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  1. I missed... not even play yesterday hard time at work n home, didn't remember the day, thought it was next week, sorry guys
  2. Exe

    Hey !!!! Welcome Home a1irbud!!!
  3. Exe

    Damn yeah this guy is a idiot!
  4. Exe

    Thanks you guys! I love you all you know. Long time I'm here now, you are my escape from the world around me.
  5. Agree with roxy with those 3 points. About Drimp and the ping, I've noticed pings are moving a little. And yes there are issues about getting hits on people (mostly pootie) but I dunno if the 2 things are related.
  6. Exe

    Welcome Home Twinky !!!
  7. I dunno if it has been reported yet, but Stealth doesn't work on claymores, it makes Stealth totally useless then Or there is another trick I dunno about again ^^
  8. Yeah I guess you're right kenmen. Yesterday it's happened to me, several in the same time. I thought killmstreaks were vanished after my death but no. One idiot was invisible and stole quickly from me, and the other idiot stole from me trough a wall in the same time.Pretty disturbing but that's the only explanation. About the mininuke, yesterday some idiot launched it in the enemy spawn, only killed himself and no enemy. And everytime people using it, it's killing almost nobody, even when many enemies are around. You know if there is a pb about it rugger?
  9. If half of the people are using the LSAT, can you at least reduce the sound of that weapon ? Little less louder?
  10. LMAO I can tell a lot bout that too xD Edit : I'm not talking bout the game... ^^
  11. Yeah, same for me on long distance. I spend an entiere clip and nothing, I switch for the desert eagle, shot once and kill the dude. It's a little disturbing ^^
  12. G3 is working really good, at least when I aim the head at middle range, I have an headshot, the best assault weapons I guess, but not automatic. It's a come back to the way I played on FT1, no rush, find sneaky spots and BAM ? Most of players still have the LSAT, all the rounds you hear that big sound ??
  13. True! If this big problem is solved, the rest is perfect. Great work Sammy !!
  14. Exe

    Welcome Sway !!!! Can you just tell us how many flak-jackets you wear? ?
  15. I mean I left the server. Then I rejoin the server. About the accurate, yesterday, almost every people had the big machine gun cause the assault guns had issues ^^



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