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  1. Thanks for responding, I'm going to wait till another router turns up next month, I've worked in the computer industry 15+ years so have done the basics. What it all comes down to is it has to be my side as others are able to join your sever and its not just yours that I'm having problems with. I've no antivirus installed and all ports forwarded both on the windows firewall and router settings, have also tried with with everything turned off and placing my pc in the DMZ so its outside my router completely. I'm pretty sure of two things. 1. My BT HomeHub 5 is blocking these ports even though its told not to. "Reason begin I had a Home Hub 3 do the same thing for Arma3, reason I have this BTHH." 2. My ISP is blocking some ports and I will find this out when I get a gaming router which is designed for heavy port forwarding. Thanks Steve
  2. Hello, I haven't played in a long time and am trying to join your server: XtremeIdiots.com Ragnarok CrossArk PvE - (v278.4) I keep getting this error: Unable to query server info for invite I've tested it and can join other servers ok, Is anyone else on your servers had this problem and found a fix. Currently reinstalling the game to see if that makes any difference. Kind regards Jog