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  1. Giggles

    Who's Bob again?
  2. Giggles

    Well to the smart butts club ... Pick up your button on the way out yall. Lol
  3. Giggles

    I didn't want to break your screen so I put clothing on.
  4. Giggles

  5. Well dang I was going to try to make this one. Lol maybe next year
  6. Giggles

    I run around naked and seem to be just fine outside of the ladies yellen go put some clothing on you ol hag. Lol
  7. Lololol if u know my list of names that changes a ton. I do it just because I want to slack off or not talk ( even if I bust myself every time) lol
  8. Giggles

    Yes it was me that called him Bud light for awhile. I change everybody's names and you should know that by now goofy @J3st3r molester of the mic .
  9. Giggles

    You get redirect to that server because it's the backup server meaning that's where we have it set to send folks.
  10. Shot we all miss his skillz in all games !!!
  11. Giggles

    May he RIP ... I hope he danced with the angels and sang in God's amazing grace. Storm my love goes out to each of you many hugs of healing.
  12. Giggles

    Storm I'm truly sorry to hear this. My heart goes out to you and the family. Many prayers and hugs buddy. Giggles aka Melody
  13. Giggles

  14. Giggles

    It's been awhile so I popped in to say hello. Miss all of you. Hope to see you very soon on the battlefields... until then keep on Giggling
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