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  1. reddog955i

    R.I.P my Friend , Sorry For Your Lost to the Family...
  2. reddog955i

    I would like to go but I am a inactive member lol., especially if in Ruggers compound in MN would BudMan be there
  3. reddog955i

    playing bf4 again and now all xi is band from MiGaming .us servers ==== Why?
  4. reddog955i

    I have a vortex spitfire 3x prusm scioe on my dpms ar,, i like it to about 200 yards ,,,
  5. Hi all would like some info , been practing , and would like more,. is there a way to save favorites , i was just getting over the flu when the match date and had only played a little of sandstorm , i bought first , then the origal and not played it at all, I like the sandstorm better ,any info would be a help ,,,,, Clifford the Big Red Dog ?
  6. reddog955i

    all so got bf 5 running ,will be seeing ya all in game ?
  7. reddog955i

    Thanks found one at modDiy.com they have any wiring for computers and do it your self mods, individual sleeved wiring,,,,check them out
  8. Have bf 5 for 5 day and played 3 hours , have tried start clean up , clean graphics driver install " twice" direct path in nivida controller , repaired "twice" up dated , and still will not play ,,,, loaded game , played 2 plus hours had problems, but played , no sound , ie killed out the sound had re plug in speakers , that was the biggest problem, lock up the screen once had to restart,, but it played,, stop for a few hours , came back and now it wont play , when it loads the game to server it just stops and shuts down ,, , went to ea help and did all the above and a temp clean , now it start to load to servers and just locks up and have to re start ,,,, HELP hahahahh I didn't buy in bf1 and now this looks like the same shit, why change bf4 work so good ,now i know that there are problems with new games , went thro with bf4 but not like this,,,,,,,,, all so have new graphices card and i need a coolmax modular pci-e cable with 8 pin to dual 8 pin look all over and trying to contact coolmax not happen ,,,
  9. reddog955i

    I have the same joy stick and Damit tried to help me too and it just wont work , mine is verry old and so the Opoition was to buy a new one and take the old one back , did't do that just put the old one up, that was when bf4 was new, with the joy stick hook up could not drive anything ,,,,
  10. reddog955i

    look good, still playing bf4 i just like it ,,, played bf5 for a few hours got the beta two days be for its stop.When the bugs are fix i would give it a try ,,,,should have tried insurgency,,,
  11. reddog955i

    Its Sad ,big airplane fan ,and Starship ,, but we are all getting Older ,,,
  12. reddog955i

    NO that's not Trump's shoe ,,, its his HEAD
  13. hey you all got off point , about a ,.22 hand guns , into ammo shortages ,,,, and if you live in uk just stuff it you can't be trusted will firearms ,nice peillet guns tho,,,,,I have a Rugger gov moldel bull barrel 7.5 which is accurate and price is good , ,,,,,,and come in different configurations....all so have a Beretta .380, auto ords .45 {colt 1911} and a Colt 6" .357 python very Nice
  14. Still playing BF4, did not buy B1,,, BF5 looks better then BF1 but still less then BF4,,,, but probably will buy this one ,, as For our BF4 server ,would like to see it have all the maps and a infantry only mod,,,,, then maybe we could have some play there/ and have BF4 game night ,,,,
  15. reddog955i

    Hi Tangmere , and happy birthday and here is the next Head Shot ,,,,,,
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