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  1. NaChO

    I use VERTEX Glasses not prescription but for GAMING and are AWESOME. but dont tell anyone else
  2. If i told you id have to kill you. In game of course!
  3. NaChO

    Ive Been Rocking EVGA for about 15 years now nothing but high quality. MB VC all the goodies....
  4. I like playing with myself, but dont like to play with NaChO not sure if it is a He or She but they always kill me no matter what gun he or she is using. So for me its NaChO!
  5. NaChO

    Hello Ever since my new build I have had trouble with playing back recorded video. Cant seem to get it to work. I now am running Windows 10 64bit
  6. NaChO

    BEERS FOR PRESIDENT! ? Happy Holidays Everyone!
  7. NaChO

    Sounds like a good plan. Welcome Monkey! Welcome Beers! whatever?
  8. NaChO

    Fantastic post! My Admin support has diminished lately, we have been swamped with Home Depot service tickets. Keeping us busy different hours during the course of each week. This week I will be traveling but will be able to pop in. Plus! anytime I’m on the DM2 server for a few hours I get bashed... lol with all the cry babies because I kill them. Also kick them for breaking server rules. MAKES ME WANT TO PLAY SO MUCH MORE! ?
  9. NaChO

    Good Job Admins and spawnymurph keep it clean Murph stick and move stick and move! Welcome back even though you use that weak DEADSILENCE SHIT. YOur better than that.... Right? lol
  10. NaChO

    I originally purchased the ACER Raptor 31.5 curved as seen in my photo. But i took it back because I have my eye on another model waiting for BLACK FRIDAY to see if I can get it at a steal!
  11. NaChO

    Haha! The SLI is just over kill but I did it anyways, I am ready for a few good years.
  12. NaChO

    coming togther
  13. NaChO

    After a 12 hour day servicing THD, I came home to a nice meal. My wife had dinner ready!
  14. NaChO

    Mike I had a pair for gaming 10 yrs ago and was amazed. Then I stepped away down graded and hear I am 12 years later. NEW PAIR. I will let you know
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