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  1. ShaunZAR

    Thank you everybody!! much appreciated, had a good relaxing weekend.
  2. ShaunZAR

    Wow this is so awesome, welldone guys. Have one on me and be safe out there.
  3. ShaunZAR

    Sorry to hear D, hope you recover soon buddy.
  4. ShaunZAR

    @lTplkey336 Nooooo Its 14:40
  5. ShaunZAR

    @lTplkey336 Thats what i thought
  6. ShaunZAR

    @Ruggerxi Watch this guy
  7. ShaunZAR

    @RobMc Well, we are.... are we not??
  8. ShaunZAR

    @TheCheeseyCrusader Im definitely in! I am already in the XI regiment. ShaunZAR
  9. I was watching "a Series of unfortunate events"_ the series, but its over now. I really struggle to find something that i enjoy.
  10. ShaunZAR

    Welcome @Biotech its about time. Welcome to the family
  11. ShaunZAR

    I have a full 20mb fibre line, no F.U.P and i play Warzone with a ping of 39. Sure you will be fine with WoW. Just make sure of the F.U.P And thats while the wife watches her Netflix
  12. ShaunZAR

    @lTplkey336 don't lie key, you swear at me all the time. Just last week I had to go and see a shrink because of this. I'm telling @Dot80 on you.
  13. Enjoy your day at work Idiots. I'll be back Monday.
  14. ShaunZAR

    Do any of you play this game? And do any of you know if there is a XI clan/regiment?
  15. ShaunZAR

    Well.. as far as i know that the butt nade is a actual thing in Chinese combat, but seeing a Betty through a wall in ww2 is a bit far fetched.....
  16. ShaunZAR

    welcome poephol, now i can give you hell
  17. ShaunZAR

    @SuperNate Welcome my friend. Always a pleasure gaming with you. I'm not sure what my first game was i played was California Games. But with LAN we used to setup on Fridays and end on Sundays. Mostly played Half-Life Opposing Forces. Welcome good to see you
  18. ShaunZAR

    @Ruggerxi @loaderXI Thank you guys, seems like i got it working. Just need to add the Rcon Passwords. Ill add them tonight. Much appreciated
  19. ShaunZAR

    @Draygunnar its working now, absolutely stunning. I would live there! Thanks for sharing my friend
  20. ShaunZAR

    It wont let me watch it skipper, Says that you have only allowed certain people on Facebook to view this video. For this reason alone, I will only be awarding you with 1 star.
  21. ShaunZAR

    Cant watch the video Skipper. Says you only shared it with certain friends on Facebook. For that reason i would only be awarding you with one star.
  22. ShaunZAR

    I lost my previous HLSW login password. I have tried countless times to retrieve it but no mail has been sent to reset the password. So today I registered a new Email Acc on Gmail and tried to register on HLSW but the server does not send the New Accound Validation code, yes I all the information I entered was correct. Is this server still active? Also i can not get RCONww working, it just drops me in a unknown panel i placed below
  23. ShaunZAR

    @PACMAN---- Not sure if i understood your right. But you are supposed to add it to your name, You must leave your name as PACMAN----. Then go in game you go to options, multiplayer options. There you will is a setting for CLAN TAGS. You only add >XI< from there without the [ ]. hope that helps, if you want we can meet in TeamSpeak and ill show you
  24. ShaunZAR

    Welcome, glad you finely made it. Always a pleasure gaming with you
  25. ShaunZAR

    I used to, then life just got busy again. Did my courses through PADI. OW1, OW2 night and wreck diving
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