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    Châtillon (dans les hauts de Seine )
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    photos , jeux ,cuisine !!

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  1. corsicaman

    happy birthday all
  2. corsicaman

    du bordeaux dans un Bouguignon !!! mais tu es Malade !! lol c'est un blasphème ,un sacrilège !! tu l a mangé avec un coca peut etre ?
  3. corsicaman

    oui mais le mien est fait avec du Pommard de 91 !!! si cela y intéresse j'ai récupérer un super bouquin de cuisine ,
  4. corsicaman

    I am retired since 2008. I was a buyer of prototype parts for PSA group cars, I was a parallel buyer for Peugeot sport (205 T16 and 905) for an intense period of my life with two jobs at the same time, until they set up their purchasing structure. today I occupy my days between games, animal photos and cookingboeuf bourguignon hummmmm
  5. corsicaman

    getting off alcohol and drugs only to end up killed in a helicopter crash is really cruel, and deprived us of a great musician
  6. corsicaman

    check that there are not several hp outputs on the pc. on my case I have an output at the back and one on the front face
  7. corsicaman

    it's the same this morning
  8. corsicaman

    it's with this kind of mod that I started to play cod 4, but it's really not my favorite mode, I'm more of a run and gun player like ace mod or DM
  9. corsicaman

    Yes several times !! I think it's just the map that has a problem, I tried another map and it loaded very well
  10. corsicaman

    one hour to load a map!!!
  11. corsicaman

    all my condolences
  12. corsicaman

    welcome bienvenue au club
  13. corsicaman

    this practice is common among members of the clan. I am regularly confronted with it
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