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  1. Dman67

    Welcome to the forums.
  2. Dman67

    Welcome the XI forums
  3. Dman67

    Welcome to XI!!
  4. Dman67

    He says that to all the girls
  5. Dman67

    Happy Birthday to you Elvis!!! Have a Dos Equis or 5!! Cheers!!
  6. Happy Birthday Phoenix!!
  7. Dman67

    Hi Scarlett Gad to see you here and welcome to the forums!! You are always a pleasure to have in the servers, you make gaming a lot of fun!! See you in the battlefield!!
  8. I'm in as well, I have a new gaming PC being built and I would like to try out to see how it works out out killing Merlin
  9. Dman67

    Happy Birthday Lugster, I hope you had a great day!!
  10. Dman67

    Welcome to the forums and glad you enjoy our severs, see you in the battlefield!!
  11. Dman67

    Stay strong Gamergurl! You are in my thoughts and prayers too!!
  12. Dman67

    Happy Birthday Rugger
  13. Dman67

    Welcome to XI
  14. Dman67

    Yes indeed he was a true legend and sad to see that he is gone RIP Stan