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  1. Kitsune

    Aw happy birthday @Bazza!!
  2. Definitely agree with this, kinda ruins it a bit when you get noob tubed from across the map else.
  3. Even if he wasn't hacking, he was glitching which is a big naughty Remember, glitches are for bitches!
  4. Kitsune

    Yeah I'm gonna believe a policeman because they're upstanding citizens lmaooooo Y'all forgot about Sarah Everard already huh? Raped and murdered by one of these 'upstanding citizens"
  5. So where does the new mod go once everyone votes the old mod back in, is that going on another server at least? I much prefer that over the old one, also not keen on the idea of Sammy's work just being thrown onto the back burner, he busted his ass over this and personally I think he deserves better. You already put the old mod back up onto a server, yet the people who complain about the new mod still flock to it rather than play on the other server, I have no sympathy for these people they just want a reason to whinge imo.
  6. Kitsune

    House always wins Timmah....unless you play the horse racing at the casino on GTA then you make a killing lmao I can turn 20k into 250k easy haha
  7. @Darth Revan time to empty the server out lmaoooo how long until you get banned?
  8. Ricko speaks a very 'special' kind of English, it's called 'Northern'
  9. Kitsune

    I'm amazed that people who have been here 10+ years think this is a new rule when I've always know it wasn't allowed. The problem is that it's incredibly hard to prove unless you know exactly what to look for, which no offence is kind of the admins job and not ours.
  10. Update: So I bought a beautiful Gothic style lace fan the other day and the little darling just decided to try and pick it up and run off with it. So yeah, she does just want to steal my shit
  11. Nah I disagree with the lowering jump height idea. Its bad enough in Ftag1 else
  12. I mean it's not that far fetched, I do it else. There's always some clod who's managed to get himself frozen there I run over there, yeet a couple EMPs around, hope for the best, cry if I miss
  13. Kitsune

    If you think the hacking in CoD4 is bad go play GTAV online for a bit. Fucking hell.
  14. Can't wait to see how many people cry over this I don't get killstreaks so this won't affect me lmao
  15. I'm obviously very happy to have my engagement ring back, I'm also surprised the fat fuck didn't eat it or at least try to. I swear all she cares about is food
  16. So strap in cause this is a long one. A few months ago I lost my engagement ring. I'd piled on a few pounds over the lockdowns and it no longer fit on my ring finger, so I had to wear it on my pinkie for a bit, but it was a little too big. So one evening it slips off my finger round my house. I noticed about 5 minutes later when I got into the car and it had gone. We looked all over but couldn't find it, naturally I was devastated. Fast forward a few months and @SgT.Chris sends me a photo from his house. It's my engagement ring. My only theory is that it slipped off into my hoodie po
  17. Kitsune

    I'm so sorry to hear this happened to your friend. I've lost a friend to suicide myself and I don't think I ever fully recovered from it, you always get the 'what if' feeling hanging over you. I make it a point to be there for people now, even if I come across as overbearing or clingy, I want them to know that I care and will hear them out.
  18. Kitsune

    Well everyone knew what I meant bar you so sounds like a you problem tbh. Everything I said was generally agreeing with you albeit a different perspective but you still flipped out and attacked me like you always do. I really thought you were past this. Go to bed.
  19. Kitsune

    You've absolutely read it wrong honey, the entitled pricks I'm talking about are the ones who rock up at the hospital with a wee papercut or whatever and start abusing doctors and nurses because they aren't being treated like the priority they believe they are. But sure babe, go ahead and launch insults at me based on your misinterpretation of my post. Everything I wrote was in full support of our NHS staff, but you didn't seem to grasp that I guess
  20. Kitsune

    In all seriousness though my two pennies is: NHS is GROSSLY underfunded and GROSSLY understaffed and yes, the abuse of staff across all departments is nothingshort of disgusting and exacerbatingthe problem. Simply put, people don't want to work for the NHS because the sheer amount of financial cuts means the pay isn't good enough for the shit they would have to deal with from entitled pricks who think they should be waited on hand and foot. And why would they when they can take a nice fat paycheck in the private sector or even moving abroad with their shiny new medical degrees where the pay is
  21. Kitsune

    Idk Rob this sounds like a 'Northener' problem as opposed to a 'socialism' problem to me. Just another day in t'North (Pssst. I'm making a joke btw, I need to make that clear because some people don't understand you know)
  22. Kitsune

    @MikZzona still need those chip deets boo
  23. Lmao how many winky/kissy faces do I need to put to make it clear that I'm teasing you
  24. It should be a requirement for @wildthing to be quiet for a game every now and again



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