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  1. Dman67

    Congrats to all!!
  2. Dman67

    XI Tags look good on you Billy, Welcome to the clan my friend!!
  3. Short lived games today … see you later on … 

  4. Dman67

    Congrats to you all!! Perfect choice for all of the new Admins!!
  5. Dman67

    Welcome to the XI forums, Its always a pleasure having you in the COD 5 Ftag server, you are a lot of fun to play against or with, although I really do enjoy freezing you :P Glad you made it to the forums and see you in the game :)
  6. Dman67

    Welcome to the forums Shaun, its always a pleasure having you in the COD5 Ftag server, but I do say I rather enjoy freezing you as much as I can!!! See you in game my friend!!
  7. Dman67

    I'm very sorry to hear this, my prayers go out to your son and to your family!!
  8. Elvis you should gnome better than to say that, You are frozen just as much as Dragon is 😜😜
  9. Dman67

    Sorry for your loss!
  10. Happy Birthday To You GamerGirl!!!
  11. Dman67

    Welcome to XI and please shoot BlackCat as much as you can!!
  12. Dman67

    Happy Birthday Hefe!!
  13. Dman67

    Happy Birthday to you all and Happy New Year!!
  14. Dman67

    Welcome to XI
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