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  1. ShaunZAR

    Thank you everybody!! much appreciated, had a good relaxing weekend.
  2. ShaunZAR

    Wow this is so awesome, welldone guys. Have one on me and be safe out there.
  3. ShaunZAR

    Sorry to hear D, hope you recover soon buddy.
  4. ShaunZAR

    @lTplkey336 Nooooo Its 14:40
  5. ShaunZAR

    @lTplkey336 Thats what i thought
  6. ShaunZAR

    @Ruggerxi Watch this guy
  7. ShaunZAR

    @RobMc Well, we are.... are we not??
  8. ShaunZAR

    @TheCheeseyCrusader Im definitely in! I am already in the XI regiment. ShaunZAR
  9. I was watching "a Series of unfortunate events"_ the series, but its over now. I really struggle to find something that i enjoy.
  10. ShaunZAR

    Welcome @Biotech its about time. Welcome to the family
  11. ShaunZAR

    I have a full 20mb fibre line, no F.U.P and i play Warzone with a ping of 39. Sure you will be fine with WoW. Just make sure of the F.U.P And thats while the wife watches her Netflix
  12. ShaunZAR

    @lTplkey336 don't lie key, you swear at me all the time. Just last week I had to go and see a shrink because of this. I'm telling @Dot80 on you.
  13. Enjoy your day at work Idiots. I'll be back Monday.
  14. ShaunZAR

    Do any of you play this game? And do any of you know if there is a XI clan/regiment?
  15. ShaunZAR

    Well.. as far as i know that the butt nade is a actual thing in Chinese combat, but seeing a Betty through a wall in ww2 is a bit far fetched.....
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