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  1. ShadyBrady

    Fuck yeah, dude! That's awesome!
  2. Man...there must be two of these maps; one good, one bad.
  3. Fuck's sake...hate that I can't commit to this.
  4. Yeah it's not a bad map, but those random spawns are awful. Sorry, I forgot about that. Last time it'll be in the rotation for sure.
  5. ShadyBrady

    What up, Chile. Miss you in the servers. I hope you're good, man.
  6. ShadyBrady

    Sounds amazing! I'm sure it'll be a trip to remember. Enjoy!
  7. ShadyBrady

    Welcome! FYI I'm still knifing your ass.
  8. ShadyBrady

  9. ShadyBrady

    Thanks, Yacc. That was one I wasn't sure about. Won't use it again. Maybe we can swap it, @WldPenguin?
  10. ShadyBrady

  11. ShadyBrady

    If the trailer is a rockin', don't come a knockin'!
  12. ShadyBrady

    I like this one best: Ctrl Salt Delete Which one is your favorite? Mmmm??
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