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  1. -FOXXX-

    I'm not sure what made NACHO fly but I hope he has landed safe lol
  2. -FOXXX-

    Happy birthday all. Have nice day @Woody_Ger
  3. -FOXXX-

    Hi OLI you certainly can KILL Thx you registered here as I invited you to do..great to have you in the XI forums I understood you also play COD2, we have 2 servers for that maybe you can have a look in there as well? PS: I live in Amsterdam and do not need a European server to kill you, thats easy lol
  4. -FOXXX-

    @GER__Phantom Ehhh...Thank you my friend Nice music.. Wo bist du? Will dich erschiesen haha
  5. -FOXXX-

    Might be a very good idea @BlackRose & @AthenA/ @McGrim With COD1 & 2 I played nothing else... In those days (2004 OMG) we played anything from 1:1 to 8:8 S&D, server with (clan)password, anybody could arrange a personal scrim anytime (password)...very very intense Is this possible @Merlin007 to quickly set up one of our servers by an Admin and have a war? Alternatively TDM with Friendly Fire on ...acause for a lot of swearing for some but comes closer to FT PSD: the S&D mod included warming up and bash round, winner decides on who starts, 60 secs between maps, maps selected beforehand etc.
  6. -FOXXX-

    Welcome to the forums
  7. -FOXXX-

    Bloody hell.. @AthenAplays very well....that rimes So I will reinvent myself and adapt, and challenge you for a 1:1 DM2 match...starting from 10:00 hrs CEST 24/7.. @BlackRose can watch PS: unfortunately 1:1 does not permit for a FT scrim TY
  8. -FOXXX-

    Welcome to XI ?
  9. Restart when not busy for new map rotation
  10. -FOXXX-

    Matters of the heart @RobMc lol
  11. -FOXXX-

    Welcome to the forums! What he said, COD5 DM2 server is the best
  12. -FOXXX-

    Congrats and welcome to the family
  13. -FOXXX-

    Happy birthday all And have a great day Mcrim? no climbing today!! https://tse1.mm.bing.net/th?id=OGC.a384c69d6971d70ee306ec7085dffd91&pid=Api&rurl=https%3a%2f%2fmedia.giphy.com%2fmedia%2ftzkWT9F2R7sJi%2fgiphy.gif&ehk=JHf8c8BrwGsYg%2fl2bV4Ysg
  14. -FOXXX-

    Still watch it every week Johnny makes me laugh, very funny...
  15. -FOXXX-

    Response of @-FOXXX- no comment Response of Foxx: response time is overdue, please contact our service department PS: FU! lol
  16. -FOXXX-

    Hoi the outsider, welkom in ons XI forum samen met je broer... Bezoek me eens op COD5 DM2 server Groeten uit Amsterdam
  17. -FOXXX-

    @RobMc True, but at least we have TV in AMsterdam...So you're also into "family stuff??" Hi @Psycho_dad, congratulations!... @RobMc is your first customer
  18. -FOXXX-

    Welcome to the family
  19. -FOXXX-

    Welcome tot the family
  20. -FOXXX-

    Congrats! And enjoy your 2nd life
  21. -FOXXX-

    Happy birthday all, make it a great day!
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