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  1. Snap

    Mighty nice of you mike. Welcome to the clan.
  2. Snap

    Thats pretty amazing video X-Ray. Well the last race of the season is coming up on Sunday. So looking forward to it.
  3. Snap

    Dont know you man but good news is universal. Goog luck to you with the new job.
  4. Snap

    Hello there. Welcome
  5. Snap

    Great Race in Brazil on the 17th Nov 2019. Max V won, P.Gasly 2nd and C.Sainz 3rd. Nice to see some new drivers on the podium. The two Ferraries crashed into each other omg what a cock up. (almost at the end of the race how silly). A. Albon was having a great race when Lewis Hamilton blew him off the track. What a shame. Anyway was a great race lotsa excitement. Final race on Dec 1st in Abu Dhabi UAE. Looking forward to that.
  6. Snap

    I watch all the races and would love to see Max win a few more to break up the MB and Ferrari dominance. I believe there will be some new rules for next year with some changes to the cars. Looking forward to that. They are also going to repave the Austin track which was very bumpy looking this year. Was a good season overall Hamilton deserves the win. I think Max and Leclerc will be the ones to watch next year. I always give a cheer for Lance Stroll even though Racing Point are usually near the bottom of the list. In the end its all about the money and oh yes the Tires or should I say Tyres.
  7. Snap

    Great car.
  8. Snap

    Yeah saw the clip on Tv Angelz. Moves every 100 years. Cant wait for the next move. (geez I'll be old.... o shit I'll be Ded....rats gonna miss the move).
  9. Congrats guys. Aw jeez now I will have to be nice to Nyx! I know I'll cal him NiceNiceNice.
  10. Snap

    Thanks for joining., its idiotic!
  11. Snap

    Youre Welcome.
  12. Snap

    Welcome to you.
  13. Snap

    Welcome Netherlander.
  14. Snap

    Your are an idiot now. HI HI.
  15. Snap

    Welcome Swiss. Glad you made it.
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