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  1. Draygunnar

    Wine is ready
  2. Draygunnar

    Be there or be square should be a blast ...Christmas hats encouraged ..I hear Esssieee wearing just that
  3. Draygunnar

    19.00 GMT think it's around 3pm eastern
  4. Draygunnar

    Good suitabality dressed we hope
  5. Draygunnar

    Chris (Draygunnar) with yaccster and penguins blessing we are inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. A chance to meet your fellow players and put faces to voices. this is the day after the 3rd weekly XI meet on sat...its designed to be a one off meet for generally the freezetag players, however it is an open invite. Topic: Freezetag Christmas meet Time: Dec 19, 2021 7:00 PM London Join Zoom Meeting https://us04web.zoom.us/j/9172711531?pwd=YVFLalFEejRyRXZsaWRwN1h3RGNZdz09 Meeting ID: 917 271 1531 Passcode: Welcome
  6. Draygunnar

  7. going out for a few drinks but should be on later
  8. Draygunnar

  9. Draygunnar

    Love to attend however, gonna take us 6 months to sail over lol
  10. lol Quote of the eve ...hey Dray I hear you live on a boat! do you have internet?... ROTFFL ..nope im still using baked tins and a long piece of string ....omg love you mad lot....
  11. Draygunnar

    Right pair of planks rofl
  12. Draygunnar

    THAT RV looks as wide as my boat lol
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