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  1. May this be a lesson to join us on teamSpeak!
  2. ShaunZAR

    Thank you for the update, please send our support.
  3. ShaunZAR

    I was playing as well, and I have been playing a long time. There was a few times you shot me that was very questionable...
  4. ShaunZAR

    nice! one of our local snake in South Africa
  5. ShaunZAR

    @baldie thank you for submitting your ban appeal. We will be looking into this and a senior admin will be in contact with you soon. But with consideration to the rules that is clearly displayed and you chose to ignore. You can be glad it was only a wooden spoon. 😂
  6. The ban appeals are my daily dose of laughter. Well used to be, not many anymore. Haha the excuses they come up with 😂
  7. ShaunZAR

    Hit me up, I'm always willing to help test.
  8. ShaunZAR

    Slots are full, but there is always a possibility of someone withdrawing. So stand by. @BlackRose
  9. ShaunZAR

    Im not head admin but bring it on!
  10. ShaunZAR

    That might be a good idea, but then I won't get the radio back 🤣
  11. ShaunZAR

    I have the original owners manual but not in there. Frustrated. But thank you
  12. ShaunZAR

    Lol @Labob maybe for the more expensive vehicles. It's a security code for the radio. So it doesn't get stolen. If if does and you don't have the code it renders it useless.
  13. ShaunZAR

    I have tried that, as far as understand it works on the older models, but thank you I appreciate it
  14. ShaunZAR

    Yeah i have tried and searched everywhere, this is my last resort. I know there is a few people that assist on the Chrysler forums but my posts dont seem to go through. Ill try again sometime though
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