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  1. sounds like fun. But dont have COD4 anymore. Lost everyting when my PC gave in. ill look for it and install it on my new one.
  2. ShaunZAR

    Congrats Bud, Many safe miles for you! Enjoy
  3. ShaunZAR

    @legi_istra hi man, welcome, fun playing with you and killing you. See you in NamFT
  4. ShaunZAR

    Downloaded that as well, you are limited to the data you want to recover.
  5. ShaunZAR

    I should be on tonight if all goes good. Having withdrawal symptoms 😫
  6. ShaunZAR

    Thanks @deerejon was one of the first things I tried. I got some software to help me out. The program is DMDE
  7. ShaunZAR

    Right! I found a program that actually works! It's a long process but it quite straight forward. Program is called DMDE. Great work to whomever wrote it. 👁️
  8. ShaunZAR

    I have tried CCleaner, love the program but didn't work for what I needed. But thank you for the input. Read below
  9. ShaunZAR

    My Life! Just got my new and shiny computer, but unfortunately seems something went wrong. Both my back up drives display as RAW file system and I connect access them. Any one have a program for me to access the drives. It shows up on My Computer but says it must format the drives before I can use it. And I know all my files are on there. I haven't done this in a good 15yrs. Please I NEED TO PLAY COD!
  10. ShaunZAR

    @lTplkey336 she was saying yes, I hope it will get sorted asap, I am lost at the moment! But I'll see you guys soon
  11. ShaunZAR

    Through a broker, they deal with insurance and estates. Apart from the insurance on my computer, I have household insurance. If any of my appliances break (fridges, TV's, dishwasher, ect) it gets replaced. Obviously also includes theft and natural disasters and fire.
  12. ShaunZAR

    Yeah hope it goes speedily, atleast got the quotes sorted today and spoke to my broker for the insurance claim. Holding thumbs.
  13. ShaunZAR

    I know! Hopefully the insurance will get me a good upgrade!
  14. Good evening fellow idiots, please note that my PC has decided it doesn't love me anymore. At least I have it insured. Will be offline for a week or two till I get a new one.
  15. ShaunZAR

    I'll do it asap, I'll speak to a H.ADM
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