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  1. mthld

    Done, thanks to our admin!
  2. Hello folks, I just taked a look at the user settings and I can't find a way to change my nickname on your forum. I wanted to be known as: bismuth-paul now. Can you do something please? Many thanks in advance. Cheers,
  3. Hey! When did you want to setup a proper category for BF1? It will be cool, don't being anymore on the BF4 thread...
  4. Hey folks, Finally I got it! See you on the field!
  5. Everything is empty.
  6. Hello folks, I'm very sad about the actual state of the BF4 server, I've loved playing with you on this one and now it's totally empty. Sometimes I wait like ~30min on it but nobody comes anymore. It's a shame, really, maybe BF1 is a good game but BF4 stay nice too! Hope I'll find someone to play another day. Cheers,
  7. mthld

    I don't understand what this guys are looking for, what's the purpose of cheating? Pure score isn't interesting...
  8. mthld

    Hey, thank you all for your participation. You have really some impressive rigs, I can't imagine how big is your computer case! As I said before I wanted to share some photos, so I created this little gallery. I really hope you will like them!
  9. Hey there, I just open this topic to create a space where we can share and talk about our computer configurations. Excuse-me if this type of topic existed before, I don't find it on the forum. I will begin with my setup (I will add photos later): This is a small gaming rig, it aim to provide good performances for "little" money (the whole stuff cost me somthing like ~1500 euros). It handle Battlefield 4 in 1080p with ultra settings and 4X MSAA at 80~90 FPS. CPU: Intel Core i5-4690K, 4 cores at 3.50 GHz (3.90 GHz with Turbo Boost enabled), overclocked at 4.30 GHz HEATSINK: No
  10. Hello folks, Just wanted to salute you here, after some (long) weeks with no gaming I'm coming back. Hope to see you soon in game.



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