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  1. ShadyBrady

    Ahhh man that's fucking cool, Stormy! You've seen MT 40 times?!? Holy shit! A true fan. Sounds like an awesome night, brother!
  2. ShadyBrady

    @WeednFeed you ever try pickling the garlic scapes?
  3. ShadyBrady

    F'in campers...
  4. FYI older rotations were just used twice recently (two weeks ago and the week before that). I'm not sure how it was during the day when most of the EU players were on, but when I played later at night, I heard some complaints about a handful of the maps and some were skipped. My main concern has always been to try and use maps that most players like (even if they're not ones I typically like) and to avoid the server killers. That said, I've certainly tried out a few in my rotations that weren't well received, but I've always been receptive to feedback, taken note of when players complain or want to skip them, and avoided using those maps in future rotations. And I've always said (as has Pengy): if anyone has any maps that they like and want to play, they can always make requests. Or do an entire rotation. It's not for everyone, but I find it fun!
  5. Tell me this is your walk up song...
  6. ShadyBrady

    Ahhhh that's so great to hear you were able to reconnect with your son and the rest of the family. The Metallica shirts part was great haha! Great story, Stormy. Thanks for sharing, pal.
  7. @iboomboom inviting everyone in the east server to join the west server: I joined the other night and went from 30-40ish ping to high 90s, even in the 110s. I was laggy as fuck and warping across the screen at times. The weed and the wine was great though! I was actually going to approach the admins about setting up a late night server with smaller CQB maps for when there are just 6-12 of us. Sucks when a big map comes up and there are only 3 per side playing. Maybe we could make this server like that?
  8. Welcome! What we all want to know is: are you named after the dinosaur? Or Marc Bolan, aka T Rex?
  9. ShadyBrady

    Awww... it's Jonah and his girlfish
  10. ShadyBrady

    Fuck yeah, dude! That's awesome!
  11. Man...there must be two of these maps; one good, one bad.
  12. Fuck's sake...hate that I can't commit to this.
  13. Yeah it's not a bad map, but those random spawns are awful. Sorry, I forgot about that. Last time it'll be in the rotation for sure.
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