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  1. Snap

    I now know the origin of the band Chicago's song " Does anybody really know what time it is"
  2. Loved the TV Series. Welcome back.
  3. Snap

    Oh Hello there. Glad you came on board! (does that sound weird?)
  4. Snap

  5. Snap

    Wow 2AM what time is that??
  6. Snap

    This game is still very popular and the servers are usually full. Server 1 has FF on and Server 2 has FF off. As to which is more popular overall Server2 is probably the most popular. However Server 1 still gets lots of players. There are 208 members but most of the players are non members but loyal players that fill the servers every day.
  7. Snap

    Hey greggaz welcome to the forums. I believe I saw you on Insurgency a couple of times.
  8. Apparently no two snowflakes are ever the same. Imagine that RobMc. Sign me up for Therapy.
  9. Snap

    Well Hello there. Nice to meet you. Bonjour.
  10. Snap

    Are you looking at me???
  11. Snap

    I want them to join the Insurgency team. Oh Yeah.
  12. Snap

    Its a joke Rob. Sorry to confuse you. OK its useful Trivia. Many thanks. Is Bulgaria in Scotland?
  13. Snap

    Thanks RobMc. This is great information. Which Quizz will these questions be on?
  14. Snap

    So sorry to hear. Its worse for you as a parent. Prayers help so Ill add mine to the others.
  15. Snap

    Great looking bike. Haven't seen the the AJS name on a bike since the "olden days". Hope you have fun with it.



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