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  1. Snap

    Congrats...thats a big deal.
  2. Snap

    Nice to meet you. Welcome.
  3. Snap

    Artis5 /steelseries $120 Cdn. USB black pretty lights. So far so good.
  4. Snap

    Doom Eternal. Jumpin Jumpin forever.
  5. Snap

    Doom Eternal. Don't make me explain. lol.
  6. Snap

    Post what.
  7. Snap

    Testing sig
  8. Snap

    Good KARMA.
  9. Snap

    Looks lovely.
  10. Snap

    Great demo. Good to hear the real sounds.
  11. Snap

    Hope you have fun with it. Hope its a gaming laptop.
  12. Snap

    Very good idea. I'm feeling stimulated.
  13. Snap

    Get well soon.
  14. Great suggestions. How the fuck do you choose. Maybe ill stick with "I Love Lucy"



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