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  1. Giggles

    @Icequeen yes my dear she is staying in her room she only comes out to go to the bathroom but with a mask on. Thanks
  2. Giggles

    This morning I got a call from the school telling me I have to come pick up my child because she has a runny nose and her head hurt. Both I am told are things to look for for Covid. I called the Dr and she was set up for a test today @ 1 pm so we go . Once we get to the place it took an hour to get her test done even with an appointment . She is 12 years old and they made her stick the swab up her own nose ( she was pissed ) and do the test . We find out if she has covid or not with in the next 72 hours. Prayers please this comes back clean.
  3. as long as I am not working I will play .... Girls I will say sorry ahead of time .. I stink at this mod lol
  4. Giggles

    Welcome back old friend ... I will shoot you between them fish eyes ?
  5. One of the things I have seen a lot and more people are catching onto it so have switched perks to it, When you get hit by poison you do not have time to put a health pack on before you die. Unless you hit the button in the middle of a gun fight ( and you can't ) , The time to be able to apply the med kits needs to be put to a little longer .
  6. Giggles

    My Dearest friend you know full well I would do it again without thinking w/o question . I love you 4ever and a day !! I think we both pulled each other from a few ledges... We all of my being you will always be a part of my family!! My kids still call you Uncle Dean ❤️
  7. Giggles

    @Happy as much as we fuss and fight as any family does . WE stand strongest together arms linked to keep ANY one here alive !! Thanks and welcome to the forums ?
  8. Giggles

    Dean Thanks my friend but I think we need to focus more on Thunder right now ❤️
  9. Giggles

    P.S. If your at your lowest point and I have a STRONG feeling you are . What do you have to lose at this point by reaching out and taking a hand? Now ask yourself what do I have to gain bye it ?? Only you can make that chose !!!!!!!
  10. Giggles

    Thunder if you need an ear well as much as we don't get along most often I will always put that to the side to keep a person here and alive .I've done it here before for one of our old standing members spent many a long nights days , weeks months with this person just to keep them alive . If you need anything feel free to PM me. The person I am speaking of is still very much alive and standing here with us today ask him if you want or need help . @BigPapaDean My friend PLEASE reach out to him , He's like you when I found u at your lowest point.
  11. Giggles

    @Thunder You and I have had some pretty bad fights over the years but I have never asked you to leave and the same goes the other way around ... So now your gonna let some pansy ass come along and NOT have tags and get you to leave WTF am I missing here??? U gonna let someone run you off??? Something smells fishy ... Just so you are fully know we have the ablity to BLOCK them on the here and in game you can MUTE them or even better and something I do a LOT is mute the WHOLE server and that goes right along with the text in game .. The ball is in your court cuz I just told you how to never seen or hear from that person again.
  12. Giggles

    Thats ok I quit my job because we have active cases of Covid but they chose to not let any of the 150 people know about it so I quit after my boss came after me because I refused to back away and shut up
  13. Giggles

    as I've told beers a few times it has to do with people shooting rockets and such at a heli
  14. Giggles

    very well done ? I am sure you feel a lot better . U go boy ?
  15. Giggles

    not Mod but maps folder can u delete the map that it causing you to crash and redownload it



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