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  1. Giggles

    Many thoughts and prayers
  2. Giggles

    I've played here a very long time. I have seen some very good players come and go but at the end of the day they make me a better player cuz it makes me want to beat them.... I suck at the games but I play 4 fun not for the BS ... Hell I get told I hack and all I can say is check my score and get back to me on that
  3. Giggles

    I told u I am short fkr and @ReaPeR U TWAT WAFFLE
  4. Giggles

    Well it's about time u come back
  5. Giggles

    it was before that
  6. Giggles

    He made a post in the shout box
  7. Giggles

    So after speaking with my Dr she has info me the reason for my heart problem is cuz of to much stress for to long so I have to undo some stress .... Good Lucky
  8. Giggles

    many prayers
  9. Giggles

    Just to give a bit of an update on this whole mess ... My BP is still VERY high 169/109 last night meaning 1-31 got sent to the ER from work the Er wanted me to but put in the hospital but all I want was to go home and rest so I told them please let me go home i would call my dr 1st thing in the morning . I did and I went in BP was still really high my Dr took it 2 times and said if this last time it was still high I was going to the hospital no question because it was stoke leaves high ... Well it came but still not great so we change all of my meds again and i have till the 5th to get this under control if it's no better by then I will be put in the hospital ... Still need your prayers... Thanks
  10. Giggles

    Yes I have went back and found out a bunch more stuff but am waiting till the 5th because I will know most of the info then... I will update then... I am very worn down and wear out very quickly but over all I am ok .... U all know I will be ok ... Just need prayers
  11. Giggles

  12. Giggles

    Thing is A LOT of us have been around MANY years and know what maps play best and how many players WILL play the map .... If u choose not to go ok we do get it but Don't like to see the server die cuz of 1 map ............. Think about it like this a lot of us have been play 10 yrs or more and know what will play and what won't .... Sorry your kinda new and don't know this yet
  13. Giggles

    dear girl I have only a very few XI before this so count your blessing and know u r a very few ... Love u too
  14. Giggles

    yeah kinda why my Dr was PISSEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  15. Giggles

    So I am gonna ask for a bunch of prayers 4 myself ... I had a mild heart attack last night ... I go tomorrow morning to find out just how bad this was... I went to a Dr yesterday meaning Sunday and seen my heart was having problems and my bp was 169/ 106 but still sent me home ... When blood was drawn this morning things showed yes I had one ... I just wanted to ask all of you to please keep me in your prayers for a bit cuz things are pretty crazy right now . Thanks Giggles aka Mel