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  1. Hi all.. been a busy week. havent had much time to play.

    Will catch up on the weekend


    1. Modibob


      Hi Shaun cya fast in battle .

      grtz BillyMilano


  2. Thank you admins for your time dedicated to the freezetag server. Play almost everyday, some good days some bad. All of the best for the new year. ShaunZAR
  3. Thanks guys, i put in my other card and game works, something to get used to again compared to my old card... R.I.P card
  4. Hi There djMot, I do have backups. I do so every other day. Only have the one HHD in my PC. Nothing has changed. Still Using same ISP and modem, i have a sneaky suspicion it might be a Card issue. Ill have to install another card but thats packed away still. Never have this issue before, Not sure if its because of the move or just coincidental.
  5. Hi Everyone, havent been on for about a week due to moving house. All is settled in and tonight i connected my PC to play some COD WAW. But it loads the map map and as soon as it starts up the agme i get a blank screen. White, Purple or green, it differs everytime. I have downloaded the latest Graphics card drivers. Some advice would be appreciated, See you on the battlefield soon i hope. ShaunZAR
  6. Good day fellow freeze taggers, i have been monitoring my xp points lately and have noticed that my points go missing, at times it the hours and point count up fine. few days later there is a huge loss again. Should have leveled up ages ago. Says i have only played 100 hrs. WE ALL KNOW ITS BEEN WAY MORE THAN THAT. Another thing, my weapons class changes back every single time to a earlier setting, Im sure these are connected to my issue. Happy Tagging
  7. Thank you Merlin, i have tried to run it in Admin. Mode. No such luck. But least I know nothing can be done about it, It makes me feel better and can make peace with it. Thank you, much appreciated
  8. Hey Guys I have been getting a lot of the "unhandled exception" errors lately Im sure someone here knows how to correct this!! Getting on my nurves. Thank you for the Thaw
  9. ShaunZAR

    South Africa just last week (SEP 18th) legalized POT for private use. I dont smoke it myself and dont have any problem with it. Guess they realized our prisons are to full the harmless joint smokers. Keep it burning!
  10. ShaunZAR

    So that people dont copy his COD profile. haha
  11. Im definitely IN. Only thing is im also on EU time, so if it could be weekend/Saturday it'll be perfect!!
  12. Sounds Good, i have no clue where would even start. will go and have a look at Redline server a bit later. Iv seen it but never went in
  13. I saw a server today with "new" weapons, What is the chances that we incorporate these to the XI server (freeze tag in particular)? As Following: Full Burst Auto G36C MP44 (new) Semi - Full G3 Skorpion Special Ops MP5 AK47U P90 Side Arms UPS Desert Eagle Just a suggestion, what do you guys think? Regards ShaunZAR
  14. Sounds good, i wil go and have a look at it