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    canon city colorado
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    officiating high school football , fishing , camping, nascar, I also run a haunted house for our park and rec. its called the aftermath , you can go to ccrec.org and tip in aftermath and see part of it !!!! Lots of fun there !!

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  1. You have been issued a warning. Before you can post again, you must acknowledge the warning. Any one knows why i get this when i try to make a comment on some ones post
  2. Personalfoul

    Some ASS in Wisconsin witch is 1122 mi away from where i live some how got my debit account and and used it at a jiffy lube and then tried to use it on Amizon but my Bank stop it before The ASS could use it again and then the ASS tried to get Unemployment benefits . Be carful out there , There's ASS everywhere
  3. Hey Mr White_Dragon. Just wondering how you are doing ? Haven't seen you for a while?  

  4. And why did you talk essay to join >XI<    you know she going to stab  you in the neck with a knife when she gets a chance lol ??

    1. ShaunZAR


      Haha she already has. She is taking advantage. :):)


  5. Happy New Year Sun shine   Have fun !!!  and Party on !!  :) 



    1. Essssieeee


      Thankyou! Happy new year for you toooo! :)


  6. Hey Lug    Just looking at your profile  . where your Metals ?  I must not be looking in the right spot   ????????

  7. Sgt Wacky    You still alive  ?lol  Its been awhile 


  8. Oh .. your one of my toughest adversaries .. keep it up because I only get better having you around.

  9. Personalfoul

    Lets play the game :}
  10. Personalfoul

    congrats lug some day I will be a idiot just like you !!! well I already am a idiot but not a >XI< idiot :-)
  11. Personalfoul

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy "B" daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Wack
  12. Personalfoul

    I don't know about a good guy , I fit in with the rest of you all (extreme idiot) HAHA
  13. Personalfoul

    I'm pretty sure I posted on the on here about 2 years ago but figure I would do it 1 more time :-)
  14. Personalfoul

    My name Larry ( Personalfoul) I have been playing on you server for quite a while so I thought I might tell you all a little about me . work for bimbo bakery usa for 21 years , yes I did say Bimbo , wtf kind of name of a comp . lol live in canon city Colorado usa , I'm a high school football official for 15 years , do lots of camping and fishing . like nascar . after all these years of playing on you servers , I would like to join you clan ( ExremeIdiots ) I like the name fits me pretty good haha . Good people play here , good fun . thanks for your time see you in freeze tag or sniper thanks for your time Personalfoul
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