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  1. Dman67

    Sorry for your loss!
  2. Happy Birthday To You GamerGirl!!!
  3. Dman67

    Welcome to XI and please shoot BlackCat as much as you can!!
  4. Dman67

    Happy Birthday Hefe!!
  5. Dman67

    Happy Birthday to you all and Happy New Year!!
  6. Dman67

    Welcome to XI
  7. Dman67

    Happy Birthday !!
  8. Dman67

    Welcome to XI
  9. Dman67

    Welcome to XI
  10. Dman67

    Thank you GG for being one of the best Admins ever, you will be missed on the Admin team I'm sure. Now you can play and enjoy yourself in game with us all! See you in the battlefields!
  11. Dman67

    Welcome to the forums Ada, as always its a pleasure having you on my team in nam ftag not so much against me
  12. Dman67

    Perfect! I will check look for it now
  13. Dman67

    Happy Birthday Blackdogs
  14. Dman67

    Happy Birthday Seph, Hope you have a good one buddy!!