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  1. Izumi

    I prefer an IPA versus a stout paired with the meal I made today, which was a chicken tortilla soup with jalepeno cornbread.
  2. After a string of random beers that were absolute no bueno, this one hit the spot. Awesome design on the can as well. Brewery url and beer listing below: https://untappd.com/b/listermann-brewing-company-five-dollar-milkshake/4958858 https://www.listermannbrewing.com/
  3. Izumi

    Inserisci il microfono nel retto e goditi una vita meravigliosa.
  4. Izumi

    If you suspect someone is using scroll wheel, let an admin know. That's frowned upon. The graphics claim though.... *shrug* I've seen and heard both sides of that in the game. If you're laying prone in a bush and shoot some decent players, you should expect a landscaping crew to ruin your day.
  5. Yep, good times. Nice to see a group of lefties, righties and... ambidextrous normies get together hang out and shoot the shit.
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