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  1. Fantastic tutorial sir. Looks great!
  2. Izumi

    Nice pair of toms.
  3. Izumi

    Sorry to hear this! Sending some prayers to him, you, and your family sir.
  4. Izumi

    Nice. The glitterati!
  5. Izumi

    Welcome George. Shoot ya in game. And yes, Wildthing has some good one-liners... I got a good laugh out of that "You've been knifed by the worst player, time to uninstall" one. Can't let that happen again
  6. Izumi

  7. Izumi

    3 days? My son received his results back under 12 hours. Must be a Kentucky thing, sent by carrier pigeon over the Suntory mountains... Get well.
  8. Izumi

    You know this is not a real commercial, right...?
  9. Izumi

  10. Izumi

    So tired of seeing these door images displaying my father killing my mother with a turkey baster.
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