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  1. Have a good game yes! but I'll put my hands up for France mate ;-)
  2. GOOOOOO FRANCE !!!!!!!!
  3. @EDD THE DUCK You forgot me on the list.
  4. But if we already have booked a room? And btw, I still got one place with me friday/saturday night.
  5. @Dadda : Only big double bed available. no 2 single beds available for those dates. And breakfast not included.
  6. Yeah, wait n see. But... Who wanna get a room with me for friday/saturday? separated beds of course :-) Prices almost the same for 1 or 2 personnes.
  7. Guys...... I'm IN, 31th to 2nd !!!! Just have to check with my boss to have my friday off and negociate with my wife also ^^ BTW.... I'm at Amsterdam with my family from july 16th to july 20th, if there are some idiots in that freaking town :-)
  8. Hey Hey Hey !!!
  9. RIP Cobra. Thoughts and Prayers for the family, I'll miss u mate
  10. Yeah!!! I'm part of the club of 'over 30 years' !!! Chile could be my father... LMAO
  11. Thanks a lot boys and girls!!! So many years I'm here with you now! I love you all!!
  12. I'm in xi_exe
  13. Welcome home Blaze!!!
  14. I'm playing on the MSOB 'tactical crouch' server on cod4, and it's fucking good to playing with no rabbits and no random nades/tubes. But I guess Idiots are not prepared for that