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  1. GhostfaceJim

    I prep too, but not with ammo, but porn! I'm hoarding porn!
  2. GhostfaceJim

  3. GhostfaceJim

    Right on!
  4. GhostfaceJim

    That's great! I need a vacation.
  5. GhostfaceJim

    I have 3 AR magazines and have been thinking of getting a 4th! Haha
  6. GhostfaceJim

    That is wonderful! So happy to hear good news!
  7. GhostfaceJim

  8. I am so sorry to hear this. This year has been especially cruel.
  9. GhostfaceJim

    This game is pretty fun! Also only costs $1.99 on Steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/1695670/ScrewUp/
  10. GhostfaceJim

    The hand signifies "currently masturbating" Bronze, Silver, and Gold Level masturbating!
  11. GhostfaceJim

  12. GhostfaceJim

    Sorry to hear that. So many lost loved ones this year.
  13. GhostfaceJim

    I'm about to go back to speakers too!
  14. GhostfaceJim

    I have a knife that needs sharpening and I was just gonna take it down to the guy at the flea market. He sells and sharpens knives! Looks trustworthy
  15. GhostfaceJim

    Ya, they are gonna lose a lot in the lawsuits.
  16. GhostfaceJim

  17. As soon as I get a home I will start raising chickens, if not for the eggs! My parents used to can just about everything when we were growing up as kids in Oregon. Not many fruit trees around here like we had as kids. We had a beautiful cherry tree in the back yard and had to pick them and can them quick every year. Used to pick black berries like crazy too!
  18. GhostfaceJim

    What is rt? I blame rt too.
  19. GhostfaceJim

  20. GhostfaceJim

  21. GhostfaceJim

    Nice! I was in the Marine Corps and maybe off topic, I'm not sure why it is called that. I always thought it was weird we had a Marine Corps Band? Most of them if not all are not soldiers, but professional musicians? Am I weird? I'm weird.
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