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  1. Snap

    Why don't they just ban Kangaroos. That should fix everything.
  2. Snap

    You called.!!!!!! Have a nice Heart.
  3. Snap

    Helloooo there Froggy. Hope you have fun here.
  4. Snap

    Dem fishes better watch out. I will hunt you down, I will find you and I will give you a ride in my boat. Awesome.
  5. Snap

    Great news indeed.
  6. Snap

    Hello welcome to you.
  7. Good luck on your trip. Just drive carefully and you will be fine.
  8. Snap

    Nice looking pistols. Were these standard issue to the German officers in WWII?
  9. Snap

    Thats terrible news. I watched a documentary on these boys and the talent was amazing. I was so used to the beards that I diden't realize they were good looking guys that could play outstanding music especially the blues. The look was for fun. Sad news indeed.
  10. Snap

    Hey Howie welcome to the Clan. If you like a step up from CS come game with the Insurgency crew. Its similar to CS but a little more realistic. We have two servers and they are usually active in the afternoon and evening. Hope to see you there.
  11. Thanks Barron for the awards. I will wear them well.

  12. Snap

    Happy to have you here Red.
  13. Snap

    I was on when this kid got banned by consensus. He was specin and the guys were getting nervous. He was not doing anything wrong but the players dident like it so they voted to kick him. I told him it was not kickable to spec but that the other players felt he might be up to something. I asked him to join the game but he was kicked before he could. I think its you have the picture. The players involved are regulars and had no malice towards Pushn , I would suggest it was just basically as you said in your note. Pushn is welcome to game with us any time.
  14. As a Canadian I am sorry RobMc for my misunderstanding your meaning. ( Canadians always apologize) I saw similar situations in a Hospital here on TO. I thought you mentioned middle eastern and Russian folks and jumped to the wrong conclusion. So therin lies the problem overall its just plain folks that cause all these problems for the doctors and nurses. We must not speak unkindly of these transgressions lest we be doomed to eternal damnation. I will take the higher ground the next time I see all this shit going on and as Monty sang on the cross "Always look on the bright side of life" Cmon everybody sing the song.
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