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  1. -FOXXX-

    OMG.. Clan inflation🤥 haha. Welcome true Idiot
  2. -FOXXX-

    OMG.. Clan inflation🤥 haha. Welcome true Idiot
  3. -FOXXX-

    OMG.. Clan inflation🤥 haha. Welcome true Idiot
  4. -FOXXX-

    So am I to congratulate you fiend or foe?
  5. -FOXXX-

    Happy birthday old git?
  6. -FOXXX-

    I proposed to give @2_MANY_BEERS COD5 server ADM rights again and I am very happy that happened (dependent on Beer's state of mind? haha) Especially for early morning European/late night US players in need of support. Congrats Monki m8!! Problem solved
  7. -FOXXX-

    Happy Birthday McCrowe, have a pot of your home brewed strong beer ;)
  8. Hi Idiots, I have changed my name from Angel59 to -FOXXX-, this has been carried out by ROCKAPE>XI<ADM at my request and all records have been updated. Thanks for your help @ROCKAPE
  9. -FOXXX-

    Aahhh...Royalty. Thats what we need. Welcome!
  10. -FOXXX-

    Welcome...enjoy killing you _derXos_
  11. Thanks Beers for all the hard work and quick responses...you made it the best server around with many others! Enjoy the travelling... Still fun to kill you on the server I found out... Good luck djMot!
  12. -FOXXX-

    Thank you @RobMc...but @BlackRose didn't mean COD5 player Yes...a good "player" I guess...no complaints