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  1. Using my neighbors for target practice.
  2. I did not want to mention any names on who does all the falling, but if you watch you will see.
  3. They shoot at us and we failed at getting even.
  4. Funky dies twice in taking large oil rig!!!! Sorry Funky but i did not want to disappoint you so i had to use that in the title. LMAO
  5. Well if you was online at the time you could have. Heck i was lucky i didn't. But do not worry next video i post I am sure one of us will if not both.
  6. A little scuffle over excavator and had to kill a couple. LOL
  7. Letting the attack chopper know who is boss.
  8. I hate this 59 is young, Prayers for his family !
  9. MenTaL

    Falefly as i told you the other day i spectated you and you appeared to have no recoil when firing a gun that is known for and avoided using cause of its recoil and uncontrollablity. I will say say i may be wrong and maybe it is possible to control it that well. I will lift your ban. But remember when the most of the server is complaining about you It hurts the server and you will be watched. If you are that good you need to tone it down and really do not understand why you you would want to play on a server that your running over ever 1 with so many other servers out there.
  10. MenTaL

    I AM NOT THE PERSON WHO BANNED HIM. He has been talked to about other subjects from jokes about pedophilia with 7 year old children to this. I am and others are tired of dealing with xplr. The ban stays !!! Sorry XPLR but they are a lot of other servers out there that might tolerate this activity, This is not one . I suggest you find another place to play.
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