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  1. corsicaman

    very sincerely sorry all my condolences and my thoughts for you.
  2. corsicaman

    ho i am devastated i often played with him in ace mod he was a very correct person, all my thoughts and condolences to his family
  3. intéressé pour cod 4 et cod 5 !!
  4. corsicaman

    French album

  5. corsicaman

    welcome, I always have great pleasure in killing you in a good mood of course
  6. corsicaman

    Hello and welcome
  7. corsicaman

    St. Jacques shells
  8. corsicaman

    un très bon anniversaire Didier !!
  9. corsicaman

    Kissy kissy J3st3r joyeux Noel !!Merru christmas !! lol
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