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  1. Snap

    Welcome to the forum. Watch out for RobMc!!! He tells jokes now.
  2. Snap

    Hello hope you fun.
  3. Snap

    I can understand your 12 year hesitation. Are you sure!!!! Just Kidding. Welcome.
  4. Snap

    A Jesus.....I thought it was called the "Big Bong" theory all along and I was Happy and Content.!!
  5. Snap

    I'm Speechless what an outpouring of love for Totty!
  6. Snap

    I thought Sally was a Mustang. I.e. Mustang Sally. Now I know the truth. I'm deflated.
  7. Snap

    What a great bunch of Idiots to encourage a member to stay. Gotta be proud of RIP for staying.
  8. Snap

    Cant talk got a beat in my headphones.
  9. Snap

    You are now an idiot Opto. Wow!
  10. Snap

    Thats a lot.
  11. Snap

    Now that was funny. Its only 34 here in Toronto. With humidity around 38/40c. Was a little hot for golf but bearable, next time ill wear my shorts, that should do it.
  12. Snap

    Welcome. (I could not think of anything funny to say except "are you sure")
  13. Snap

    Hallo that's all the Dutch I know.
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