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  1. -FOXXX-

    Coverage on the COD5 server is especially good... 🙊 Please put this voting topic to bed, it is a nuisance to both players and even Admins when in game😉 My experience since 2004
  2. -FOXXX-

    Welcome back to the forums!
  3. -FOXXX-

    FOB Amsterdam? 🙂 PS: whats the spec of your own gaming PC?
  4. -FOXXX-

    Congrats and welcome to XI!!
  5. -FOXXX-

    Congrats and welcome to XI!!
  6. -FOXXX-

    I replaced my 9 year old Logitech headset which was slowly falling apart with the Logitech G430 7.1 dolby surround for € 54...used some YouTube vids for the best surround settings and I am very impressed with the surround capaility and the comfort when playing several hours. Thx for the above posts to make my choice 🙂
  7. Incredible Mod, never seen flying vicious dogs before on our servers 🙂
  8. -FOXXX-

    Welcome to the XI forums!!
  9. @Ruggerxi Bolt rifles: Unscoped: magazine reload OK (clip), however single shot and bolt atction required. The dm2 bolts fire without bolt action. Can this be adjusted? Scoped bolt rifles: roughly 40 bullets can be fired before reloading. Reloading is bullet by bullet so it almost takes 40 secs. I guess there is no way around this as there is no clip reload with sniper rifles?
  10. Sounds great old git, you almost had me worried for a sec 🙂
  11. Within 30 seconds new players get full XP and all attachements are unlocked. After this go out of the game an customize your classes: you have acces to all weapons (only silencers you have to rank up, rifle nades and the grip for the shotguns, but grips you don't want, see my first posting) and all perks (also betty's). So I guess your up and running very quickly... Have fun!! @Ruggerxi @RobMc
  12. -FOXXX-

    Congratulations! And welcome..
  13. -FOXXX-

    Congratulations! Welcome
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