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  1. bienvenue chez les idiots !!! ce qui m ennuie c est qu on va souffrir , il n y a pas beaucoup de jeune sur ce jeu !!! MDR je vais me consoler en me disant que cela fait un français de plus , pour ton Anglais , ne t inquiete pas , pour ma part , je ne le comprend meme pas !! ne me dérouille pas trop souvent !!!
  2. Un très bon anniversaire !!
  3. Thank you all for your messages !!
  4. Merci les pays !! lol
  5. Merci les pays !! lol
  6. Merci beaucoup !!! tank you !
  7. Je suis désolé je viens seulement de voir la nouvelle . Très sincerement navré .beaucoup de courage a vous pour gérer le manque . nos pensés vous soutiendrons !
  8. Bonnes Vacances !!
  9. *Bienvenue au club
  10. Bienvenue au club welcome to the club
  11. Thank you all for your welcome messages, it's a pleasure, and I would honor the clan. Very cordially
  12. Teamspeak asks me for a password, I think it will come after acceptance if that is done.
  13. Hello I have been playing on XI servers for over five years, I started on COD 4 in ace mod, very hard at first but I hung up and I managed to win a few rounds and then with time .. .. and age I switched on Cod WaW following a comment on the good speed of "papadean" games. I found with pleasure on WaWr many old COD 4 l adaptation was difficult but I got there. Today I discover the freeztag mode that I like a lot. I only play on XI servers since the beginning or almost and I am not a member of any other clan Except for games, I like animal photography, and French cuisine;) I hope to be accepted in your clan.
  14. thank you very much ,yours are also excellent