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  2. Jaxx.xi

    4:43 PM ....LMAO
  3. Jaxx.xi

    I will contact Rockape....I used to be a clan member years back, but moved & never got time to play.
  4. Jaxx.xi

    I should also add ....played 4 cycles of the same map and was 4th in points ....
  5. Jaxx.xi

    Can someone tell me why i got redirected again today @ 11:20am? This time i got redirected to XI deathmatch???
  6. rite in the middle of good games .....
  7. Correct... whats up Xray?! Alot has happened in that time.....but yes none the less....finding time.
  8. Hello ALL! It has been a long time since I have gamed... probably around 8 years since I played a game. How have you all been? Some may still remember me. I have played with a bunch of you. Well, I hope I can play with you all in the future. Got COD4 installed now i have to download all the mods and what not. See you all around....
  9. Jaxx.xi

  10. Jaxx.xi

    Bob, I am truly sorry to hear of this happening to an XI family member. I have had 2 family members raped.. so I sorta know what your going threw. I know you have ALOT of things going threw your mind right now...like GG said " focus on the positive." Your are the ONLY male your daughter can truly trust right now! I pray for your whole family bro !! Remember 2 things..... 1. You have to be STRONG for your daughter, and wife! ( no matter how hard its is that you want to kill this mother fucker) excuse the language. 2. and most important ...Dont do nothing that you will regret later in life!
  11. Jaxx.xi

    Nice, grill! Beer and grilling should be a sport!
  12. Jaxx.xi

    Congrats, she is precious.
  13. Jaxx.xi

    someone told me that if BOB stands the right way on a windy day his butt whistles !
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