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  1. MenTaL

    Calling @Bobby Light interesting is a understatement!!!! You forgot to mention we also feature the making fun of @Sixgun (aka Lucky the Leprechaun) show. That is so much fun and entertaining we should charge admission.
  2. MenTaL

    Congrats !
  3. MenTaL

    Sadly I hate to say but i doubt it. I play rust way to much!
  4. MenTaL

    Should be fixed!!
  5. MenTaL

    I will check and see but you should not be banned. Give me a bit.
  6. MenTaL

    The banning admin will get to you soon as possible.
  7. MenTaL

    The banning admin will get to you soon as possible.
  8. MenTaL

    Welcome Bobby glad to see you finally make it on.
  9. MenTaL

    Most games XI plays is based on fighting!!!!
  10. MenTaL

    Welcome Tony, good to see you on here. Now go shoot Bobbylite!!
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