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  1. JinxScorpio

    ok thank you for understanding. As of right now, the admin team has talked about this, i was waiting to make sure you understood why I had banned you. If you hadnt said the second line about slaves, i was gonna warn you. in fact i was in the middle of typing your warning, since it didnt bypass our chat filter. but since you had said the second line, i had to ban you. hopefully they agree. and hope to see you on the server if it is approved. seeing as you understand why, the next step is to wait for a senior admin to get back to us on this. Also, to be on the safe side of things never use any terms like that in the future on the servers please. thank you Jinx. We as an admin team request a 90 day ban @ROCKAPE @EDD THE DUCK
  2. JinxScorpio

    On the XI Minecraft server we have rules, rules in which you have to read and then issue a command saying that you accept the rules. Having said that rule #2 says, "RACISM/RELIGIOUS ATTACK AND RACIST WORDS RESULT IN IMMEDIATE BAN." We also have a Global warning that pops in chat every so often about "Racist remarks will result in Immediate ban." and that we have a zero tolerance for it on the server. So we do not warn someone who issues a racist remark/word in chat.
  3. JinxScorpio

    Ok you have been unbanned
  4. JinxScorpio

    Ok im not able to do it currently but will let the others know
  5. JinxScorpio

    currently i dont have any place that i live to be able to have a Desktop. currently having to use Taco Bell or MCD's Wi-Fi.
  6. JinxScorpio

    Im wanting to buy a new laptop for gaming and everyday use. Im trying not to break the bank or anything. I know that i would like to play games like Destiny, ESO, COD, BATTLEFIELD, etc. My current laptop can hardly play minecraft lol. My current specs of the laptop that im using is 1tb hdd 12GB ram I-7 processor Integrated video card- intel graphics 4600 i think. I know that these are ok specs but it will not play anything more than minecraft sadly. If anyone has any ideas on where to go to get a decent laptop, please let me know. Thank you, JinxScorpio
  7. JinxScorpio

    Im sorry I havent seen that one. i am 27 years old lol. JinxScorpio
  8. JinxScorpio

    lol I'm not sure i have listened to much that far back. some elvis and beetles but thats all i can think of from back then JinxScorpio
  9. JinxScorpio

    not sure what that means lol JinxScorpio
  10. JinxScorpio

    lol my b-day is day before halloween lol
  11. I have changed my name from gondor_XI to JinxScorpio, this has been carried out by ROCKAPE>XI<ADM at my request and all records have been updated.
  12. JinxScorpio

    What is the version?
  13. JinxScorpio

    also i have played on servers with LWC im against it. ive experience many issues that none of the admins on those servers were able to fix and when sharing items with others in your town, it will make it where only you have access to it. and thats even after unlocking for them to be able to use. plus thats just one of the incidents that have happened to me, there are others too. so Towny in my opinion is a much better option for us.
  14. I have changed my name from The gondorknight18 to gondor_XI, this has been carried out by ROCKAPE>XI.
  15. JinxScorpio

    ok I have 1 question for you crofty. how did you kill everyone with 1 hit kills, when u didn't have a 1 hit kill weapon in your inventory? I checked it multiple times. you had a raiper that did 17 atk damage and it read it did 2 hearts. those stats do not 1 hit kill players.



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