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  1. Oster

    Halo Reach/Halo MCC has released on PC today on Steam, if you are interested you can buy Reach by itself for $10 or you can buy the entire collection of MCC (Halo Reach, 1, 2, 3, 3 ODST, and 4) for $40 which in my opinion is a great deal for getting 6 games for $40. I am not sure when the rest of the halo games will be released on PC, but 343 Industries has stated they will be released when they are ready which means it could be many years until the rest of the games are released.
  2. Oster

    @Cheyenne Post your complete specs, RAM, CPU, GPU, and what type of Drives you use (SSD or HDD). We might be able to help a little more with that info.
  3. Oster

    @LilMord Please go make a post here and state which team you want to be apart of.
  4. Oster

    @BlackRose LilmordJR wants to be in for tomorrow, she made a post in community news I will try to get her to post here.
  5. Oster

    That or goto this pc then right click your C drive and goto properties, Secuity, Advanced, then change Owner to yourself it will take a while but that should work also.
  6. Oster

    I'll be there!
  7. Oster

    I am available, I would prefer the cod 4 team but seems almost no one is on the cod 5 team so if they need help I can join them also.
  8. Oster

    @Darkman You dont need receipts if you bought less than 5 cpus
  9. I should be available for that event if you'll have me
  10. Oster

    Half Life is not back lol. Need some Fs for this VR shit. Looks good btw graphics wise but absolute bs that its vr only.
  11. Oster

    @Markoff Please get the 9700K, much better CPU for only a few dollars more.
  12. Oster

    @J3st3rIf you noticed it says or purchased after visiting the amd website. So yes anyone in the US who bought one of the listed models is eligible. The reason California is specified is more than likely because of a law pertaining to the suits or some other reason.
  13. Oster

    If you are American like myself you can make a claim, however, if you buy 5 or more you have to show proof of purchase with receipts.
  14. Oster

    Yea I had 2 8350 so maybe I'll get something who knows.
  15. Oster

    If you have ever owned any of these CPUs : FX-8120, FX-8150, FX-8320, FX-8350, FX-8370, FX-9370, or FX-9590 , you could receive a cash reward. Pretty much AMD stated that these CPUs were 8 Core 8 Thread. When in reality the CPUs were dual threaded so they have 4 cores instead of 8. You can make a claim here.
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