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    Hey n00bs, I'm Ranger, the 3rd best hacker behind @Sharpe and @Firedawg that play on the cod4 ftag servers. Just kidding, all love to everyone here. I am 26 and live in Georgia, US. I'm currently working as a technician at a Dodge dealership. Cod4 was my first fps game I played when it came out in 2007 and have loved it ever since. I used to play a lot of promod on cod4 but my online friend group at the time moved on to different games. I found the XI servers just skimming through the server list on Gametracker. Loved how active and funny the community is here and been here ever since. I only play a couple games when I hop on so I don't make people too upset but you'll see me around!! Also made a youtube channel just for highlights on the xi servers. I been kinda lazy but ill pick back up on uploading sometime.
  2. Ranger

    sup n00b
  3. Ranger

    Love it. makes me wanna upgrade my case
  4. Ranger

    what does /snaps 40 do
  5. Ranger

    Damn my pc sucks
  6. Ranger

    damn i really wanted to see some cock
  7. Ranger

    Im down to play it!!
  8. Ranger

    heres @HotRod55
  9. Ranger

  10. Ranger

    Looks solid to me. My only complaint is that HDD. Replace SSD all day (just my personal opinion)
  11. Ranger

  12. Ranger

  13. Ranger

    i would try to delete and reconnect so it redownloads usermap location is here: look for the folder of the map and delete it
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