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  1. Just a little hole to see the screen it was not easy ^^
  2. Nice Corsica, thanks a lot ! If the google translation is not fine, we can translate the missing parts of course
  3. I know... You climb on the top of the ladder just behind you, then you jump on the roof of the attic from the top of that ladder. Then, when you are on the roof, you jump on the wall at the edge of the map (in your left), you walk a little forward to the little next roof, then from the little roof (on your left on the screen) you jump on the middle roof (on your right on the screen).
  4. joyeux anniversaire exe 


  5. Hello chacal! True you're there since a long time now. I saw your son playing yesterday, he seems good ^^
  6. @WldPenguin Hello! It seems the mp_bo2overflow map got a pb, we are several to crash the cod4 game everytime we try to connect on the map.
  7. Same for me, I have it very opften, but i don't have seen the exact pattern of it yet. I just run away from the zone and sometimes it disappear, sometimes it doesn't. I got it too, and I've stopped to do that shit, boring to get in the enemy spawn and respawn on your own. There is a pattern so easy to avoid now, just frustrating xD
  8. You can come whenever you want at home roxy, it will be a pleasure.
  9. +1 with Yoshi, There are two kinds, and the second one avoiding bullets I dunno how. By the way, I like the way Timmah run all over the map and come behind my back (ahah), at least he's moving. He's killing me a lot but It's a challenge to kill a guy crossing the entiere map, love it.
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