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  1. MenTaL

    Thank you for your respectful game appeal. I am sure the banning Admin will take that into consideration. Myself being the 1 that runs the server have no problem with the BAN being lifted as long as the banning Admin has no problem with it.
  2. MenTaL

    Yea I've heard that to but most dealers say that is not true. I like all bikes i just grew tired of the Harley.
  3. I got rid of my Harley and bought Kawasaki Zx14r. Not the real reason I go by MenTaL just thought it would be a good topic.
  4. MenTaL

    I am the Admin that runs the server and my answer would be no! But i will leave it up to the admin that banned you.
  5. MenTaL

    He really scares me at times!!
  6. MenTaL

    I do not look for content that comes from a fake character!
  7. MenTaL

    Rust is now on sale until July 9th for $8.74. https://store.steampowered.com/app/252490/Rust/
  8. GhostfaceJim and I Online Raid of eva! Jim and I got it handed to us be we won out in the end! Thanks to eva for sharing the video!
  9. MenTaL

  10. MenTaL

    Prayers for her and your Family!
  11. MenTaL

    Have to say no
  12. MenTaL

    Thanks all for the Birthday wishes!
  13. MenTaL

    What is this ? Telling my age I am not that old! LOL
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