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  1. 3000$ ... mmmh In dollars USA trusts NY is one of most expensive city in world??
  2. Yep , nop, Nothing Je ne comprends pas. A la fin de chaque map, ça plante , c'est bizarre.
  3. It's a dvd version. I don't have gaming mode. I tried to run as administrator but it crashed. sry, I don't understand -> does your desktop/display setting match your game display setting ? I will post my event viewer if it can help My headset is basic, plug in the front of the computer-> if I unplugged and plugged, their is no effect at all. When it crashed, I can't quit COD4, can't open a browser, can't lunch an other game...
  4. Hi, Since 3 days, my computer crashes after the end of a party of COD4. Always . I can't do nothing except restart ... It's a new computer and run windows 10 . I don't understand why... Someone have this problem? Thanks
  5. Finally , just received my new computer (my old computer (+10 years old doesn't work anymore ) so I m back in game Now I'm searching a graphic card
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