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  1. Oster

    Sorry my mistake @Morris it is actually called clonezilla.
  2. Oster

    I would highly suggest not going with the 2080ti even if you can afford it I have the normal 2070 and I am doing just fine running everything at 1440p ultra settings. If you are using a 4k 144hz monitor then yea a 2080ti might be necessary but if you are not using that then I would suggest going for the 2070 super or 2080 super.
  3. Oster

    @Sharpe the way you fix that is in game or in app. There are app specific settings that can limit the refresh. Also turning off v-sync fixes the refresh issue too if you notice it seems slower than what you set the refresh to.
  4. Oster

    Hey if you havent already started you can use a program called copyzilla to transfer one hard drive to another if you are up for that it would only take about a hour or 2 versus stressing over transfering everything manually.
  5. Oster

    ah ok thats much better lol I was scared for a min.
  6. Oster

    I'm not sure if you are being serious or not lol. But if you are I am having a hard time wrapping my head around spending almost $4k on a 60hz monitor I would expect minimum 144hz for that kind of money lol.
  7. Oster

    Either go 2700x or 3700x I have the 2700x and it has been doing really good for the past year for me, if money is a issue then 2700x if not go 3700x. I am going to base the rest of my opinion on Arma 3 mostly as I do not have much experience with EFT or LIF. If you want to run Arma 3 nicely you will need to up your ram to either 16GB or 32GB and really try to go for either 4x4 or 8x4/4x8 I forget, you need a good CPU so either the 2700x or the 3700x work great. You will need more space SSD wise I would scrap the HDD and put a 1TB SSD instead and keep the 1TB SSD as a storage drive along with the 256GB SSD as your OS drive. These specs will probably more than accommodate LIF but EFT is give or take because it is a resource hog as it is from what I heard so maybe a better GPU for EFT.
  8. Oster

    That is a usb driver goto the motherboard manufacturers website support page and download them from there. If you don't know how to get the model info just get CPU Z or type in dxdiag in the search bar and the motherboard should be on system model on the first tab.
  9. Oster

    @Billymilano I have tested this time and time again I run all 4 of my dimms at XMP 3200, which is what my RAM is rated for, with no problems. I am talking about overall experience/performance which is WAY better than 2. Less stuttering, better multi tasking performance and the list goes on. For gaming alone yes you will not notice too much of a difference but when I am gaming and can have music, videos, other games, etc... running at the same time with no performance hit you will notice a great difference in overall experience/performance. A silly benchmark can't tell you the complete performance benefits overall, and with those extra lanes open for the CPU it also helps the GPU function and actually prevent huge bottlenecks.
  10. Oster

    Looks amazing, but how much RAM is that, 16, 32, or 64? Having 4 sticks works much better performance wise than having 2 but just make sure your motherboard BIOS is up to date to have less compat issues if you do go for 4 sticks in the future. Also yea @Sammy I'm guessing around $3k US for all of that lol.
  11. Oster

    That's fine if you want I will give my last update to the mission file if you want it for Napf if you didn't take the exile server down yet, and ok thats fine.
  12. Oster

    How is there a suspicion of that, the only time I have ever been on the servers is when I was on with everyone including admins. I did a few gem missions which seen a profit of over 1.8 mil, plus selling ospreys and c130's which give you 150k a piece. On top of that you gave me 1.5 mil as a gift so now the numbers should start to add up money wise. For the weapons there should be no question at all, I have done countless missions with Kage, NousDefinitions, LilAcorn, DarthRevan etc.. and bring back weapons, ammo, resources, and vehicle repair parts from almost all of them. I tend to do the black missions more often which yield the heavy hitter items like safes which is why I have 2 safes placed and 2 more in reserve in one of my safes for other people to use if they need it.
  13. Oster

    Oh thats the reason, my suspicion was that when I messaged josh about the database error I thought you were super mad about that and misunderstood it and was super mad about that, when I looked at the host name in the config file it had the generic gtx game hosting name so I changed it to the xi name so I could find it in the server list when I was testing my mission files and verify that the server was actually visible in the server list. I didn't know you already changed the name.
  14. Oster

    This appeal and its replies are in a public forum and can be seen by all. What server were you banned from?: I think all of themWhen did you get banned?: TuesdayWhat was your in-game name?: Oyster KrabsWhat is your game GUID (if known): 76561198021918856Why do you think you were banned?: I have suspicions as to the reason why but I really have no clue behind the real reason.
  15. Oster

    Ah ok, I didn't know what the purpose was before thanks for clarifying. ICE is always mean!
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