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  1. Dman67

    LOL Yes you did!!! Sure take advantage of a man when he is down to one eye LOL
  2. Dman67

    Just an update, I got my eyepatch off this past Friday and my right eye is doing fine. Vision is back thank God! Stitches come out tomorrow I'm happy about that.
  3. Dman67

    @Ruggerxi Thanks!!! Yes it was instant pain and still is painful, worse part is I can't drink beer until I'm off these meds lol
  4. Dman67

    LOL Raisin that was actually pretty good!! Thanks again to all!!
  5. Dman67

    Thanks everyone!! I am doing a lot better ,Doing better today, the swelling is gone down drastically but having a slight issue with a little infection now and went and got that drained and tended too this morning. @MikeB the cuts were just below the eye and to the outside of the orbital bone area, I can't tell if its affected my vision yet as I have a gauze eye patch over the eye for a few more days, doctors are very confident I will fully recover. Again thanks everyone for the replies
  6. Dman67

    Thought I'd share that this past Friday I suffered a serious eye injury and needed 26 stitches to fix me up. I was helping out a friend loading up some stuff for the dump and didn't realize he had put on the trailer some scrap steel and when I turned around to throw some stuff on the trailer I caught a piece of steel near my right eye at full force of my movement. All I know is I can't believe how much the face bleeds lol. So far they the doctors are hopeful I will have a full recovery but time will tell. I played ftag today for the first time and Eraser told me Ihe could tell
  7. Welcome to the XI family!
  8. Dman67

    Congrats Lazy!!! Welcome to the XI Family!! Those tags will look just fine on you!! See you in game!
  9. Dman67

    Welcome to the forums, its aways a pleasure playing with you in game, usually with you and not against you lol!! Glad to see in the forums Lazy!
  10. Dman67

    Awesome!!! Welcome to XI Biotech. Those tags will look just perfect on you
  11. Dman67

    Welcome to the XI forums!
  12. Dman67

    Welcome to the forums Bio, it's always a pleasure having you in the freezetag server and I also enjoy your humor as well, you are a wonderful gaming friend!! See you in game soon!!
  13. Dman67

    Awesome!! Congrats Morgan and welcome to XI!!
  14. Dman67

    Welcome to the forums Digger, always a pleasure gaming with you!
  15. Dman67

    Welcome to the forums Morgan, its always a pleasure gaming with you especially when you are on my team lol!



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