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  1. I will get back to you with the specific map. I do know it is the map that sometimes you spawn under that map in the field by the cemetery also has the church and the building with the Library. Explosive cans in the middle court yard. If that helps
  2. When the dogs are called in the server locks up my lag meter shows the server lagging. This only happens when the Dogs are released. BTW I love the German Shepherds the look so much better than the Black Dogs
  3. everytime the DOGS are called in the server is freezing up. Not with a Blue Bubble!
  4. Hello All, Just wondering I really haven't played much lately over the past 6 months, but for the few times I have logged into our servers the population has diminished considerably. This really sucks. Your feedback please?
  5. NaChO

    ok not bad!
  6. Krab you like a pissed of mother Fer please dont be made at me when i kill you!

    1. kebakraba


      ? ?  relaxed buddy we keep killing each other.

  7. Hello All Today I logged into the DM1 server for the 1st time in over a month and man is it me just getting older or is the server gameplay even faster than before including the weapons firing rate??? HOLY SHIT! Either way it's just terrible.
  8. Hello ALL I am new to this game. I have it downloaded for a while now but never fired it up until today. I cant seem to get servers to populate it is saying something to the affect of ( No servers available with your filters????)
  9. NaChO

    Hello ALL I need some assistance with this Game I have it DownLoaded via Steam for over a year now but never played. I just now tried to run it but it is saying no servers with the FIlters selected????
  10. NaChO

  11. Nacho Nacho man. lol


  12. NaChO

    Perk that acts like a Hack.



    You don't have permission to chat.
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