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  1. ShadyBrady

    Damn...sorry for your loss, Queenie.
  2. I was gonna ask when the next rotation was being put in. Some bleak maps on that last one ugh. Thanks, Pengy!
  3. ShadyBrady

    Damn...so sad. I played with him just last week in FT1 and, as many have already said, he was always so easy going and pleasant. An exemplary player and overall great man. Happy Birthday, Corpsey! You will be sorely missed. Rest In Power, buddy.
  4. ShadyBrady

    Dude! Do it! That'd be so amazing!
  5. ShadyBrady

    Love it! Looks delicious. And the propane torches to get the kindling going? Man...those guys don't fuck around! I'm so lucky to live right in Koreatown with access to many different Korean restaurants. And I can make a mean bulgogi. Have you ever tried it?
  6. ShadyBrady

    (@ 1:37) "You see that's weird! Windows 10 here will last longer in good resolution, but it'll eventually overtax the video card with this 65 inches (BELCHES LOUDLY), but Windows 7 (swallows partially digested chicken wing chunks) runs smoother and crashes less often..." Hey now!
  7. ShadyBrady

    Yeah, it's postponed, but with good reason. Hoping they still do it, eventually. I want a new TV, baby!
  8. A few of us played last night and we all were saying how good it was. The gameplay/engine was so smooth and guns felt right. Give it a go and see if you like it better!
  9. Hell yeah to the old mod! I was also in there last night with @Hawk, @WldPenguin, @MHsDaughter, @Smithers, and others and it was great. Soooo much better than the new mod. I'm hoping it garners attention and stays populated. If you haven't been in awhile, go play!
  10. I'll second the time it takes to turn into an RC car is too long and we often are shot during the transition. Very frustrating.
  11. Yeap. I'm just using your own words here, Rob (from Sikon's post which started all of this): Cheers, pal.
  12. Ask around, bud. I'm always trying to run to frozen mates, toss an EMP, and hope I get them. Have you not heard me say, "Did I get ya?" Hmm...I have different numbers.... For: Jester RobMC (who admits to hardly playing anymore because "hackers") FunkyJosh Izumi Against: Me Timmah Sikon Dessy Kitsune Price Exe Power! Bing Destructo (chat) Deckard (chat) Roxy (chat) Don't Care Either Way/Willing To Try: Sharpe Basil AlphaDog AusiGirl Sourtap Ruthless I Don't Know Where They Stand?: BlackRose Baldie YACCster
  13. This is a very good point. Often, when an enemy turns into a car, will be passed on so the team knows that there will be an enemy appearing in that location after the car explodes or timer runs out. The smart players know damn well that they are getting intel'd, so they use that 5 seconds to get the hell out of there to not be ambushed and have time to have their weapon ready to fire before they get shot. That's now gone. The ability to play smartly and use tactics is being diminished or even removed in favour of players who want to sit and camp. I love how you make it seem so simple.
  14. Okay so I played a few hours yesterday and definitely noticed a difference and I definitely don't like the change. And it seems I'm not the only one. This thread alone has multiple people saying they don't like it. And there were others (who haven't posted here) who were also expressing their displeasure in the chat. As many have alluded to, it makes it awfully difficult to survive AFTER coming out of respawn. I died every damn time after I was a car.



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