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  1. WTF??? Tried getting on this afternoon and ping is sitting at 345 steady. Have you guys moved servers to Mount Everest or something. Cant even join now....you guys made dam sure I'll never get another game with you
  2. That's a great idea! We use this type of gameplay in DayZ however its never been one on one. There is a huge town & associated area we play within (rely on our honesty) and we hunt each other down. If anyone knows the game it usually centres around Cherno & Balotta to give you an idea of size.
  3. That wasn't my intention to cause "disruption" and it certainly wasn't a bitch. But I guess what followed was a general discussion of how the pings have gone to shit for some people since the last move. If as an Admin in your position(& also located in Canada) then tells us all who have an opinion to pull our heads in and take it or leave it...then, as I first commented... I'm out of here! Happy trails Shit head!
  4. There seems to be a growing consensus here....& a roll back to the older Mod is good move I think was the other gripe....
  5. Why the changes? With the exchange rates do you get the Servers much cheaper than in the US ;-)
  6. hi guys been fun playing on your FT server over past few years. I had a bit of a break but came back recently and found your servers have moved again and like many of my Aussie friends, are finding it unplayable. I play on other US servers with much lower pings and will hope that one day you go back to a US server so we can rejoin you guys. Have fun everyone! Long live COD4 Poddy
  7. What do you expect from Idiots...
  8. poddy

    That will count most of us Aussies out unfortunately
  9. poddy

    Just bought the game & put in about 20hrs this weekend. Awesome game...but freaking hard! Tried out your server as well but same old problems of high ping when playing on USA servers. Still 250 or so isn't too bad. If anyone wants to add me as a friend on steam I've joined your main Xi Steam group and look for "poddy" in members section. cheers
  10. I'm an Aussie and always play with a ping over 260. I'd swap my ping for anything under 100. I never win the 50/50 - thats when both players see each other and shoot at the same time...100% death rate there. I'm always trying to anticipate and I need to be able to shoot a split second sooner than the other people with the better ping. Often I'm shooting at people and they walk through my bullets, turn and shoot me...pisses me off to no end...you'll usually hear me growling when that happens a lot. You have to take the good with the bad playing on high ping servers. If I get time I'll record some gameplay of me shooting players and them walking through my bullets if you dont believe me. If it gets real bad some nights all you can do is camp it out...like Nighto does! Just imagine if tables were turned and Xi had an aussie server......we'd kick your ass good and proper...oh hang on .....Prinny already does!!
  11. Hi Toy Soldier, I like the new Mod you've got on 4.2. It's same weapons I think Sammy using on new TDM server here. Be cool to get a few Xi guys up against MSOB clan....kick your asses like Genesis used to do...just ask Qualicom.
  12. Hahhahaha...thats for when I'm 80yr old
  13. The game is definitely not for everyone. I probably got into it when I was sick of the "run & gun" bunny hopping dirtbags...& yes, I'm getting older & reactions are slowing. When I was with Genesis(extinct Aussie Clan) it became more social playing. Just having a chat while walking around. Takes a little less concentration than run and gun. Configs stop the camping and running to a degree but some maps people just can't help but snipe or camp. Selecting the right maps helps when it comes to types of guns used & gameplay. As much as I like it, some days I can't stand to play it as it is slowed right down ...der...it is crouch after all. Thats probably how I came to find you Xi guys. It's not for everyone, just thought maybe a few here would like to try it.
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