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  1. poppycock

    Sorry you feel that way robmc, but if you look at my post you'll notice that I specifically asked for a stock hard core ctf server with custom and stock maps, the people I have talked to, including myself, don't really like the modern warfare mod, it doesn't seem to run that well on a lot of computers. It's really not that big of a deal, I just thought I'd throw the idea out there.
  2. poppycock

    Ya, sorry, not really into the modern warefare mod, it's all good, anyone who wants to join me on DPG'S server It's populated nightly between 5:00pm and 9:00pm mountain time, hope to c u there:)
  3. poppycock

    What the hell is valentines day? Something to do with feminism?
  4. poppycock

    I wasn't aware that it was there, I've been playing nightly on DPG'S server, c u there
  5. poppycock

    There seems to be a lot of interest in a CTF server, how do I get this to happen? Please advise.
  6. poppycock

    I'm trying as hard as I can to get this going, who do I talk to? Seems like a waste to have a server sitting there doing nothing when there could be traffic there, I assure you I will be there on a regular basis along with several others! Could we please give this a try? What do I have to do???
  7. poppycock

    Ok, so I think that there is more than enough interest in this game type to warrant its approval, so my next question is, who can make this happen? Stock CTF, no mods with a custom and stock map rotation.?
  8. poppycock

    My prayers are with you?
  9. poppycock

    Does anyone know how to start a poll in the forum???
  10. poppycock

    I think the mixed game type is what deters people, would like to see dedicated CTF with custom and stock maps, like DPG
  11. poppycock

    I don't no where the poll is, I'll ask an admin to set it up, thanks for the reply Scarlett
  12. poppycock

    I, and several others, would like to know if we could start up a CTF server for COD WAW? Those interested in a CTF server can reply to the poll and hopefully we can get this going.?
  13. poppycock

  14. poppycock

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