. i found another link that i just shared with rugger, here take a look.
  7. if this is a steam game, there can't be mod tools right? no dedicated servers?
  8. damn AWESOME! love the detail of everything in the map. looks like it would play well too!
  9. happy birthday
  10. i use to have some pretty good pump action myself, when i was younger....
  11. dangggggggggg it! i knew i was hungry! you should be arrested for looking so good!!!! happy birthday again btw