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  1. Absolutely horrible news. Rest in peace Corpse, you were always a great player and I enjoyed playing freezetag with you. my deepest condolences to those who knew him.
  2. a1rbud

    Thank you everyone so much for the warm welcome See you all in-game soon!
  3. a1rbud

    Thanks so much everyone! I'm glad to be part of the clan Gotta edit my in-game name to include my shiny new tag
  4. a1rbud

    Wear your new name with pride! Good match, hopefully more in the future
  5. a1rbud

    Nice job everyone! The girls team gave great intel. This was great fun and I'd love to do this again!
  6. a1rbud

    Welcome to the forums
  7. a1rbud

    Howdy kittens! I've played w you a couple times on the freezetag servers. Hope you heal up quickly take it easy!
  8. a1rbud

    Happy anniversary to you both!
  9. a1rbud

    Wow that cheesesteak looks amazing. And you make the dough from scratch too? Have you ever made a deep-dish pizza? Very fun meal and extremely filling lol
  10. a1rbud

    No photos But I've been told I look like a blonde version of Ygritte from Game of Thrones. I don't watch the show so hopefully that's a good thing LOL.
  11. a1rbud

    Good to hear, thank you!
  12. a1rbud

    It's 64 and sunny here in Arizona. Wintertime here is really pleasant - but of course, our summers are brutal, so it's a bit of a trade-off. Stay warm everyone!
  13. a1rbud

    Happy birthday @VANHELSING!!
  14. a1rbud

    I'd be down if this is open for non-members too
  15. a1rbud

    Yup, cast iron is the best. It can (and does) last forever - my friend just bought a 1950s 10" cast iron pan at an antique shop and the thing is sturdy as ever. Best way to evenly heat anything, and doesn't have any of the freaky chemicals present in Teflon. I had no idea about the natural iron supplements...yet another positive about cast iron LOL
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