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  1. Snap

    Sounds good heading for Capital FM 96-106 London's No.1 music station. Maybe??
  2. Next Stop ETSY. Looks great.
  3. Well well no surprises. Mercedes 1 and 2 with Red Bull 3rd. Not much excitement was hoping for more rain but it diden't happen. Lewis Hamilton broke a record and has now 62 GP wins to his credit beating Michaels S's record of 61 wins. That's quite an accomplishment for a 35 year old lad. His Dad was there to give him a hug. Lovely thing to see. He hasen't re-signed yet with MB but I think it will happen. Toto will pony up a few Pounds to keep him although they say the money is a little tighter due to the China plague. Anyway he is already worth 250 million pounds so what's a few more quid to him. My only hope is that the race was shown to those folks on the Scottish border towns so that I can get some comments from one of their favourite sons. (I wont mention names to protect the innocent) He Haw!!
  4. Snap

    Saddle up Giorgi we are waiting for you on the Insurgency servers. Have fun.
  5. I am very saddened to read this news. I had been asking about him over the last several weeks and could not get an answer. Him and I became real friends over the last year or so sine I began playing on XI servers. He and Barron sponsored me to become a junior admin and I talked with him almost every day for the last six months or so. I know he had been involved in a very stressful helpline that seemed to take a toll on him. I did not know if he was sick otherwise. I wished I had pried more in to his affairs to understand if something was amiss. Does anybody know what happened? He loved his dog Mookie and I believe he even had a few cats. What a great guy he will be missed. My sympathies to his Girlfriend and Family .....May he rest in peace.
  6. Snap

    Somehow RobMc was involved in getting me a Donkey Medal. What the fuck do I do with that! I'm really scared now. Does that means he owns me?
  7. Snap

    Hey Sneaky welcome to the Insurgency club. I have been playing for a while and have recently noticed a change the server profiles. The FF server seems to get populated faster than the non FF server since it was introduced recently. I have had some of the regular players asking to populate the non FF server while playing the FF server because they are used to the non FF server. However lately I noticed that there seems to be less requests to do that and the FF server gets populated faster at certain times. In addition we seem to have newer players coming to the FF server and they may take some time to get used to the FF aspect. I'm not sure what the Admins can do to offer Spawn protection, if they can that would be great but if not then perhaps we can educate the TKer's or at least manage them. (Admins in game can help) Keep on playing on the XI servers and you will see that they are well managed by good people like Barron3000. Hope to see you in game.
  8. Snap

    Glad to hear you watched it. You really have changed. Other people seemed to think you were a bit of a harsh critic of many things but I have only recently become a member and don't know your history. Your analysis was fair. I am starting to get a little tired of the pattern from race to race and was pleasantly surprised to see Renault take 3rd place and Racing Point 4th. Jackie Stewart commented that the superior cars of MB basically unfairly contributed to Lewis Hamilton's prowess as a winning driver and other drivers don't have the same advantage. He may have a point. I'm sticking with it for this season as I don't want to switch to Electric Cars yet. The Implications even effect my personal life as I might buy one more Gasoline powered car before I am forced to go Electric. Peace out.
  9. Snap

    Now Im scared. There's an F1 race coming up and and I Don't want Rob to like it. (With his new persona). Oh I hope he still hates it. Fingers crossed.
  10. Snap

    Oh to be in England. With covid in the Air. Russian F1 on Sunday no problems there. Are you ready Rob?
  11. Snap

    What's a Meme. Like, I love my Meme. She's a good mother. Xox
  12. Snap

    Well what a race you just had to see it to believe it. The Thrillo from Mugello. Hamilton, Bottas, Albon, 1,2,3. It was chaotic, Two multi car crashes within the first nine laps, two red flag stoppages , two or three Yellow flags ........ carnage everywhere. Lance Stroll crashed and totally destroyed the Racing Point main car when he went off the track due to a tire blow up. Even with all the crashes there were no injuries. Wow. Reminds me to check my tires..... air on left rear is down to 179Kp from 220Kp (32 lbs) according to my idiot light. Hafta fix that or the Hemi wont be happy. Russia next Sept 27th. Peace out.
  13. We have another Italian F1 race to -morrow (Sunday) at Mugello in the Tuscan Hills. The line up looks pretty good. P1 is Lewis P2 is V. Botas both Mercs, in P3 is Mr Max the Dutchman and P4 is Alex Ablon both Red Bull drivers. Lining up in 5th position is Charles Leclerc of the Ferrari team and we have Racing Point in 6th and 7th on the grid. Apparently one of the Racing Point cars has a heavily updated package with slick sidepod arrangement and new brake ducts. We shall see how that works out for them. I see Lewis has a new girlfriend since breaking up with the Pussycat Doll. Lets see if she brings him good luck. Here we go.
  14. Snap

    Well F1 fans what a race. it was great to see some of the lesser know drivers take the podium. P.Gasly of Alpha Tauri won the race with Carlos Sainz coming in at No 2 and L. Stroll of Racing pint at No 3. Wow. Vettels brakes blew up and he was out in short order, LeClerc crashed for no good reason....that was the end of Ferrari. The top driver Lewis Hamilton incurred a 10 second penalty for entering pit lane against the rules ....a rookie error that put him 7th. and cost him a landmark achievement. Hes still an amazing driver and maybe would have climbed back if the race had more than 53 laps. #44 Baby!! Overall a great showing for the underdogs.
  15. So to-morrow we have the Italian F1 race at Monza. The top qualifiers are a slightly different than Belgium. But as to be expected we have Mercedes in position 1 and 2 with Hamilton taking position 1 and Bottas number 2. A little surprised to see Carlos Sainz for McLaren at number 3 and big surprise to see Sergio Perez of Racing point at number 4 while Mad Max rounds out the number 5 position. The other news is that Ferrari are back at P13 and P17 wow. We shall see how it all unfolds to-morrow.



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