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  1. I was push a rolltainer full of stuff like 200 lbs of stuff and my hand got stuck between it and a metal phone rack ...Fun times NOT!!!!!!!!!!
  2. So if I am playing a lot worse this is why
  3. I may not be a great smack talker but I'll sure the F*ck tell you where u can get off at real quick and don't give 2 shits who u r P.S. U BUNCH OF TWATWAFFLES
  4. This make me sad everytime one of this happen cuz lives cut far to short
  5. Thanks everyone
  6. Wonder if it's a PB ban
  7. yes this is correct
  8. I really enjoyed it my friend
  9. Sorry for your loss Boom and all I can say is 10 yrs later and I get the pain.. Again so sorry
  10. no it's doing it after 1 map or sometimes 4 at most then crashes.... Never an error message just CI then the server goes back to beginning and starts over
  11. the server has been acting up but if that comes up reconnect
  13. I have sex with an XI member
  14. I've enjoyed this one cuz they are old maps we don't get to play much anymore