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  2. Izumi

    This thread should thrive. Today was a mix of steak and chorizo topped off with onion, cilantro, lime juice and some rojo salsa.
  3. Izumi

    Watching the Reds lose another game. At least my seats were top notch, the beer was cold and a Cubs player (Suzuki) handed my son a ball.
  4. Izumi

    Nice pics everyone. Here's my baby. Currently out of commission with a hot rod causing fuses to blow. Waiting for a replacement I do the usual chicken, salmon and burgers, however a couple times a month I'll get up (or before I head to sleep!) around 2am to toss on a pork shoulder for pulled pork. Will post the next smoke when back in action.
  5. Izumi

    Would not like to use the weight bench after that sob...
  6. When Call Block works but texts still slip through the cracks... Blobbed out a portion of the number to not fully doxx my unsuspecting wrong number.
  7. Izumi

    Your mother. ♡
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