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  1. Draygunnar

    Ty Rob what your saying makes a whole lot of sense. What I will do it construct a drawing with pipe diam and actual filters. I hadn't thought about bar reading before adding filters so I will do that. Also my pressure gauge sits between the 3 main fts and the ro filters. So is that best on the clean water output or the waste output?
  2. Draygunnar

  3. Draygunnar

    Ok I have a system that takes brackish water from a canal to produce drinking water. A 2.7lpm pump pushes water through 3 x 20” main filters then through 4 ro filters .q what pressure should the system be to obtain max flow rate. This pressure can be adjusted through my waste at the moment which is free flow and running at around 7 to 1
  4. Draygunnar

    Is there anyone here that runs a RO ( system for drinking water? If so I could do with some advise please.
  5. Draygunnar

    It's what they can't hear! Fortunately
  6. Draygunnar

    missed the last few looking forward to this one
  7. Draygunnar

    Semi retired teacher, just doing a little van delivery to keep busy ..
  8. Draygunnar

    welcome to the madhouse Baba
  9. Thoughts of the world who care are with you.
  10. Draygunnar

    your only as old as the women you feel...just saying lol
  11. Draygunnar

    Wine is ready
  12. Draygunnar

    Be there or be square should be a blast ...Christmas hats encouraged ..I hear Esssieee wearing just that
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