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  1. Oh my god...... Congrats !!!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‹
  2. Exe

    Amseterdam's good. July or august for me ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. Exe

    Those 4 destinations can be great for me, depends on the date, but september sux cause school for me..
  4. Exe

    No airport... unless 4 hours driving... ๐Ÿ˜•
  5. Exe

    September really? Beginning of school... I can't be there. Can't we do Brussels again? Or Amsterdam?
  6. Exe

    I'm single now mate ๐Ÿ˜ž
  7. Exe

    By the way, I found it expensive too for a few nights, I'll try to not coming alone this time ^^
  8. Exe

    I want to be there but can't respond until next january.
  9. โค๏ธ u Wardogs... Oh sorry wrong topic!
  10. Having car which defroze OR kill, not both : Agreed! Just annoying to have teammates who kill instead of defroze when you're two foot from them. Do something bout teammates who block exit, that happen all the time (I will love friendly fire). Or runnning through when you're insivible. If your turn off invisibilty after killstreaks, you will have more people camping around the spawn. At now, many people just camp the spawn with clays/betties, waiting a killstreak. And get more kill with betties/clays and killstreaks than with guns, that's weird... It's good to have people all over the map everytime, so let it that way. Agree with pink about rifles. I dunno if that is our high ping (more than 100-120), but many time you hold your breath, the enemy is not moving, you're on him and no hit, this is just boring... And it's not my skill (fu chile), this is the game, same as pink in fact ? Mininuke got a real big problem, it kills less people than a heli or a car most of the time. I had a lot of mininuke in the past but it's killing no one, so it's useless. Using a sentry now, 5 kills and better ? Same congif to all people : Agreed. Cause people flying around and avoiding bullets half of the time is not fair, my opinion. And some times, full magazine in the back do nothing... ? The balance of the 3 perks is pretty good for me, every perk is a sacrifice to another. When you get combatmedic (only when respawn) you don't have another stuff all the time you're alive. When you get stealth you don't have combat medic. when you have dead silence you don't have hardline. When you get the flyjacket (2 tubes in the face and nothin LOL) you do'nt have combat medic. Defroze is more points than killing : Love it Bounty about people who camp will be fine. Not the position, but just an alert bout the person and a little more points. Announce the highest kill streak on-going >95% of people using the same gun (I'm in the >95), we have to do something bout that. The saric do better than a snip, totally unfair. More ammo with the shotgun please, it's really fun to play with it but not enough munition. Guess it's why people doesn't use its. Please don't say high pings got advantage, this is not. Just put a server in europe that we can have ping 25 and you 140, we'll see LOL The mod is fine anyway for me, and even if people complaning sometimes it's always with fun, no hard feelings. I never see people fighting, just teasing and having fun. I guess all of us love this mod so much, it's why we're playing on it again and again. Thanks a lot for the hard work.
  11. Exe

    I can't move after the last week-end of september and from where I'm, no regular flight to Alicante for a week-end :-/
  12. Exe

    I love this discussion ? Fu timmah !
  13. Exe

    @FRENCHI look those menus my friend, รงa donne faim !!! https://www.aubergedelecluse.com/menus.php
  14. Exe

    Where I live, it's a culinary specialty, with frogs and eels. I know some great restaurants!
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