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  1. Second week is better for me, but I'm in. EDIT: Oh shit, Roxy's coming. I'm out.
  2. El_Terrible

    Congrats Bamm!
  3. El_Terrible

    I subscribed for a while, but cancelled because I wasn't paying to watch you dance like that. The first 5 or 6 times was fine, but you kept showing up.
  4. El_Terrible

    Welcome, Bamm!
  5. El_Terrible

    Excellent news, Weed! Happy Birthday to your old man!
  6. El_Terrible

    Hard to imagine a bigger idiot! Welcome, Hellspawn!!
  7. El_Terrible

    Timmah, Bama and Painkiller thank you for sharing your personal struggles with depression. I believe most people struggle with it at some level at some point in life, whether they've identified it as depression or anxiety or not. I'm generally pretty optimistic and upbeat, but I've been to some dark places in my 56 years. I've sought therapy and it helped. Talking through it with people who understand or care works for me and when I start feeling low, I reach out. I've lost a couple of friends to suicide and I have a lot of people in my life who are in a constant struggle with anxiety and depression. I'm here for them to listen, talk, whatever they want. Same is true for any of you. What a great group of people this is! Proud to be a part of XI
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