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  1. Giggles

    yes @ReaPeR it's because of the meds .. Hers is more like having high blood pressure in her brain
  2. Giggles

    So it's been awhile ... As most of you know my daughter is still having issues with her eyes well now here comes the cat in the bag trick ( maybe ) She just found out she is very much pregnant with her 2nd child but here is the kicker she has to make up here mind ( from her OBYGN ) she has to make up her mind if she wants to keep the baby or lose her ability to see all together ... So she was beyond upset as I am sure u can imagination ... So I told her to call her NERO Dr to see what he has to say because it could very well be they can change her minds around until after .... Long story short plzz keep praying ... Thanks GIggles ( Mel )
  3. Giggles

    many prayers
  4. Giggles

    That's funny LOL
  5. @sandradee2 My thoughts and prayers are with you my dear and the rest of his family.... I always enjoyed hearing from Dadda ... WOW just think of the right words in shock ... RIP @dadda2
  6. Giggles

    Congratz !!! Well played sir well played
  7. Giggles

    Banned DENIED !!! Said every wife ever lol
  8. Giggles

    If I remember correctly it won't work with the mod due to a sound file
  9. Giggles

    just a fyi your not silent even with stealth ... I can hear you even when u run it ... Part of it's called having a good per of headphones ... Also a perk is FARRRRRRRRRRR different than a hack ... lighten up it's a game maybe use it yourself even if I can hear u don't mean I can always kill u 1st .
  10. Giggles

    @RobMc If the person runs combat medic and light weight along with a light gun say a pistol they can run the whole map without being seen . Also if they run map then turn into a car or such in your spawn they can also respawn in your spawn without being seen.
  11. Giggles

    Happy Birthday my friend and many happy returns
  12. Giggles

    Sending MUCH LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I am at the point not sure if I am gone from XI or afk ... Sick of the BS from the MOD's and real life has taken over !!!!!!! Anyways time to go away not sure if or while I will be back to the servers after the shit storm or the MOD who think saying I am sorry is blaming the person they are saying sorry 2 ........... Anywho good luck and best wishes Giggles XI ?
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