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  1. {ESG}*Goku*

    Thank you for the information.
  2. {ESG}*Goku*

    Hello there, I pop in to have more precision on this "gaming time". Is this just from the beginning of the map played, or from beginning of the session of gaming on the server, (when being connected for multiple maps already, like couple hours sometimes) ? Thank you for this answer I was looking for, for some times now. (have many times being redirectedbquite at the end of a long map, which can be a huge frustration sometimes...)
  3. {ESG}*Goku*

    Yop yop there Ron Jr. Those are sad news indeed. He always had a got word for a laugh, both in TeamSpeak and in game chat. Always fair playing, cracking jokes here and there, taunting always with good humour, training his sons Lil_Bad_Bot and Tiny_Bad_Bot, both of them kicking our asses in the game most of the time. Animating the PSI forums and the shout box! He was literally a legend of the PSI servers to me, along with I.C.Holes, SPEEED, aNuBiS & SnowWhite (:-)), and it was a great blast to see him back, later on Cod4 servers, until couple years ago. This is a big loss to the community. Sincere condolences to you and your family and friends, LBB. Goku
  4. Too much choucroute at dinner... Except that, not any messages at the crash ?
  5. {ESG}*Goku*

    It can happen also that you shoot at someone and kill two, the other being more or less far away behind. Lucky shot indeed, by definition. By the way, are Power Rangers still around ? We would be happy (I would) to meet the other colors
  6. {ESG}*Goku*

    My favorite quote come from a movie I never saw, but still: Answering to Little Jones, Col. Braddock: "I don't step on toes, I step on necks" --> But the french version is even better: Col. Braddock: "Je mets les pieds où je veux, LittleJones, et c'est souvent dans la gueule!"
  7. {ESG}*Goku*

    No Apple here, but I still have my old Amstrad CPC 464 (1984) on which I learned my alphabet (hopefully not in the same order as the one of the keyboard), stored in my office, along with my Amiga 500 (1987) on which I spend more time than in my bed during my teenage years. (broke 7-8 joysticks on Speedball II: Brutal Deluxe) Random guy playing Speedball 2
  8. {ESG}*Goku*

    Yeah Choucroute powa! all sauced with 'Yop' yogurt. Au fait, Goku{CoW}, c'est un autre joueur Au plaisir Yop!
  9. FunStick, you just needed to take a look at the rest of the discussion.
  10. Hello there. I voted for the new mod, but for me, either of them is fine to me. Just have to adapt to it, and have fun with players on it. I have questions though: The old mod is available on another server so why people that want the old mod back don't go on the other server (and populate it) ? Is the other server less good ? (idk: ping ? ci ?, ....). And then so, to retake a question already asked, if the old mod come back on the other server, will the other server get the new mod ? Edit: For those who want to answer this topic, you have to join the club, attop this page. I figure this out after couples minutes of search... haha
  11. {ESG}*Goku*

    I'll go for this one, for the humor, the voice and of course, the style: Sorry if all the ones that could understand have to be French By the way, this might have influenced me to choose the (ut2k4) avatar I have there, with the mustache and the accent
  12. {ESG}*Goku*

    Oh, and I forgot one: With the old mod, some clusters of frozen people and some odd situations...
  13. {ESG}*Goku*

    Crévindiou d'boudoudiou ! Have reinstalled the game 1 month ago. Indeed, PSI has at least one server, but the freezetag version they have is not the same we used to play with. Like a mix with the freon back in time. I, too, made some videos back in time (13 or 14 years ago!) with some of the mods running on PSI server, as well as ESG server. And a little telefrag game: Good times.
  14. {ESG}*Goku*

    @Timmah! There were no pillars this time. By the way, most of the time, you see pillars when sun is low over the horizon. But last month, I got my first light pillars, over the Saône river, caused by the lights of the cities in front of my spot. Usually happens when the temperature is really low (at least, in the cloud were the crystals form): Short time lapse And there is one of the pictures I took, with Saturn & Jupiter really close to each other in the sky (was scouting for a spot to watch then on the 21st of december, the great conjunction) Most of the time, you can have what is called a sun pillar, at sunset or sunrise, with high cold clouds (cirrus clouds or even contrails): The 3 towers @a1rbud Yop yop milady. Fun playing with you too. Bis bald.
  15. {ESG}*Goku*

    Yes @Ruthless, same one I'm sure some tried (and maybe managed) to implant a Xlocator-like option in the CoD game. Of maybe in some like of a future-warefare mod... Glad to see you too. Nice 22° halo, @Timmah! And when you have a lot of well oriented ice crystals (hexagonal form), you can have this kind of picture (taken about one year ago, form my lawn) In this picture, we have: The sun, around which is the 22° halo, with parhelic circle (big white circle), with sundogs, upper tangent arc, 46° halo and what we call a Wegener arc, which is kind of difficult to catch. Picture has been processed a bit, to enhance those halo forms. All of this taken with a fisheye lens, for its wide field of view. Ice halos, freezetag, see the connection @Yop Yop yop Yop. Ah, le coup de la choucroute, je m'en souviendrai
  16. {ESG}*Goku*

    Thank you all for the welcome. @Z, j'espère que tu as trouvé des frenchies bien sympathiques en plus des autres membres de ce clan. @BlackRose , I have some old recordings that can help diving back into that wonderfull time. @Timmah! Nice colored clouds there. rainbows are the kind of atmospheric optics I seek, especially the 3rd & 4th orders (https://www.atoptics.co.uk/rainbows/ord34.htm) @BeerGoat WarGod, like in [B3O]WarGod ? And BeerClown ? Thaw you around.
  17. {ESG}*Goku*

    Yop yop. I have been registered for almost 10 years now, and I have been playing on some of your servers for quite a long time now, so I guess it is about time to come and say yop yop, formally this time. My first name is Nicolas, I am French (crévindiou !), from east part of France. I've been playing Cod4 for about ten years now, after a career on Unreal Tournament 2004 (hence my tag, standing for European Sniper Gathering, an old UT99/2k4 clan, with X-locators and sniper-machine-guns) Some of the people met there (for some, almost 15 years ago!) are still around, on CoD4 now, and I salute them especially. (Gothic, MikZzona, GodSpawn, BlackRose, ...) I hunt atmospheric optics and practice astronomy/photography/house keeping/DIY in my spare time, when I am not fro(a?)gging (mostly thawing now) here and there. Thaw you around ! Goku
  18. {ESG}*Goku*

    Crévindiou d'boudoudiou ! Bonne chance pour cette nouvelle aventure, avec qui plus est des frenchies bien sympatiques !
  19. Yes, can be annoying when in game trying to listen to game other sounds. On my part, I used to set an equalizer and lower the voices frequencies. This equalizer usually is available with soundcard sound manager. But it will also affect most of the time the voices ingame announcing perks for exemple.
  20. {ESG}*Goku*

    This is working now. Thank you for the quick move. Topic can be closed.
  21. {ESG}*Goku*

    Well server is full right now, I will attempt to join again on next map.
  22. {ESG}*Goku*

    Ah, this is odd. I will try to reconnect to the server then, and let you know if this is working.
  23. {ESG}*Goku*

    Sure. Thank you.
  24. Hello there, We were playing tonight on map named mp_hollow, one MW2 FT, then several players, included me were excluded from server, then when we tried to re-join, this was impossible 'You are permanantly banned from server'. Saw this for Tbr>Lady<, Dada, CRUSHER, among others, before it was my turn. This happend 5 minutes ago. Any explanation ? Thank you
  25. {ESG}*Goku*

    Ahah, Parigot certes, mais Jurassien dans l'âme !
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