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  1. CplAh

    Thanks all!
  2. CplAh

    It has to be an issue with the cooler. I left my pc running for a few hours today, to see where my temps sit normally. I'm getting 21C idol. As soon as I loaded Call of Duty: WAW my temps shot to 78C where normally it would sit around 30C. The pump shows on LINK (performance mode) that it's running at 2400 RPM and the fans on max at 2160 RPM. I'm not 100% but I think the software is guessing what the RPMs should be and not actual for the pump. Even when i boot up my PC i would usually hear the liquid when its engaged, now i hear nothing. Thanks for all the trouble shooting everyone. I still have 2.5 years on the warranty so I will RMA this.
  3. CplAh

    I do have Corsair Link, I set everything to max, still getting extremely high temps. Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
  4. CplAh

    @J3st3rXI I have a Corsair H100i GTX all-in-one cooler. @Predat0r I've already cleaned the thermal paste and applied new. I've also tried a few steps given by Intel using their Extreme Tuning Utility I also did a complete fan cleaning and dust removal from components and rad (as best i could see, apparently a bad job looking at the pictures LOL) Its an Intel i7-4790k, Corsair H100i GTX (all-in-one)Liquid cooling, Asus Z97-A motherboard, 970 FTW, 32gb Corsair Vengeance ram, 1000w EVGA Supernova GOLD.
  5. CplAh

    I started to have issues with my CPU temps. It went from 30C idle to 47C idle, running GR: Wildlands 43C then 90+C. Whats odd is it doesn't happen all the time. This morning i played GR: Wildlands and my temps were between 35C-50C but tonight even running a quick virus scan put me at 62C so i'm not going to bother running the game. Any help? Specs below. Room temp roughly <15C I haven't done any overclocking.
  6. CplAh

    Those are mayflies/fishflies. This beetle is a June Bug.
  7. Any keys still available? I'd give it a go, Looks pretty good!
  8. CplAh

    @JNashvilleXI I used EVGA OC Scanner. Also getting 1203FPS on Ghost Recon: Wildlands at certain points while playing.
  9. CplAh

    @BUDMAN Right now I have an Asus VG248QE 24" 144 Hz monitor.
  10. CplAh

    SO, after selling a few older computer parts and a 970, for a total of $138(CAD) I purchased an EVGA 1080 FTW on Amazon! My PC is now on fire with all my games maxed at Ultra setting! Benchmark test puts me at 631 FPS!!!
  11. CplAh

    I've been trying to sell my 2 970 FTWs for months now to get a 1080.... No luck.... Its a better time to get one now because the prices dropped $200-$300 for 1080s. Still no luck...
  12. CplAh

    @@LaRSin Nope, I don't even have that option... Oh well.. No biggie. Thanks anyways!
  13. CplAh

    @@LaRSin how did you customize it to look like that?
  14. CplAh

    Seems every other week i'm looking for some advice. This time its regarding wifi access point/extending. I have a wireless router from my ISP and a Netgear nighthawk. I'm trying to make the netgear an access point in the upper level of my house. I can't seem to get it to work. I changed the netgear router into an AP using the same SSID and security aswell as the key. Am I missing something? I followed a "DIY access point" I found on Google but it's still not working properly. Thanks for any help.
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