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  1. Tim

    Thanks everyone
  2. Tim

    Also <---- Location misses a :colon before the value. Also, may be put a space between the colon and the value
  3. @Phoenix911 long story short: a friend of mine found Parkitect on kickstarter, made a fan site for it (ParkitectNexus.com); we started modding the game just for fun, shared how to do it with people, got in contact with the devs when they asked for some help on implementing official modding support, later got asked if we wanted to work for them as Programmers, seeing they only had one full time programmer and there still being a lot to do. I'm not an extreme theme park fan, but working on this game has been a lot of fun. Going on a 7 day park tour end of may with colleagues (Europapark > Phantasialand > Efteling)
  4. I got a few jobs: - Developer at Movin (making indoor positioning/navigation software) - Freelance developer, currently working on a theme park simulator game called Parkitect - I'm setting up a game server hosting company with a friend of mine
  5. @Sitting-Duc is it still running? loading this page took me over 10 sec excluding stylesheets/js/images/etc Downloading all the rest took another 19 sec (with cache disabled though) EDIT: and posting this took about 30-40 sec, even clicking the edit button took roughly 20 sec
  6. Tim

    Happy birthday!
  7. I lost the ip of the test server, it's not on the home page, mind sharing the ip?
  8. Hey! I've been tracking the maps played on the MW2 ftag server for nearly 2 years now(631 days). If there are any stats geeks here or if you just want to take a look, here it is: http://c4.timpotze.nl/
  9. I'm playing on a 21:9 monitor, it plays just fine, doesn't look extremely stretched out or something
  10. A little late, but congrats pred!
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