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  1. Snap

    Hallo that's all the Dutch I know.
  2. Can't quite remember the song lyrics, I think it goes "who needs TV when you got T-Rex" Hello there.
  3. Snap

    Just grabbed it. Thanks
  4. Snap

    Hats off to you!!!. I have one hat for golf.
  5. Snap

    You are a very busy Snake person. Welcome.
  6. Snap

    Welcome. Glad to meet you. I was in Memphis on business once had breakfast at IHOP !!! Yummy.
  7. Snap

    Welcome Bamm.
  8. Snap

    Lovely. I used to have a job in a greenhouse watering Tomatoes all day all week 8 gallons on each plant. I nearly went crazy had green hands and smelled like Tomatoes all the time. Im off therapy now and back in love with those juicy babies.
  9. Snap

    That must be Johnny Depp dressed up as Annie Lennox. Nice try!!!!.
  10. Snap

    O lord for a minute I thought you lived in Harlan County. Just finished watching Justified. No one leaves Harlan County alive. Hope you county is different.!!!
  11. Snap

    Mooo! thats cow talk for Welcome!
  12. Snap

    Welcome Bamm!.
  13. Snap

    That cant be the Real RobMc. Must be something broke on this forum. I'll restart my computer to see if it will go away. I will come back later to see if the error is fixed.
  14. Snap

    Why did you hafta post those pictures. Now im hungry and its only noon here in Toronto.
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