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  1. Ranger

    Wait a second 🤔
  2. I hate to brag but this is a personal best for me on the ftag 1 server. Whats the highest kills you guys have done in 1 game?
  3. Ranger

    Try deleting the mod and redownload.
  4. Ranger

    Id like to join 😀 COD4 all day
  5. Ranger

    where did get your desk from? I was looking into a bigger L shaped desk.
  6. Ranger

    Get my post up real quick
  7. Ranger

    Might just need to
  8. Did gametracker cod4 servers go down? I use Gametracker to find servers to play on with good ping. Plus I use it mainly to connect to the ftag servers. Is it just me? Everything shows as unnamed with 0/0 players
  9. Ranger

    hello rwinn 🥶
  10. Ranger

    Yes thats me and thanks all
  11. Ranger

    Hey everyone, some of you probably seen me in game. Found the cod4 freezetag server on gametracker and now im addicted. Fun group of people here. See you in-game!
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