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  1. Oster

    Was Win 7 on the same computer? If so maybe try plugging the keyboard into another USB slot if that doesn't work then idk.
  2. Try /cl_bypassmouseinput 0 in the console.
  3. Oster

    @BeerGoat Try this website https://www.guidingtech.com/fix-windows-alt-f4-key-not-working-error-windows-10/ Has a lot of different fixes one may fix it for you.
  4. Oster

    I would suggest trying another keyboard to see if that is the problem. Another would be that your son might have got more malware by trying to do something. Install malwarebytes if you haven't done that already and try a scan, some advanced forms of malware are based on hardware infection so a fresh install of windows sometimes isn't enough.
  5. No no @VHS2 I could care less about the kills but if you also noticed I stated I am usually one of the top scorers in the match, I try to defrost as much as possible too. While I may be better at killing the ratio doesn't matter. Also I am mostly referring to the classic ftag server as that is what I mostly play and defrost/kills are worth 50 points ,no variation like in the mw2 server being 100-120 for defrost. Also @RobMc just pointing out the abnormality.
  6. Just wondering if rank editing for the Ftag is even legal, I have noticed players that are lvl 65 when they probably should not be. Of course I cannot completely confirm this because the stats system has not been active for the entirety of the server life. But for example in the classic ftag server my stats https://stats.xtremeidiots.com/5/player_stats/view/105, I have a little over 2500 kills and I am usually within the top 5 scorers most matches I am apart of, I am a level 57 or 58. I have noticed many players while being 65 are scoring much lower than myself. Now the question is have they played 3-4x the matches I have played overall or is their something else here. Examples https://stats.xtremeidiots.com/5/player_stats/view/21 https://stats.xtremeidiots.com/5/player_stats/view/179, and again I am only speculating foul play I do not have complete evidence.
  7. Oster

    Yea that's pretty insane, it's like these companies have forgotten the importance of compression lol.
  8. Oster

    Found it under advanced power settings in my power plan thanks so much it was under sleep and allow wake timers. Thanks a bunch @Krackennutz!
  9. Oster

    I have a little bit of a confusing problem at the moment. When I put my computer to sleep at night I often wake up to it being on, today it restarted itself while it was sleeping, I already disabled wake on lan for my network adapters in device manager which is why I am stumped now as to why it is turning on and the powercfg lastwake command in cmd said their was no history of the last wake. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Oster

    So sorry you have to go through this, I can't imagine what it feels like.
  11. Oster

  12. Oster

    Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion CoD 4 CoD 5 Arma 3 DOOM 2016 (Soon to be Eternal) Destiny 2 Halo Factorio GTA V Borderlands 3 Ghost Recon Wildlands/Breakpoint Insurgency Squad Warframe S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl/Clear Sky/Call of Pripyat/Call of Chernobyl (Mod) Just a few of the games I really like but their is more though lol.
  13. Oster

    First one looks awesome.
  14. Oster

    Thanks Everyone!
  15. Oster

    @HudsoN, did you mean they are down for a few days orrr? If you need help with the Arma 3 server I can do that since I have run a few servers myself including exile.
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