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  1. Dman67

    Welcome to the forums, always fun having you in the cod5 ftag server. You are a very good player, hard to find lol! See you in game soon!
  2. Dman67

    Glad they are safe and well Crusher, those are some scary pictures. Thank God for airbags!!
  3. Good to see you back Strato!!
  4. Dman67

    Welcome to XI Congrats!!
  5. Dman67

    Awesome!!! Glad to see you made it. XI Tags will look good next to your name Baba. See you in game!!
  6. Dman67

    Congrats Larry!!!! Those new tags will look very good on you!! Welcome to XI
  7. Dman67

    Welcome to the forums Legi!! Good to see you!!
  8. Dman67

    Hope you have a speedy recovery Cheyenne, can't wait to see you back in cod 5 ftag. Take care Jenny!
  9. Dman67

    Welcome to the forums oyster, you are a very good player. Always hard to find and you kill me lots lol!! See you in game!!
  10. Dman67

    Welcome to the forums baba, it's about time you stopped in to say hi! Always a pleasure having you in the owftag server.
  11. Dman67

    Elvis, I am so sorry to hear about your Dad's passing, my deepest sympathy goes out to you and your family!! You are in my thoughts my friend, stay strong and remember all the good times you both had, memories are a beautiful thing!!
  12. Dman67

    So sorry to hear this Elvis, you are in my thoughts prayers. See you soon my friend!!
  13. Dman67

    Welcome back to XI
  14. Dman67

    Hey Oxen, good to see you here. You are a great player and alot of fun in the ow ftag server. See you in game sometime!!
  15. Dman67

    Awesome!!! Welcome to the clan Key, always fun playing with you in game. Those tags will look perfect on you!!
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