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  1. @YACCster Bite Me ...If u don't like it don't look
  2. This is how it looks now
  3. Prayers for all of u
  4. Sending prayers
  5. That or @ROCKAPE
  6. Happy Birthday Kitty
  7. No a metal rack and a rolltainer ... It the big metal cages that all our stuff comes on from the truck
  8. Guess u need to go back and READ Butthead
  9. Well after they are out still looks like hell
  10. I was push a rolltainer full of stuff like 200 lbs of stuff and my hand got stuck between it and a metal phone rack ...Fun times NOT!!!!!!!!!!
  11. So if I am playing a lot worse this is why
  12. I may not be a great smack talker but I'll sure the F*ck tell you where u can get off at real quick and don't give 2 shits who u r P.S. U BUNCH OF TWATWAFFLES