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  2. Nacho Nacho man. lol


  3. NaChO

    Perk that acts like a Hack.
  4. NaChO

    How can you run around with all the Equipment and Gear and Make no Sound? Impossible. On top of that Run around spawns and Rape. Using it. it just rubs me the wrong way it just like a Cheat and we allow it.
  5. NaChO

    Its an impossible perk to equip. Right on the lines of a Hack
  6. NaChO

    Oh Wild thank you for clearing that up!? 😑
  7. NaChO

    Listen everyone has a right to an opinion! But all my points are 100% Valid.
  8. NaChO

    Follow a player using it, you can see and hear how a Character can run around with all that Gear. Snow, Sand, Concrete and not make a SOUND jumping running also Rooftops with Metal and not make a sound using Dead Silence? its a Legal Hack. But a Hack is still a Hack.
  9. NaChO

    Your thoughts on being able to run around undetected?
  10. NaChO

    AIMBOT - Allows you not to Miss Target (Hack) Wall Hack - Allows you to see through walls to reach Target (Hack) Dead Silence - Allows you to Move Around Map Undetected to Reach Target (Hack)? The only difference here is 1 is an actual a setting in game and the others are not. Your Thoughts?
  11. NaChO

    I use VERTEX Glasses not prescription but for GAMING and are AWESOME. but dont tell anyone else
  12. If i told you id have to kill you. In game of course!
  13. NaChO

    Ive Been Rocking EVGA for about 15 years now nothing but high quality. MB VC all the goodies....
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