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  1. sooners

    oh hi mancakes!
  2. mute cobrabites, problem solved.
  3. sooners

    In my experience, the corny cheap looking labels= excellent beer lol.
  4. sooners

    Uggh, that picture was huge. Sorry lol
  5. sooners

    Wiehenstephaner (everything), Sierra nevada (pretty much everything), Samuel Smith's (mmm nut brown ale, trying the oatmeal stout soon), left hand milk stout, fuller's London Pride and Porter, Ommegang's tSree philosophers. Pretty much any good wheat beer.
  6. sooners

    Yes! Boomer Sooner everyone!
  7. sooners

    Man, this joke didn't even get the right time frame for generation Y, 30 years is way too long. We in generation Y are the kids of baby boomers, so I can see why we question just about everything our parents do. I mean have you seen what they left behind? We may be a bit pampered, but we sure as hell think harder, and game better . http://www.usatoday.com/money/workplace/2005-11-06-gen-y_x.htm
  8. sooners

    We should try this some time.
  9. sooners

  10. sooners

    Thanks guys! Glad to be a part of >XI<!
  11. I had the same thing, it was awesome lol. The new Magnum is pretty tight. I like the new shotgun and its reload. Haven't gotten to play an actual game yet though
  12. Btw, we had a guy on there tonight named Poyser that was playing (maybe glitching) with unlimited lives. I tried googling stuff about it, but couldn't find anything. Of course it was the same guy that came into the server earlier in the evening asking "are there any admins here?", but 50+ deaths is just a bit impossible. I have videos of it, but xfire doesn't want to upload them Any idea how someone could get unlimited lives? http://beta.xfire.com/users/oksooners/screenshots/122648058
  13. sooners

    He could always work as a pirate you know, with his peg-leg and all.
  14. sooners

    I agree they have a leg up on the competition.
  15. sooners

    Would you say he was pulling their leg?



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