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  1. Honestly, the new mod feels more balanced overall. I like it!
  2. Based from the stats it looks like it is a good player doing map glitches. Either way their own fault for glitching and getting banned.
  3. Oster

    @KaptCrunch You are referring to dskchk, SFC scans the file system not the drive so C:\Windows and hidden files related to Windows, also I did not say to defrag the drive I meant just backup and delete anything related to Cod 4. Sorry if that was misconstrued.
  4. Oster

    @KaptCrunch The steam64 id is your public steamcommunity link anyone who goes to your profile sees this so doesn't matter that it is out there.
  5. Oster

    Yea @RobMc something might be corrupt I would backup your profiles again and blow away the entire thing. Registry, Game Files, Mods, any settings associated with Cod 4, etc... restart your computer then reinstall. I would also run CMD as admin and do a sfc /scannow just incase.
  6. Oster

    Damn sorry to hear that you were screwed like that. Question what is the steam64 ID of that account I am going to be doing some research or if anyone else knows what the profile is? Should look like mine here 76561198021918856
  7. Oster

    You should wear that as a badge of honor lol admins in BF4 are more salty than a salt lake when they come up against a good group.
  8. Oster

    Wait, even if you got locked out. Can't you just do forgot password and have it sent to your email to reset it? Or did you lose access to your email also? @Texas
  9. Oster

    Got my second shot of Pfizer yesterday other than a couple aches here and there I am good.
  10. Oster

    @Wardogs411 Yea can't do it sorry I am home around 6:30 PM CST so 7:30 PM EST not going to work for me. Thanks for the offer though!
  11. Oster

    I'll join if you like but I just need to know the date/time just incase work gets in the way.
  12. Oster

    Are you using Win 7 or 10?
  13. Oster

    Delete anything not in use in C:\Windows\Temp and C:\Users\{Your Name}\AppData\Local\Temp
  14. Oster

    https://browser.geekbench.com/v5/cpu/5656875 https://browser.geekbench.com/v5/compute/2163868
  15. Oster

    Nah 650 is the better option with the specs we have been recommending. Having too much is not necessarily better but having too little will cause more problems than not.



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