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  1. ShadyBrady

    Nice! I like the long intro with multiple shots setup showing them getting there on the bike. And that radio! Sweet! The way the kids faces light up when the tunes start...haha! Yeah man! A couple baitfish, some turmeric, some bread, all cooked by a small fire...love it. Thanks for sharing. Perspective and whatnot.
  2. ShadyBrady

    If you get close enough to the screen, you can smell the cocaine...
  3. I remember when I first started playing with WeednFeed I assumed he was some chill guy who smoked a shitload of weed... Turns out he's an absolute badass in the kitchen. Wish I could try some of the chow, Weed! Looks great!
  4. ShadyBrady

    @Tron FWIW I got a chubby reading that menu... And don't worry about @Timmah!; he's just jealous... Jokes aside, lots of amazing dishes there. If it were me, I'd have ordered the oysters, steak tartare, smoked scallops, and duck breast. Would also love to get the A5 Waygu, but I assume it was around $300-400...
  5. ShadyBrady

    Damn, Queenie! That's great news! Glad things are looking up and you got your baby back.
  6. ShadyBrady

    Awww damn, Daughter. So sorry to hear of your loss. What a handsome pupper. RIP Obie.
  7. ShadyBrady

    Where... I mean.... just curious is all, but do you know where this was filmed? Like what street it was?
  8. ShadyBrady

    Maaannnn... Sorry, I was tired last night lol
  9. ShadyBrady

    @Timmah! sorry, but that one flew right over my head... What am I missing here?
  10. ShadyBrady

    Damn so sorry to hear the tragic news, Thunder. Will be thinking of you and your family. Best of luck and take care of yourself, man.
  11. ShadyBrady

    Hey hey hey Froggy! Welcome! Man...there's some quality craft beer in Maine!
  12. ShadyBrady

    That's one helluva ride, Burt! Beautiful!
  13. ShadyBrady

    You're a good man, Weed.
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