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  1. Will give this server a go when i get the chance. Had a quick look, ping decrease from 230 to 158 so good there. I like playing with the regulars though, thats why i still play cod4.
  2. Welcome Bamm, clinical psychology huh, endless patients here haha. Welcome to the forums see you in game!
  3. I read it as KaptCrunch intended it however the comma could have been substituted for another question mark and it would have saved the confusion..maybe they are using software to reply to enquiries as Sammie said.
  4. I'm a Shotfirer/Blaster in the mining industry. I'm currently working in a coal mine in Central QLD Australia turning big rocks into little rocks!
  5. RIP @Corpse2 we always had a blast in the FT1 server back in the day, you will be missed! Happy Birthday Brother!
  6. All this talk of back doors and money reminds me how lucrative it was being an admin!
  7. Definitely had some laughs with that fucker haha ??
  8. Hey ya Roxy! I'm great thank you, see you soon! ?
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