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  1. Please take care of her and tell her that a bunch of idiots would like to hug her.
  2. Welcome to the clan Chicken. I must be an idiot!
  3. Jeez how will Pizza Pizza take this news?
  4. Hell Let Loose, Used to play Insurgency and Counter Strike but they are both dead now. I play Far Cry 5 as a single player, once and awhile.
  5. Hello. welcome.
  6. May i suggest you go to your electronic store i.e. Best Buy or other and stare at the monitors to see what you like . You will be surprised what you choose but it will be the best for you. (PS bring your reader glasses with you) Oh good luck...let us know what you get.
  7. Happy Easter to all.
  8. Ok thanks for the heads up. I'm moving to my to my safe room bunker until its ok to come out.
  9. Snap


    Welcome to the jungle.
  10. They will live forever in your memory.
  11. What's happening here?
  12. They used to be lizards and were then found out, now they are deepfakes. Lets keep an eye out for them. The royal family in Britain were the first lizards now that Elizabeth is gone they shifted to deepfakes. We are on to them.
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