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  1. ShaunZAR

    Sorry to hear, glad you all ok. But living in South Africa it's the norm. But unfortunately a lot of times it's seriously violent. I have lost count on robberies and break-ins. Glad you are ok
  2. ShaunZAR

    Sorted, I appreciate it thank you. Glad it's all back to normal.
  3. ShaunZAR

    Changed my TS name had a few things to sort out. But lost my Tags on TS (COD5 and Mod) who do I speak to about this
  4. ShaunZAR

    Thanks Loco, I managed to get it back. Had to reload my Bookmarks. But sorted out by. Thank you, I lost my Tags on TS though.
  5. ShaunZAR

    Just downloaded it, I have logged in but it didn't sync my bookmarks.
  6. ShaunZAR

    Any body else using TeamSpeak Mobile? Can't find any of the XI channels? Surely you can merge your account?
  7. ShaunZAR

    There are certain files that you wont be able able to download. Some of them are restricted.
  8. ShaunZAR

    I am Definitely in!! COD5 please. Let me know if you need any help again. Whoop
  9. ShaunZAR

    Well said. I agree it was so good night! Thanks all for making it happen. Will be organizing something soon again. Watch this space. @AthenA @BlackRose @Merlin007 thanks guys!
  10. ShaunZAR

    Yeah yeah, well played DM team. Would like to see you on our Nam server. Well played....😁
  11. ShaunZAR

    Thank you all, especially @BlackRosefor all your hard work and the admins. It was fun, looking forward to to next tourney! Thanks again!
  12. Thanks @Merlin007 always appreciated
  13. He has tried with me quite a few times.
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