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  1. Giggles

    Question does this mean I'm not allowed to call @Sharpe or @azzkikr haxors anymore....This is so not fair lol ...
  2. Giggles

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes means a lot.
  3. Giggles

  4. Giggles

    Sorry for your loss my friend RIP
  5. Giggles

    RIP sorry for the family's lose
  6. Giggles

    As much crap as we each give each other at the end of the day we family , Thanks for the years of laughs and bitching ( most at my stupid self )
  7. Giggles

  8. Giggles

    Hey @RobMc let me give you some info son . I have been one of the most outspoken in your face don't give a fuck people in the servers for years. I don't give a shit who you are If it comes to mind it come out my mouth ... Friend told me long a long I have NO filter ,, Well new flash why should I have a brain fart when u acting stupid ? LOL
  9. Giggles

    still have heard nothing but I don't think it's covid at all . I think it's just really bad allergy's
  10. Giggles

    @Icequeen yes my dear she is staying in her room she only comes out to go to the bathroom but with a mask on. Thanks
  11. Giggles

    This morning I got a call from the school telling me I have to come pick up my child because she has a runny nose and her head hurt. Both I am told are things to look for for Covid. I called the Dr and she was set up for a test today @ 1 pm so we go . Once we get to the place it took an hour to get her test done even with an appointment . She is 12 years old and they made her stick the swab up her own nose ( she was pissed ) and do the test . We find out if she has covid or not with in the next 72 hours. Prayers please this comes back clean.
  12. as long as I am not working I will play .... Girls I will say sorry ahead of time .. I stink at this mod lol
  13. Giggles

    Welcome back old friend ... I will shoot you between them fish eyes ?
  14. One of the things I have seen a lot and more people are catching onto it so have switched perks to it, When you get hit by poison you do not have time to put a health pack on before you die. Unless you hit the button in the middle of a gun fight ( and you can't ) , The time to be able to apply the med kits needs to be put to a little longer .
  15. Giggles

    My Dearest friend you know full well I would do it again without thinking w/o question . I love you 4ever and a day !! I think we both pulled each other from a few ledges... We all of my being you will always be a part of my family!! My kids still call you Uncle Dean



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