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  1. Oster

    No problem @Evil-Monkey it really sucks that the motherboard was the problem I was trying to avoid that option until a last resort because of it being one of the more pricey pieces. I hope you are able to RMA or return the one you have because of that being the issue.
  2. Oster

    Try to amend your sata cables up 1 slot so if you have 3 cables it would go from 012 to 123. Finally if that doesn’t work you can try to switch out the motherboard.
  3. Oster

    Well in safe mode your power settings should default to power saver mode which might be the reason why it is stable and during normal boot your machine is pulling too much power from your surge protector which I think is why it is freezing because it is being starved of power. What I would suggest is if you have room try to plug your computers directly into the wall temporarily and see if the problem persists. If it does not and that is the issue then you need to get a heavy duty surge protector or get a different one so you have a surge protector for each PC.
  4. Oster

    Ok so the surge protector is not the problem I don't think but try to use another if you can and if you still have the issue try to use a spare PSU and see if it persists.
  5. Oster

    Look on the back of the surge protector and tell me what the rating on that is for amps/watts.
  6. Oster

    And is it connected to a surge protector or straight into the wall?
  7. Oster

    What is the rating Silver, Gold, Platinum?
  8. Oster

    What kind of PSU do you have?
  9. Oster

    So either your sata cable is loose or not good, you can either reseat the cable or replace it to see if that fixes it. Another thing you could look at is the back of the motherboard near the sata connection lanes to see if there is any cracks and if there is then you would need to replace your mobo.
  10. Oster

    @roadkill Don't lose hope yet there is a serious problem with the server right now if you want to follow these steps this should make it possible to join the server as is. If you don't have it already go ahead and download the DayZLauncher it is linked to the underscore. Before you install it though make sure you start Arma 2 first when it loads completely to the menu you can exit the game. Then start Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead then go ahead and make a profile for yourself after it loads to the menu. After your profile is made go ahead and exit the game and install/start DayZLauncher. Goto settings in the top right corner of the program and make sure it has a path for Arma 2 if not just direct it to where you installed it through steam. (If you installed it to the default directory it will be under C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 2 or it will be in a sub steam directory on another one of your drives if you did that) If that is all set and done go ahead and type xi in the name box in the servers tab and press enter. Click the very last button on the right of the xi server (it should look like a down arrow with a underscore) and it should prompt you to install the mods for the server, just click yes and it will start to download the mods you need. After all of the mods are downloaded you can restart the DayZLauncher and type in xi again and the last button on the right should be a play button now. You should be good to go, but just be warned if you are having a issue with the screen turning white just alt tab and force close the game and try to join the server again.
  11. Oster

    Hop in TS I can help you get the mods you need to get onto the server but it is currently having major issues.
  12. Oster

    @FunkyJosh>XI< Can you or make a complete list of the mods on the server I know you can play with only the three mods from DayZ Launcher but Chris is saying there is 11 so if we can get that list it would be easier to diagnose problems.
  13. Oster

    3 Things, 1. Verify all drivers are up to date. 2. Goto C:\Windows\Temp and delete all folders/files in that folder. 3. https://www.drivereasy.com/knowledge/solved-windows-10-freezes-locks-up-randomly-easily/ Follow this guide for Option 3 on changing virtual memory. If you are still getting freezes after all of this then open up your computer and make sure all of the connections from your PSU if it is modular and make sure all other connections are securely connected. If it still doesn't work then you will need to make a backup and reinstall windows then restore your files from that backup.
  14. Oster

    Great that helps a lot actually but I would not worry about the DCOM errors in the future those are actually normal and I have 4-5 in my event viewer now. Like I said if you have any more complete bricks just make a post and we can work out some other options then.
  15. Oster

    The 600 just means 10 Hours so if you want it set to 24 hours just set it to 1440.
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