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  1. Personalfoul

    Lets play the game :}
  2. Personalfoul

    congrats lug some day I will be a idiot just like you !!! well I already am a idiot but not a >XI< idiot :-)
  3. Personalfoul

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy "B" daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Wack
  4. Personalfoul

    I don't know about a good guy , I fit in with the rest of you all (extreme idiot) HAHA
  5. Personalfoul

    I'm pretty sure I posted on the on here about 2 years ago but figure I would do it 1 more time :-)
  6. Personalfoul

    My name Larry ( Personalfoul) I have been playing on you server for quite a while so I thought I might tell you all a little about me . work for bimbo bakery usa for 21 years , yes I did say Bimbo , wtf kind of name of a comp . lol live in canon city Colorado usa , I'm a high school football official for 15 years , do lots of camping and fishing . like nascar . after all these years of playing on you servers , I would like to join you clan ( ExremeIdiots ) I like the name fits me pretty good haha . Good people play here , good fun . thanks for your time see you in freeze tag or sniper thanks for your time Personalfoul
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