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  1. @WldPenguin Hello! It seems the mp_bo2overflow map got a pb, we are several to crash the cod4 game everytime we try to connect on the map.
  2. Exe

    Congrats mate!!!
  3. Same for me, I have it very opften, but i don't have seen the exact pattern of it yet. I just run away from the zone and sometimes it disappear, sometimes it doesn't. I got it too, and I've stopped to do that shit, boring to get in the enemy spawn and respawn on your own. There is a pattern so easy to avoid now, just frustrating xD
  4. Exe

    You can come whenever you want at home roxy, it will be a pleasure.
  5. Exe

    +1 with Yoshi, There are two kinds, and the second one avoiding bullets I dunno how. By the way, I like the way Timmah run all over the map and come behind my back (ahah), at least he's moving. He's killing me a lot but It's a challenge to kill a guy crossing the entiere map, love it.
  6. Can't say better than that, I think the same. My hesitation is on those stuff too, and it's really sad to think and say that cause all the rest is real good and okay.
  7. I don't see you on the server anymore and I'm sad of it, but you are true, I undertsand. All those bullshit defenses are still there but you can't jump with a single simple jump on a little wall or a roof? So it's camp fest, nice... soon maybe running a little bit will be forbidden then walking. seriously? I'm like pink. Adios cod4 soon.
  8. Can you reduce the time of the emp mine to 5 or 10 sec sec please ? it's too powerful And also reduce the trigger perimeter, cause it's working through walls ! O_o Can you reduce the number of hit with the trophees to 2 please? Can you increase the time of respawn after the killstreak to the old one please?
  9. You can just put back all the extra seconds after killstreaks ? and it's fine. those few seconds are not enough, agree with yoshi up there. On garena, most of people were sitting around the side of the spawn. And when you're using a car closed to the enemy, you have 4-5 guys around me after that waiting, some killstreaks became useless then lol. Better wait around spawn with all the defenses you got. If not, I have plenty of ideas for the other topic and make more fun : reduce time of emp mines, put heist away, reduce the perimetre of the betties, fix the deadsilence with the clay. Put some speed to the 'speedlight' perk?
  10. You want to fix a pretending pb of spawn protection after a killstreak? which is reward to kill people with straight kills. But still, Emp mine is too powerful, stealth doesn't work good with clay, trophees got multiples turns, heist's everywhere so you can't use ur killstreak wisely. Not to mention the fact that the last second of respawn you are visible and that there is always a pb of seconds at the start of the transformation into a car. This is why I don't understand the point of this new change in the first place rugger. Most of the attacking players are stigmatized with this change and the power of all the defenses and sitting players is not reduced. Go to work, see u.
  11. I've played a little and I'll play more this week-end. The one sec is too short really. You lose 2 sec at the start of getting a car (on going bug, ok), and you have just on sec after the explosion (cause the last sec you're visible, it's not 2 sec!). So there is no need to collect 3 killstreaks and use it wisely when all your team is frozen. Or use a pred wisely when you know a guy is in a corner. And btw the guy in the corner got a trophees which cover several hits. If you don't use it immediatly there is always a guy waiting and stealing your stuff. No more tactics stuff with several killstreaks u can use at the right moment. And if you have just one sec to appear after the first killstreak, You can't do nothin after that and you lost one killstreak with heist. That ruins the tactics (but maybe people don't have tactics after all), that new stuff is only for people who don't move, sorry to say that but it's true. I don't undertsand why you want to reduce. Please put back the classic seconds.
  12. Exe

    Welcoem home Hellspawn, Glad to see you among us! Really. and fu...
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