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  1. You are used to finishing yourself anyway, right?
  2. Happy Birthday Motodude!! Hope you have a great day!!
  3. LoL!! I think you enjoyed it way too much Ayaq, your voice gave it away Ok good, I am gonna be on today to check out the maps, cant wait And thx boss!!
  4. Merry Christmas!! He was one of the coolest kids And that was even back in the day when even I liked yellowsnow lol
  5. I was not able to attend because I fought with it to work for a little bit but then I learned of someone in my family being very ill and I was needed with my family. Sadly today we got the news we didnt want to hear. Hopefully I will make it next year, I missed playing with you guys..its always a good time in there.
  6. I appreciate the work these guys are doing to make the servers better and the game enjoyable. Sadly with that, comes bumps and hurdles but I have good faith that they will sort it out. And yes I know from reading this, its server and not so much mod. But either way, Its not like they put it up and said, "well this is it, you play it or you don't". Instead I do recall seeing a post for people to comment about any bugs they find and I have seen for the most, Sammy replying back..it was this or that and its sorted now. I don't play freezetag anymore cause for one, I cant but if I wasn't willing to be patient and let them sort the bugs out, rather it be mod or server, I just go play on one of our many other servers, there are some not having any issues. I will give a little warning, the zombie server..is having issues as well. Thank you fellas for the working your doing, great job!! And of course I will be reviving @@Sammy (he dies a lot lol) in zombies, I could let the zombies have their way with him for a lil bit if it would make y'all feel better lol
  7. I missed last year due to being very sick but I shall be there this go around Hopefully get the game installed correctly lol it gives me fits every year if I do recall
  8. Happy Birthday to my favorite admin!! No other admin can I get frozen, take a shot, get drunk and do nothing but laugh lol And one who will catch me when I'm falling down lol Hope you have a great day pete!!!
  9. So far, I like the changes made. I like that the stuff costs a lil cause it makes it more of a challenge so thank you Rugger. There are a few maps I would like to mention for possibly adding but I don't know the exact name of them but I can email to you once I look over the list of maps and get correct name. They are fun maps to play Thanks for the work your doing
  10. Sending our thoughts and prayers to our friends
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